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Bibliography – PaulaJean

1. Bartlett, T. (2013, January 30). Power of Suggestion. Retrieved April 18, 2018, from Background: This article discusses power of suggestion and how it relates to the way people act after hearing certain things. It focuses on a certain study … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- Myrtle View

Blake, J. (2016, March 31). It’s time to talk about ‘black privilege’. Retrieved from                  Background: This article explains what black privilege is and how it effects white people. How it is … Continue reading

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Bibliography- Lbirch

1. Brooke, C. (2011, November 08). Fire services on alert after smoke detector is blamed for causing TWO blazes. Retrieved April 05, 2018, from Background: This article published by Daily Mail provides two cases in the United Kingdom where the smoke detectors actually caught … Continue reading

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1.Beresin, E. (2017, February 27). The College Mental Health Crisis: Focus on Suicide. Background: The article gives very alarming and strong facts to support my argument. A credible author, Dr. Beresin published it. He highlights the details of the increase … Continue reading

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Bibliography- Nreina34

Adams, J. C., Belin, C., Toucas, B., Roberts, J., Brattberg, E., & Corre, P. L. (n.d.). Forget Criminals, Police Now Fear Activists and the Media. Background:  This article published by The National Interest provides a case in Alabama where a … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- AmongOthers13

1) Carter, C. J. (2013, May 19). Why Aren’t Low-Income Students Succeeding in School? Retrieved from Background: Many low income first-generation college students are reading and doing math at a seventh or eighth grade level and are admitted into college. … Continue reading

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Bibliography – picklerick

Amanda Christy Brown and Katherine Schulten. (2012, December 13). Fiction or Nonfiction? Considering the Common Core’s Emphasis on Informational Text. Retrieved March 02, 2018. Background: This article debates whether or not the new version of the Common Core Standards is … Continue reading

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