Like a Daily Course Outline

In addition to the Course Outline—which has its own page on the blog and details class activities, assignments, exercises, and deadlines for the entire semester—your professor provides an Agenda for every class meeting. 

Where are they?

Agendas are pages, not posts, so they are not part of the feed. Instead, they’re organized below the Agendas heading at the top of the blog.

When will I see them?

They’ll be onscreen in the classroom when you enter. They can be previewed before class, but they are subject to change. After class, they will be corrected if the day’s activities differ from the anticipated agenda.

What if I have to miss a class?

Of course, text or email your professor in advance if you know you’re going to miss class. Then consult the day’s Agenda to see what in-class activities, lectures, or exercises you have missed. Complete all exercises as soon as possible, and of course, post assignments timely as well. Extensions may be granted for students with documented, excused absences.

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