Polio Notes- Princess272


Humanity could not get rid of polio even if it tried, and humanity has tried, multiple times. Every time the numbers for diseases such as polio or other diseases that can be vaccinated for diminishes to a minute number, humanity slows down its witch hunt for the disease considerably. Low numbers of individuals with a disease does not indicate being complacent is okay. The opposite is reality. If something needs to be eradicated, destroying most of it by definition is not eradicating it. This is the college equivalent of expecting a 100 percent on an exam that was never finished or handed in. Humanity fails to cross it’s T’s and neglects to dot it’s I’s when dealing with diseases such as polio or measles. For this simple fact, polio will not be eradicated any time in the foreseeable future.

Polio Notes- brobeanfarms

-More than 100 children are exposed to Polio and they can spread it, which a great solution is more and more adults and children should take vaccination.

-The disease targets primarily children younger than 5 and can lead to partial and sometimes fatal paralysis.

-Polio requires more vaccination of children between the ages of 0-5 due to their weak immune system.

-There is a more expensive version of the vaccination used in the United States that has zero chance of causing polio. It is in the dollars rather than cents.

-The vaccine is a liquid that is placed of a child’s tongue. The vaccine will go into the body and attack bad bacteria. Taking it about three times will make it 100% effective.

-Nigeria is one of the few places in the world where polio exists.

-If individuals received vaccines regularly, these diseases would not spread as fast. There needs to more effort for this to not happen again.


Polio Notes – nyctime7

  • Children are especially susceptible to polio.
  • Areas with bad hygiene are more likely to spread the disease.
  • Getting rid of polio isn’t an urgent matter for many people. Most people haven’t seen a person effected by polio, nor been affected themselves. For that reason, people would rather work on treating other widespread and prevalent diseases.
  • The combination of complacency and distrust complicate the use of vaccines.
  • Vaccinating everyone doesn’t actually save everyone. Children will die.

It’s unrealistic to think that the polio virus will be eradicated in the next 20 years, if ever. A concerted effort is required among all nations of the world, as well as unanimous trust. It’s reasonable to believe that someone somewhere will have doubts or their own agenda, which would complicate the effort. The day every nation worldwide cares enough about each other, polio can quite easily be eradicated. As long as every nation has different and separate priorities, polio will continue to exist.

Polio Notes – scarletthief

  • Polio requires polio vaccination between 0-5 years old because their immune systems aren’t strong enough to fight the disease.
  • Children tend to get polio easier than adults because they are “sloppy with poop” (they tend to put their unsanitary hands (maybe feet) in their mouths often) making them more likely to get polio.
  • Polio introduced through mouth and rests in the intestines so the disease is spread virally.
  • Polio can spread through flies that landed on feces that land on people’s food.
  • Used to be a global problem, about 1,000 children a day would be diagnosed with polio, now fewer than 200 cases of polio in the world are diagnosed, therefore we are doing better at preventing the spread of polio.
  • Vaccines eradicate about 90% of polio on the planet since the 70’s and 80’s so getting the vaccine is the first step to the eradication of Polio.
  • Polio only lives in humans, nothing else (dies easily outside the body) so once it is gone, polio will never return.
  • Takes desire, resources, etc. to have ALL infants vaccinated/ immunized, which is why it is VERY difficult to eradicate polio completely.
  • It is extremely hard to further eradication during wars, in refugee camps, or during any armed conflicts because it hinders the chance to have every child immunized due to distrust, the lack of importance, and/or records being lost.
  • About 600 thousand villages, 147 million children in India were vaccinated in a single day during those “one day efforts,” allowing many to have a definite day for their first vaccine and will be able to easily follow up on the next 2 they must take. Also, shows how beneficial of having “one day efforts.”
  • Difficult to eradicate polio due to less than 100% cooperation from populace who think herd immunity will protect them from the disease.
  • When polio hasn’t been seen in a while, we get lazy and stop focussing on getting the drops for polio, therefore allowing polio to grow and spread to unvaccinated people.

Write a lead (thesis) immediately in the opening. Your POV as soon as you can.

The eradication of polio is highly difficult, but not impossible. The first step to removing polio from the world would be for every single person in the world to start caring about polio. Many assume they are protected or that they will never get the disease since no one around them has polio, but this “herd immunity” could very well lead to everyone easily catching polio once one person does get infected. Attention must be brought to polio because it is still out there in the world, and though it may not be on our front door today, it can very well be tomorrow. When people begin to care, look past their distrust of the vaccine and of the drug administrators, and truly believe and put in the effort to end polio is when polio will truly be eradicated from our world.


Polio Notes- thathawkman

  • Between the age 0-5, children are more vulnerable to the disease
    • Their immune system isn’t as developed
    • Not as good with defecation
    • Can easily spread through water. Highly susceptible to people inside the water with the disease
    • Intake the disease through the mouth
  • Used to be a million a year that would catch polio which can vary from paralyzation to death
  • Vaccines are used now to treat polio and reduce the amount of polio in the population
  • If irradiated once, it’s gone forever as there is no one left to spread the disease
  • Not as easy to get everyone in the population to get immunization
  • Armed Conflict stifles polio immunization
  • Prevention could be futile if introduced again
  • There are a couple of 100 of cases of polio in the world a day
  • The world has gotten rid of Small Pox and irradicated it from the world
  • Distrust in vaccination leads to lack of faith and resistance to get the vaccination
  • One day vaccination are very effective
    • The vaccine is in liquid form, with any dosage. produces anti-bodies to combat
    • Massive amounts of volunteers who don’t need training go to administer the vaccine to vaccinate a lot of people simultaneously
  • 3 times in different times for complete immunization
  • Expensive to administrate the one-day vaccination
  • Vaccination cost 8 cents a piece per child
  • Needs to be refrigerated, transportation
  • The lack of a threat can cause herd immunity to be obsolete


Practice Opening

Though it is quite sad, there is no guarantee that the threat of polio will be eradicated from the world in 20 years unless desperate and militant measures are taken. With massive distrust from international affairs to paranoia about the vaccination itself, it would be hard to believe that one day every country in the world would be on board administrating a vaccine that still may kill children. Even in first world countries where there is a lot of education about vaccination, there is conflict on whether or not a child should be required to be vaccinated as it may cause autism or the minute chance of giving the disease while vaccinating . If there is a solid population of non-vaccinated people, the disease will always be prevelent so it makes sense to vaccinate. Yet the paranoia about the vaccination will always be prevalent. Even as the years go by and a new 100% safe vaccine is made, distrust from other countries such as Pakistan and the suspicion of the vaccine relating to CIA agents to general distrust about a vaccine for a disease that is not prevalent in the area will stray those areas away from peacefully administering the vaccine. Since perception tends to be more prevalent than the truth, there is no guarantee for the


Polio Notes-yeezygod21

  • In our age we have tamed polio of spreading.
  • The technology and science is far superior to Modern Age times.
  • The virus is introduced in the mouth and comes out in the intestines.
  • The disease targets primarily children younger than 5 and can lead to partial and sometimes fatal paralysis.
  • Polio has immortality, simply can be tamed
  • Polio breakout can happen in any country
  • 4 countries India, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • Vaccination is an option, not necessarily a demanding choice.
  • When comes to vaccination many people tend to not take it because of what the analytics say if 99 percent of the world is taking the vaccine , then there should not be any concerns.
  • Children are becoming the consumers for the vaccine as time progress
  • Vaccinations is costly for many millions
  • Spend the money to save lives not kill. The usage of inactive vaccination will be positive outlook.
  • Even immunizing people there is no solution for Polio; basically we are stalling until we find a way to kill completely
  • Polio does not seem a concern to many people
  • More than 100 children are exposed to Polio and they can spread it, which a great solution is more and more adults and children should take vaccination.
  • Doctors need to find a uncostly solution
  • Many conspiracies have been brought to attention of Polio
  • In 6 of the 9 autistic children, either the parent or a physician had linked the onset of developmental regression with the receipt of the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella
  • A small number should not make a difference if vaccine is dangerous or not.



As we know diseases remain in earth’s soil while the human race is living on it. The task in hand is very complex. Polio will forever continue even though we are not exposed to it now. People such as adults and children will be encountering on daily basis when the time comes. The science needs to improve as we move towards the future to establish a safe way for ones who get exposed. Polio is simply can be tamed as of now but all we have to do is come together as a world to fight off  even though large amounts of money is involved.

Polio notes- juniorgirlblog

  • It spread through many countries , but children are more vulnerable to this disease then adults. It enters the mouth then comes out as poop, which makes it very likely that a younger child will receive it.
  •  Adults are able to fight this off more then children . The places that are affected by the disease, they don’t seek out for anyone to help get cure.
  • Polio requires more vaccination of children between the ages of 0-5 because their immune system is weak.
  • Polio spread easy unless the population is vaccinated and sanitary.
  • Polio eventually shut down the body and may cause someone to become paralysis.
  • By having polio may cause someone to become really lazy.

Practice opening:

Polio is like a disease that can be cure but it may take sometime. In the next 10 years the disease most likely will disappear, but the the people who suffer from polio is mainly poor and live in a poor country. In order for the disease to stop , you might need to but 3-4 drops of vaccine on people tongues and sanitize the environment.


Polio Notes

In 2015, there was an outbreak of polio (measles) in Disney there was a lot of people which makes it easier to spread the virus and start an outbreak.  I believe that the worlds scientists  are all working diligently to come up with a vaccination to cure polio.  Although polio isn’t a major threat to the United States, it is in many other countries.   Children are at a higher risk of contracting this virus and need to get the shot between 0 and 5 years of age due to their low immune system.

Polio Notes-31Savage

Like most diseases, Polio is a disease we hope to eradicate. In an effort to eradicate the disease we’ll have to work together as a planet to accomplish 100 percent vaccination. It is nearly impossible to get all nations to work together without war, so the thought of us working together to end a disease is impossible. Even getting 50 percent vaccinations as a population is nearly impossible because there is always that one group of people who doesn’t agree with vaccinations. The influence of that one group can spread to many other groups. Getting 100 percent cooperation from everyone is like trying to have would piece. Some people don’t want world piece, so they will do what they can to sabotage any attempt to achieve it. Simply, some people are too selfish to do something for the greater good.

Polio Notes-Beyonce1234

  • Children, ages between 0-5 years, are more exposed to polio because of their active curiosity to feel turds.
  • They are exposed to other toddlers as well, therefor, polio exposer.
  • Cases can be tracked to someone local, and new people coming in can catch polio.
  • We are at the least amount of polio cases in the world right now, but can never get to zero.
  • These cases can be compared to small pox, and this illness is basically gone.
  • Because we do not see cases of small pox now-a-days, doctors tend to not focus on the illness that can possibly come back.
  • In Nigeria, it was rumored that the muslims couldn’t take the vaccination because it would be against there religion.
  • Nigeria is one of the few places in the world where polio exist.
  • If there isn’t polio all around the world, and there is people that has never heard of such an illness, why should they take the vaccination?
  • The vaccine is a liquid that is placed of a child’s tongue. The vaccine will go into the body and attack bad bacteria, and taking it about three times, will make it 100% effective.
  • Giving these vaccinations to every child in one country, three times, is extremely difficult to keep track of.
  • Even though there are not many with this disease, millions of children can easily catch the illness without notice.
  • January, 2015, someone spent a day at Disneyland with measles, and then thousands of people captured that same illness. This then spread throughout the world.
  • Because there hasn’t been measles for years and years, doctors don’t know what it looks like. This just spreads it even more, and now millions of people are ill.
  • If people cared more about getting vaccines, these diseases will not spread as fast. There needs to more effort for this not to happen again.
  • The only way it could be completely inactivated, is if we spent more money for the more effective vaccine and gave it to every one in the world.
  • Some also believe that the vaccines may cause autism.

Practice Opening

While the children around the world, are just being kids, they are also just being exposed to diseases. Vaccines for diseases have a high percentage of satisfactory. Living in a world with many illnesses and diseases, it seems simple to make sure we are healthy and doing what we can to prevent becoming ill. However, every day people walk out of restrooms without cleansing their hands. This seems like the most simple task to prevent germs and the common cold, though, people choose not to take that one minute out of their day. Putting a few drops on a child’s tongue a few times to prevent polio seems reasonable, though parents choose not to do so. Just because polio is not common, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care. We hear every where we go to “think of the children” “it is all about the children,” though, adults lack protecting them from illness by providing a simple vaccine. If adults put the extra, quick and easy step, our children will always be protected from this paralyzing disease.