13 thoughts on “Agenda WED OCT 18”

  1. – Teaching us to understand braille, which I think is very fascinating
    – Talking about using stricter gun laws to reduce crime, but that donesn’t seem to be helping. When is shows a lower murder rate in places that have less strict gun laws.
    – Revise and improve your proposal +5 by sunday at midnight, no new assignment but a chance to get a better grade and a better idea for yourself about your proposal.


  2. Comp 2 notes 10/18/17

    Why Is there braille at the drive through window?
    Brevity and clarity of claims
    Proposal +5 revised is due sunday night
    Make brief, clear statements
    Do not describe your source, purposefully summarize it
    Prove what you have to prove!
    Compare apples to apples when we are trying to prove things
    Do not confuse “drug users” with “drug offenses”
    Meaning, compare the same things, and do not switch them up


  3. -Braille uses at most 6 dots per cell.
    -The concept of Braille is simple.
    -For your proposal, if you are brief and clear, then you are a good writer.
    -It is important to be brief and precise with your argument.
    -Don’t describe a proposal. Be purposeful with your summary.
    -Make sure that your proofs prove what they are supposed to prove for your argument.
    -Use useful statistics.


  4. -Reduce the needless language in paragraphs to focus on the concrete argument.
    -Do NOT describe the contents of the article; purposefully summarize them.
    -Only include information that is useful to you.
    -Can’t just grab a statistic and apply it to the thesis.


  5. We went about how to write/read braille. And solved a braille puzzle

    With out proposals we need to be more clear.
    We need to describe it show claims

    I found it helpful if we write some claims in our proposal, this gives us something to look back to for quick response. We should apply these techniques to bring more evidence of our article out


  6. There is only six dots in a cell in braille.
    Revised proposal is due by Sunday at midnight. Don’t describe; purposefully summarize for your proposal. Make claims from the work. What evidence will you use from the articles. Have proofs that prove your proposal.


  7. -Braille is a series of raised bumps used for people who are blind
    -Braille is a classic French name
    -There are 6 places where the bumps can fall in a cell
    -Ideas in an essay are easier to follow when trimmed down
    -Apply the ideas learned today to Proposal+5
    -Your essential content must contain essential information
    -Use logic when explaining your points


  8. Brief and clear explanations of good ideas factors into a good essay.
    Paragraphs that are to the point make the use of the word count better.
    Quality over quantity.

    The techniques used help the reader understand the information given and makes it so there is no filler information. Word count is important but the content is what matters most. Getting straight into the information and to the point makes the quality of the essay better.


  9. -We took some time to learn braille which was pretty sweet
    -We got to go over some techniques for writing within gun control and the racism of drugs between blacks and whites
    -Discussing the proposal +5 and how we can improve it and need to be revised by Sunday before midnight


  10. Braille is an alphabet composed of the base being a series of 10 patterns, a-j, repeated with the addition of a dot on the bottom right or bottom left to determine other letters of the alphabet, k-z.
    SImplify your paragraphs to the briefest form and state your claims clearly.
    Proposal+5 can be revised for this weekend.
    Material you quote may not prove what you say it proves. Be careful to only compare apples to apples.


  11. Reply: I think cutting out the fluff of my writing is going to make my proposal and context descriptions better. I tend to be too wordy and that can sometimes hurt the point I’m trying to makes

    Class 10/19
    Braille discussion and riddle
    Why is there Braille at the drive-thru window?

    Brevity and clarity : finding ways to make proposal paragraphs more simple and clear. Figure out how to distill claims. You can say what needs to be said with a sentence or two.
    Don’t describe; purposefully summarize: state what conclusions and claims are made in articles for essential content. Tell us exactly what people say and their claims. If you say police officers talk about it. What do they talk about?
    Make sure proofs:prove: with statistics make sure you explain and make it prove your thesis. Apples compared to apples.
    Sunday approved and revised proposal +5 due


  12. GM morning of 10/18/2017. Finally concluded my mandatory conference with you to receive a passing midterm grade and a insight on how i’m doing and how i’m moving forward with the progress of my work.Told you that I changed my new research topic to “gun violence” because I had a lot of insight and personal knowledge on it from personal experience. braille Riddle practice. Brevity and Clarity of claims gives you a better idea for your research ideas. Make changes to your proposal +5 to have a chance at having a good first draft grade.Use Brevity and Clarity Claims


  13. Learning Braille-
    a “cell” is the block
    1 4
    2 5
    3 6
    Why is their braille at the drive-thru?
    Sunday revised proposal due
    Use Brevity and Clarity of claim to revise proposal.


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