Agenda WED NOV 08

  • Define Walking
  • Similarly Define your own Argument Term
  • Exercise: Critique a Draft Causal Argument
    • Read the Draft Causal Argument by Prof2020
    • Choose and Reply to your favorite critique of this first draft
    • Add your own Critique in a Reply
  • Exercise: But Enough about You
    • Start a New Post titled “Enough About You—Username”
  • Exercise: Robust Subjects and Verbs
    • Start a New Post titled “Robust Subjects—Username”

12 thoughts on “Agenda WED NOV 08”

  1. Define Walking – gravity movements. Define Your Own Argument Term – Gun Violence- trauma inflicted on survivors.
    Class Exercise- On Walking & Movement
    Class Ecercise – Read Essay on 9/11 and reply to it
    Enough About You 2nd Language Exercise & Edit
    Robust Subjects Assignment –


  2. Use better word choice.
    Eliminate the word “You” in essays.
    Make sure the wording is clear so the reader can understand.
    Use better wording to make the essay sound better.
    Being descriptive makes the reader understand better.


  3. Comp 2 notes 11/8

    Define walking- Controlled falling
    Remove the you’s out of your writing
    One helpful solution would be to replace with the first person
    Another is convert active verbs to passive verbs
    Replace nouns with pronouns, example instead of you, use the people directly, like the rich or the poor
    Eliminate people. Example Money, without which nothing gets done, drives our society.
    Open a new post entitled “enough about you”
    Try not to use there is, there are, it is to start out your sentences
    It commands no interest
    The weakest sentence is one that establishes that something “is”
    Decide what it is, but then explain what it does.
    Revise your sentence so that your strongest subject completes the strongest action.
    The fire raises the temperature in the room


  4. – walking is controlled falling
    – injury- harm or damage to the body
    – being hurt badly enough to miss a game
    – if banged up and sore and able to play then not injured
    – could be mentally injured if you sit out a game from hurt feelings
    – games missed = injured
    – make subject clear and verbs more robust


  5. – causal argument
    – be sure not to use “you” while writing paper
    – Begin your sentence with your subject of what you’re speaking about, not there, there are or it is


  6. Take the you’s out of writing
    convert verbs – passive verbs
    Replace pronouns with nouns
    Open post E-10
    Dont use there is, are, or it to start sentences.
    weak sentence is something is, try to figure out what it is and explain
    descriptive helps the writer understand
    A fire will raise the temp.
    Not a fire will change the temp.


  7. – He had us stand up, walk and think of two words to define walking
    – To boost your quality writing get rid wimpy subjects and verbs and choose robust words
    – We did two in class exercises to improve our writing
    – Eliminate the you’s


  8. Notes 11-8-17

    Define walking- controlled falling
    Similarly define our own argument term ex. mental illness = brain sickness, hyper emotions, abnormal behavior or exaggerated mental state.
    Draft causal argument- 9/11 made America more racist, read, causal with many effects; make our own critique, pick one we liked.
    Enough about you- new post E:10 in class exercise
    Robust subject and verbs- new post E:11 in class exercise


  9. Walking: controlled falling
    Your argument should be able to be said in one sentence, not three paragraphs. If you can’t define your argument in a couple of words, fix it.
    My definition argument: Freedom. Freedom isn’t a word that can be defined by the American people, but a word the government uses to let us know we are on our own.
    Eliminate the use of second person writing. That would be using you, your, and you’re. Something stated doesn’t apply to the reader. Go back and revise.
    Also the use of “there is/ “there are” should be eliminated.


  10. Walking – controlled falling
    Mental Illness – exaggeration of emotion
    Animal abuse – depriving an animal of their nature
    Effective teaching – acting on improvement


  11. Define walking: initiating movement
    Define you own argument term: animal abuse- depriving animal of natural habitat
    9/11 cause and effect essay
    -once cause and several effects
    Enough about the you
    -replace 1st person, change to we/our/etc
    -active to passive – no subject responsible
    -replace pronouns with nouns
    -eliminate people
    -make new post fixing
    Robust subjects and verbs
    -making center of thoughts, subject of sentence
    -there is/ there are/ is : too many sentences start with this
    Half dead paragraph
    People will be treated differently: how so? Better or worse?
    People’s disadvantages and advantages: no indications of what they are
    It’s not that doctors are biased: what is it?
    Rhetorical question without a strong claim
    Due to the fact – repetitive
    Types of, kinds of : trash language


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