Agenda WED SEP 13

Second Assignment DUE midnight SUN SEP 17

  • A02: Visual Rhetoric
    • Like the First Assignment (A01: Stone Money), A02 will be the first draft of the Visual Rhetoric essay that will become part of your Portfolio. In two weeks, after receiving a grade and feedback on your A02, you’ll be posting A04: Visual Rewrite, which will receive its own grade. A04 is the post you’ll continue to revise until you’re satisfied it belongs in your Portfolio.
  • A Sample Analysis: Thai Life Insurance
    • Here we examine just 10 seconds of a 2-minute long-form commercial produced by the Thai Life Insurance company to promote the universal human good of doing small selfless gestures for others. How in the world is that supposed to sell life insurance?

36 thoughts on “Agenda WED SEP 13”

  1. In two weeks we will be doing a re-write on our first draft of A01 stone money, to try and inprove our grade. Within four weeks of class we will have done two re-writes.

    Everything you see is intentional, there are no accidents in this clip. You are going to watch the video with the sound off, no noise, no dialogue. Record what happens at every second in detail, you don’t need 30 time stamps but as many as possible in detail.

    The aduio was helpful in the video but it was not needed.


  2. Everything you see in a commercial is intentional, to advance their argument
    Visual Rhetoric find out what the visual screen argues. no sound.

    00:00- 2 boys and older man sitting at a counter, two people in the background in a booth. Everyone is in the diner. menus aren’t in the holder so it doesn’t block the older man. The camera man is in the kitchen facing into the diner. They have their food, they have probably been in the diner for some time now. Little boy in the middle is right handed. The older guy is left handed because of his glass being on the left side. Two little boys are team mates because they have on the same uniform. Assuming the older man is the father to the little boy next to him. Assuming NE diner. Not too upscale. Maybe 10 years ago. The man and woman in background look like they’re on a date. Could be a diner connected to a bowling alley because of the bowling pin.

    00:01- Kid has glasses. We thing the ‘father’ is saying eat your food. Looks like people in the background are fighting. (usually background characters are still, which throws off the focus of the main characters in the front) The woman moves in her hand right in between the ‘father and son’ in the background. The painting above the couple in the back looks Italian, maybe it is an Italian diner.

    The video was effective without sound. You could tell the man and woman are fighting. The three characters in the front were witnesses, and the captions were asking what time is the right time.
    Without the audio you could still see the message, but with the audio it made it much more effective. It is more of a visual argument when they try to get everything into a 30 second clip.

    Analyzing a visual keep in mind:
    -everything the film maker includes is a deliberate choice
    -you must draw conclusion, but don’t only share the conclusion
    -make a visual, don’t just explain (the man has no money, because his pockets were turned out)
    Evaluate the Rhetoric:
    -The wallet is cleaner than turning the pockets out. Make your visual clearer and effective.
    -Assume cast and wardrobe is exactly what the author wants to be shown.

    Picture of Young Man
    1:44- Young Asian man with a book bag. Maybe a student, maybe he’s going to work. He’s walking on a sidewalk. Working class. Half smile. Cheap haircut. White pen in his pocket. Button down shirt but not buttoned. Casual doesn’t care about opinion.
    1:45- He is now holding something. Looking at something held in front of him.
    Every time we see what we’re shown we make judgements.
    1:46- Angle of view has changed. Stopped looking at what was in his hand, and now he is looking up. He looks concerned. Or look of recognition. Starting to feel like a city
    1:47- Woman is looking up. That must be the women he was looking at in the seconds before. The fuzz on the left side of the screen is his. THey’re eyes must be engaged in a possible look. She looks like she’s begging. She looks homeless. She’s seated on the ground. The railing behind her is a barricade.
    1:48- She’s sitting on a piece of cardboard. Assuming she’s homeless and poor. There is space next to her so maybe she is waiting for someone to sit there with her.
    1:49- The caption “mom!”. There is probably a kid off screen calling her mom.
    1:50- Women is back on screen. She isn’t looking at the young boy anymore, she is looking too her kid that called out mom probably.
    1:51- now the women and the young boy are looking the same way maybe to the person that called out “mom!”.
    1:52- a little girl wearing a uniform with a book bag looks like she’s running towards her mom. Maybe the little girl is the young boys student. Little girl goes to a private school, but her mom is begging on the street.
    1:53- stopped walking and the camera is getting closer to her. She looks like she recognizes the young man.

    The video shows the man helping everyone, but then he goes home and is not rich. Then at the end of the video he realizes he helped the girl go to school. and he feels the love from everyone that appreciates him. The ad sells life insurance.


  3. The Film is played without sound.
    Film takes place in a dinner.
    group of people sitting at the counter and camera is facing them.
    older quality of film, lighting is dark.
    back ground characters are main part of the film.
    No audio is needed to describe the situation.
    A picture is really worth a thousand words.


  4. -We will be listening to an advertisement/PSA video with the sound off. We will depict what the video argues through visuals only.
    -In order to organize the post, we will pause the video for every several seconds. We will comment on what happens visually during each time period.
    -Visually, describe what you see and what you think the advertisement is trying to get across.
    -Be specific and notice every detail.
    -Pay attention to location, objects, clothes, people, where the camera is set up.
    -Filmmakers rely on watchers to draw conclusions and make assumptions about a scene.
    -Be sure to notice the quality of the video as well. The taping and clarity of the film. Is it due to when the advertisement was made or was it intentional?
    -Notice what is going on in the entire video. What are the main characters doing? What are the background characters doing? In the example video from class, the background characters seemed to be arguing.
    -Be aware of how precise and planned each movement is. Everything is done for a reason in these advertisements.
    -Descriptions should be extremely detailed.
    -You are allowed to conjecture. While you are deciding what the author wants you to believe, you may change your mind about judgements.
    -The filmmakers are able to make a very strong and persuasive argument in a short time period (approx. 30 seconds) with the use of visuals.
    -If you are effective enough, you can just use one type of device to display your argument.
    -PSAs are most effective when visuals are used to display the argument.
    -Share evidence and conclusion. What evidence led you to believe an idea?
    -Not everything that you decide by the first image you see will be accurate. Your judgements will change throughout the video.
    -Nothing in these advertisements are every an accident.
    -Be aware of captions, if there are any. Italics in a caption often indicate that the speaker is off screen.
    -The expressions of the actors tell a lot about the situation.
    -Your goal is to decode the video and figure out what message it is trying to get across.
    -There are many hidden messages in the videos.


  5. With Visual Rhetoric, we need to be able to tell a story that readers can imagine with words.

    Ad Council “Now”
    0:01 we analyzed that this might be a baseball team in the diner because of the baseball glove. The older gentleman in may be the coach because of the whistle. The coach is also left-handed because of the glove and where he placed his water.

    The 2 kids are friend/teammates because of their similarity to clothes.

    From the coach pointing at the kids food/drink shows that he is saying something about it.

    and second 0:02
    We find that the kid has glasses, and the coach might be the father to the kid in the middle. And pointing at the kid might have meant to ‘eat you food’

    In the background the couple seems to be arguing

    The painting in the background could be a church, because of the 2 towers. And the art seems to be take place in Europe

    Video without sound: this video showed that the couple in the background arguing and make a scene, it turned physically abusive and wanted to see if the coach would step in to stop it to show the kids the right thing to do.

    Now on the second image with the Asian young man
    1) He wears a backpack and holding onto something, has slight stair on his shirt that is supposed to be buttoned down, but is not.

    2) it seems to be a city, and changed his view

    3) A homeless women enters the scene, as the young man looks toward her. She is begging for something

    4) She is sitting on a cardboard on the sidewalk, indicating that she is homeless. Half the cardboard is empty, it seems like someone was supposed to be there

    5) The text “mom” shows, and it in italics so it might be off-screen. and she is not speaking and turned her attention to the direction of “mom”

    6) both characters now has faced toward the voice

    7) The child is a school girl who wears a backpack. And seems to go to a private school from the clothing

    8) Child stops and turns and look at the man in recognition

    Overall the video shows that helping is good, and its a cycle. And things turn out for the better when you help, and that creates a greater emotion of being appreciated and happy. This was an Ad for life insurance showing that life is very precious.


    1. These are good for now, Plethora, but I wonder what you’ll remember about this class session from these Notes. They detail specifics of the videos, but say nothing about the purpose of the assignment or the method of proceeding.


  6. – No final exam, just a final portfolio that is worked on throughout semester and just put together at the end.
    – Second assignment will be posted 2 times, one and A02 Visual Rhetoric and one as A04 Visual Rewrite.
    – Stone Money will not go in portfolio.
    – Everything in the 30 second films are intentional.
    – Have to figure out why the film maker chose to put all those things in the film.
    – Watch the video with no sound, have to figure out what the visual screen argues.
    – Try not to chose a PSA that has a lot of on screen text.
    – Write at each second, from 0:01, 0:02, etc.
    – Describe each time stamp.
    – Talk about every detail going on.
    – Do not need audio to figure out what is going on.
    – Draw conclusions but explain why you got to those conclusions.


    1. These work for me, TheBeard. They don’t detail the specifics of the videos we watched, but the text of those posts takes care of that. Instead, these Notes are a good review of your responsibilities.


  7. Before you hit publish, you want to make sure the author is you and you want to add a date. There are tabs on the side that place it in the category you need it to be in. That makes it easier to find.
    If you fail to choice a category, it goes under the category titled “Oops”.
    The primary grade for the course overall is a combination of 6 or 7 grades earned through assignments/essays.
    Cause and effect, definition,….and are the three out of the two themes/arguments you can choose from to make up your 3,000 word essay.
    Finals week will consist of putting essays in your portfolio, and deciding which makes the cut.
    No final exam.

    Spend a lot of time analyzing a thirty second video. The objective is to describe it in a way that someone who couldn’t see this understands what the video is about. Write a response on how it makes me feel, what I got from it, and how I would describe it to others.
    Everything you see in the video is intentional; try to understand why.
    The dialogue and the sounds do not matter, only what is seen. The video will be watched with no sound.
    Time stamp technique will help organize this analysis.
    Video Notes: (Diner)
    0:00-they are in a diner, the camera is behind the counter, coffee mugs stacked in the background, these boys are on a baseball team from the glove on the counter, the man is the coach because of his whistle around his neck (but you don’t need a whistle in baseball), they have been in the diner for a little bit now because they have food and drinks, they kids are wearing uniforms, the coach and the boy in the middle may or may not be related, the people behind the team might be on a date, the diner seems to be in the northeast, older diner based on the painting, the coach seems to be pointing to one of the boys plates of food, there is a bowling pin in the background, the diner serves alcohol because of the drink mixer on the bottom left of the picture/or it might be hot-sauce
    0:01-the middle kid has glasses, the coach is telling him to eat his food, probably his kids due to this command, the people in the back seem to be fighting, the woman moves her hand in argument, (to be continued…)
    The video is an awareness video about abuse. The message is to teach boys early that abuse is wrong in order to stop it.
    The message would have gotten across without the sound; still a big impact.
    Make sure to choose a 30 second video.
    You must draw conclusions from what you see in the videos. The filmmaker has the power to change anything and to set it the way is was filmed; why did they do it like that?
    Every time we see something that is shown to us, we make judgments.
    Second Video:
    An asian man, casually dressed walking down the street, something seem to catch his eye, he seems distracted by something, has a book-bag on,
    two more seconds in: a woman is shown in the picture, she seems to be homeless, sitting on the ground looking distraught,
    The picture zooms out, and the woman is sitting on a bench on a piece of cardboard, the word “Mom!” is in italics on the bottom of the screen, the box seems big enough for two people to sit on
    the woman looks to the left, the man from the beginning is also looking in that direction (right on his side), a schoolgirl comes into view, she is young with a book bag and a uniform, seems to look like she goes to a private school…
    the video was an ad for life insurance

    Stone Money will not be in your portfolio, it has less value than the others.
    You can still rewrite papers that have been graded, you just need to inform davidbdale.


  8. A03 qnd A04 are the rewrite of A01 and A02. A03 and A04 can be rewritten multiple times as long as the professor knows.
    Pick an ad to write and look at every detail in the ad. Everything is intentional in these ads. Figure out why the filmmaker picked the time, the place and the person they used. The music and dialogue is not important in your post. Try not to chose an ad that relies on a lot a text on the screen. Use the time in your post to say what is going on in the video.
    We have to assume that everything is a choice that the filmmaker has made.
    When writing your post you are supposed to give the reader a visual of the video without the reader watching the video.


  9. -We do not have a final exam, we just have to put together a portfolio
    -AO2 will be posted twice, a draft, then a rewrite
    -Stone money will not be in your portfolio
    -Everything you see is intentional, there are no accidents in these videos
    -This is a visual assignment, no sound should be on
    -Do not use a PSA that depends on onscreen text
    -Describe what happened between 1-30 seconds
    -Location is probably a diner, there are 3 main characters coming from a baseball game
    -Characters in the back move their hands
    -Picture in back looks like an Italian church
    -The service announcement was about violence against women
    -The sound is helpful, but not the whole video
    -The video without sound gets the job done
    -Do not share just the conclusions
    -Give visuals about conclusions
    -The man slowly pays the little girl so she can go to school
    -He does good for everyone and gets only emotions in return


  10. -Everything displayed in an ad is intentional, ask questions while watching the ad.
    -The ads must be watched on mute to focus on the importance of the visuals.
    -Describe what happens in the video second-by-second if possible.
    -Viewers may jump to conclusion about certain aspects of a video even though the opinions may be wrong.
    -Background characters are important in identifying certain aspects of the ad.
    -Audio is not essential in making a visual argument if effective enough.

    Evaluating a Visual Rhetoric

    1. Everything is a deliberate choice.
    2. Must draw conclusions from what we see but describe in GREAT detail how we got to said conclusion.
    3. Assume the casting and wardrobe is meant to be exactly what it is.


    1. Very nice. While others made lengthy notes detailing the frame-by-frame activity, you concentrated on the essentials of the assignment. Different approaches, equally valid.


  11. Lecture Notes Wednesday9/13/2017

    – we will also be writing a first and second draft for the assignment “Visual Rhetoric”
    – I love the fact that we can rewrite our essays after getting feedback from the professor, this gives
    me a chance to improve my essay and hopefully receive a better grade.
    – we can still rewrite essays after the second rewrite (make professor aware)
    – everything that we see in the 30 second videos are intentional, nothing is by accident.
    – we have to try to figure out why things are happening in the video in order to get the subliminal
    – figure out why the filmmaker chose that particular scene, person, etc.
    – watch the video with no sound, the dialogue is irrelevant to our post.
    – we have to figure out what the visual screen argues.
    – Video Notes:
    -Analyzing picture before video starts- two small boys that play baseball, they are in a diner (coffee mugs in the background), the adult man is the coach, they’ve been there for about 30 mins. (already have food), there are not any menu’s in the carrier because it would block our view of the adult man, the man could possibly be the father of the young boy in the middle, they are sitting at a counter, people in the background may be on a date, coach is pointing at kids food (he could be saying he wants some haha), maybe a sports theme diner (bowling pin in the background), quality of the video makes the video seem older maybe early 2000 (color saturation), evening (coffee mugs in the back are un used)
    0.01-0.05 seconds: the adult man pointed his finger telling the kid to eat his food which indicates that he ay be his child. The couple in the background may be arguing because the woman’s hand is up by her face (usually women do this when they are trying to make a point or prove that they are right haha).
    – make sure to chose a 30 second video
    – when asked to analyze a video… everything is a deliberate choice, keep in mind that we must draw conclusions of what we see but make sure we write what we saw to get to that specific conclusion, what visual did we see to help us draw the conclusion.
    – Photo of young asian man: sloppily dressed because he has button up shirt that is not buttoned, wearing backpack may indicate that he is going to or from school, there is a pen in his shirt pocket, downcast eyes indicate he is looking at something, walking on sidewalk.
    – next picture indicates that he was distracted by something in his hand and now he is looking up, looks like whatever he was looking down at, now he is looking concerned
    – next picture shows a homeless woman begging for money from the young man, the woman’s eyes looked concerned, she is seated on the ground,
    – next picture is showing that the woman is sitting on a card board box which indicates that she is not doing so well, the box has a handle that looks like whatever was in it was heavy because the handle is ripped.
    – Watching the entire video in class, it show the man giving to other people just to see their emotion of happiness. One example, the man kept giving the money to the woman and the young girls and then one day he sees the girl walking up with a school uniform on, he notices that he was the one who made small payments to them which allowed her to go to school.
    – This video indicated life insurance, if you keep paying, it will pay off in the end.


  12. Comp 2 Notes 9/13/17

    Categorize your blogs in WordPress
    There will be a re-write of our first A01 Stone Money due in tow weeks. 4 weeks of class, 2 essays, and 2 rewrites.
    Your portfolio will be submitted as your final exam. Must meet with Professor Hodges during finals week for final grade.
    To be literate in todays society means more than to read and write, it means you can see and understand different visuals.
    You can rewrite as many times as you feel you need to, or until you have received the grade that you want.
    Every ad that you see, is an argument.
    “Every single thing that you see is intentional.”
    If everything is intentional, and everything is there for a purpose, it is our job to figure out, and understand the points that the filmmaker is trying to get across.
    A02:VIsual rhetoric assignment- It is our job to figure out what the filmmaker is trying to say in the video, with no sound, and no reading of lips, just actions.
    Organize the post at the time stamps
    Example 1:
    0:00- A man and two boys in a diner. An older figure is angrily pointing at a plate of food. The child’s demeanor looks upset. The main children look like they are on a baseball team. There are no menus in the menu holder, but we can still figure out it is a diner by the coffee mugs, and the counter. Camera man is positioned behind the cook window, facing out to the counters. They have their food, so they have been there for about 20 minutes or so. The man is left handed, because his drink is on the left side. The same man or “coach” has a whistle around his neck. They are playing baseball, and there are really no whistles in baseball, even in practice. The whistle could also be a symbol to let viewers know that he is the coach. His pointing could be talking about his food, or it could be him mad in a drunken rage from the bottle of ango sutra bitters used for making mixed drinks. The child is wearing glasses.
    0:01- It looks like the people behind the main characters are arguing, possibly having a fight. We can see there is a toothpick in the sandwich, possibly a turkey club.

    The key to the visual rhetorical assignment is to pay close attention to everything, like shown above. Take in every ounce of the scene, because every little detail or movement can mean something. Everything is a deliberate choice by the film maker.
    Do not share just the conclusions, share everything that makes you come to that conclusion. Example- The man is broke. Share the things that made you come to that conclusion such as pockets turned inside out, or an empty wallet. You have no business coming to the conclusion unless you cannot support the conclusion with visual details.
    We are trained to pay attention to the nuances. Assume everything you are shown is everything the director wanted you to see.

    Example 2: An asian man is walking down the street. Looks to be walking on the sidewalk. It looks like he has a stain on his shirt. He has downwards looking eyes, with his shirt unbuttoned. He has a pen or pencil clipped to his shirt pocket. He doesn’t look like have an expensive haircut, or wear expensive clothes.

    When you move a camera in on a character, increases their importance.


    1. These are the best Notes of the day, theadmiral. I’ve already set the bar for 3/3, and was very happy to see so many achieve it, but now to be fair to you, I’ll have to award a rare 4/3. There you go.


  13. The A01 stone money will not be in the portfolio but it is strongly suggested to rewrite A01.
    There will be no final for this class only gathering all essays together into a portfolio and handing it in.
    Before watching the youtube video we are discussing about how the video may impact you without the sound.
    By watching only one second of the youtube video you can notice who, why, what, how and where they are. After watching the 30 sec video without sound was impactful and with sound was not really a essential to have because it was already persuasive without sound. Every second of a moving picture counts and has a small story to tell.


    1. The observation that the sound was not essential to the impact earned you the second point this time, theintern. Standards for Notes are getting tougher as you and your classmates get better at them. Keep raising your game.


  14. A03 and A04 will be rewrites of A02 and A01
    Everything in ad council is intentional.
    0:00 baseball players at a diner catcher and teammate liquor present
    0:01 people in back arguing
    Audio was not necessary to persuade the audience
    Draw conclusions but share the visual as well


  15. Today’s class we discussed that everything is intentional and what is there purpose so it’s our job to figure out why they chose that argument. The time stamp technique is what strategy he wants us to use. Spent time analyzing the Ad Council “Now” video on only at 0:01 and that second only. We tried to describe & grab information as to where they are & it looks to me as if they could be in a diner , eating with baseball students who are right handed sitting at a table? Did the film maker make a mistake putting the whistle around the baseball coaches neck ?gives us an northeastern kind of feeling from the way of the diner & the Decour. The nature of the visual quality is kind of old & blurry and it’s probably meant to look like that in a black and white version . The diner could be connected with a bowling alley or affiliated with sports . It could be the mans child as he instructs him to eat but not the other kid. We then watched the video with no sound which was only 30 seconds & our conclusions were wrong . The video is a end abuse and show that abuse of women are wrong & they want to get the message out as young as possible. When doing a visual rhetoric we have to think every choice was a choice and you must draw conclusions from what you seen & you must tell more than your conclusions. From the visual rhetoric we make judgements in 1 second guessing on what we see & the surroundings


    1. Your Notes are wordy, NewEdition. As an exercise, consider forcing them into bullets that start with verbs. [I know. It’s pretty pushy of me to bully you about how to take Notes, but I think you’d benefit from the Exercise. You might develop a muscular, economical style better suited to quality essays. :)]
      For Example:
      —Everything in an Ad Council PSA is intentional.
      —Figure out why the director made every choice: why that actor, why that wardrobe, why that camera angle, etc.
      —Use the time-stamp technique beginning with 00:00
      —We analyzed just the first one second of a video called “Now.”
      —A found a wealth of information in the first frame.
      1. They’re in a diner.
      2. They’re a baseball team; the “Dad” character is their coach.
      3. The first baseman, who may be his son, is right-handed and a slow eater.
      —Question what we see in the video. Don’t accept everything.
      —Did the filmmaker make a mistake putting a whistle on the coach?

      What do you think? Is there benefit to that approach? It would keep you engaged in the conversation AND cause you to process, summarize, analyze, and make clear claims about the class content.

      I’d love to have your reaction. [Class is a conversation.]


  16. Video
    0:31- man looks to be a coach of a baseball team. glove on the counter. teammate and friend, father and son. Diner has old decor, maybe a British diner. Man and woman in the background are on a date. Bowling pin the background says that there is a bowling alley near. Camera man is probably filming from kitchen. Father tells his son to eat his food.
    1:00- Woman in the background moves hand drawing attention to themselves, director clearly wants to bring attention to them instead now.
    Without sound, director got the audience attention without the help of sound. They got their purpose across. Looks like the couple are arguing and it turns into domestic abuse.
    With sound, it made the video even better but it didn’t need sound because the audience understood without it.


  17. Today’s objective in class was to discuss our next assignment which is the Visual Rhetoric assignment. I learned how to navigate the site better by giving the submissions a category. In turn this will help me manage my work in the future. We began to discuss the “social good component” in certain ads, especially by ad council. These ads always have a point of view and an argument. They are trying to make you see something and affect the way you view this topic. Everything you see in these ads is intentional, there are absolutely no accidents. Everything is thought out carefully to create the most powerful message. We dissected two ads, frame by frame, just to observe and make as many connections as we could. We looked at everything from the facial expressions of the cast to the coloring of the scene. We tried to figure out the who, what, where, when, why and how. Our judgments weren’t as accurate when we watched the ad in its totality. But the small hints we picked up on played a part in the bigger picture. For our own ad we need to carefully analyze place, people, quality, background, and point of view. Everything matters and nothing is insignificant when considering these ads.


    1. I love these Notes, todayistheday. They’re almost purely conceptual [they lack cows and chips], but while they might not remind you of the videos we examined, they do convey the essence of the assignment. Next time, though, blend in a concrete example as a memory peg and see if it helps. For example

      We dissected two ads, frame by frame, just to observe and make as many connections as we could. We looked at everything from the facial expressions of the Asian man and the daughter he “sent to school,” to the gesture the Dad at the diner counter made to his slow-eating son, to the washed-out palette of the “documentary style” video quality in the message against violence.

      Think that might make a difference 12 weeks from now?


  18. Notes Wednesday 9/13/17
    Today in class we covered the next assignment which is the Visual Rhetoric assignment. Everything we see is intentional in 30 second ads and everything included serves a purpose. Explaining that it is our job to figure out the film makers purpose. We all must make conclusions but why? We have to explain the visual content. We are able to make a thousand judgments in one second. We have to view the ads using the time stamp technique along with no sound and determine what the visual screen argues.
    We viewed two different ads using the time stamped technique, both ads served different purposes. With the time stamp technique 30 seconds was a lot of time to relay a message even with no sound.


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