Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Myrtle View

Ad Council – “Restaurant”

:00- :01

The camera is zoomed out so that the viewers can see that the setting is a restaurant filled with people eating and talking among themselves. The restaurant looks fancy so the couple in the center may be on a date. They seem to be the camera’s main focus since the other customers in the restaurant are facing away from the camera. The waiter is facing the woman, I assume he is taking her order.

:02- :16

The camera then zooms in on the woman.  The woman seems to be the only person dressed casually while her date and the other customers are in professional attire. The woman is firing question after question towards the waiter asking about the food options the restaurant is offering. Her date seems calm during the interrogation but the waiter does appear to be a little flustered from the numerous questions being asked towards him.

:17- :25

The words “we ask questions everywhere we go” appears in the middle of the scene to draw the audience’s attention. During this frame the camera goes to the setting of an examination room and the woman from the restaurant is sitting on the exam table. The woman is very shy and quiet when her doctor asks her if she has any concerns. At the end of this scene the words “except here” are in bold white in the middle of the frame.

:26- :30

The commercial ends by advising people viewing this advertisement to ask their healthcare provider any questions they may have regarding their personal care.

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