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Background?: this source is an article both describing what adderal is, and also in less depth describes what meth is. also giving practical examples of how Adderall is used, and how meth is used.

How I used it?: this source explains how both of these drugs have very similar chemical makeups. only meth has a ” have more of something called methyl, which is important in this discussion because it lets the drug cross the blood-brain barrier more quickly. This leads to a more powerful effect.” showing that the only thing separating, and clarifying both to be different is one molecule that makes the effect instantaneous


Background: This article gives a first person experience on what Adderall did for her. it talks about her addiction, and why she was addicted. also how she knew she did not have ADHD. This article gives a look at the terrible addiction path someone can go down.

How I used it: I used this article to show just what addiction to Adderall can do to someone’s life. showing how this woman was effected makes my addiction argument stronger by giving a first person account.


Background: This is a article abstract posted by the JAACP detailing a classroom experiment in which ADHD medication was administered. They prove that Adderall works in classrooms.

How I used it: I used this source to prove in my refutation section of my research paper how Adderall actually works on those who use it. Showing the statistics of the study proves my point of it actually working.

4) C. (2008, February 16). Retrieved April 25, 2018, from

Background: in this youtube video, Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus describes the connotation an illness or disease has now. He believes that any disease cannot be not based on behavior, its something in the body that malfunctions.

How I used it: I used this source to explain how the stigma and connotation ADHD has around it is socially constructed. by diagnosing a child with ADHD and classifying it as a disease, or disorder stigmatizes a child, and puts them in a category that they should not be in. Children are precious, and should not be exposed to prescription drugs. Parents should also not think that their kid has an illness based on behavior, and should not jump to try to treat it.

5) (2017, April 10). Retrieved April 25, 2018, from

Background: This article is posted by the CDC explaining how medical treatment for ADHD does not have to be the first option. instead, behavioral therapy can be introduced, which is very effective.

How I used it: This article proved my point of parents not having to ultimately resort to mediation. Utilizing behavioral therapy will diminish the chances of the child becoming addicted to medication and learn how to deal with their symptoms through teaching.

Adderall vs. Ritalin: What’s the Difference? (n.d.). Retrieved from


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  1. Begin immediately to bring those first sources into bibliography style, Dude.
    They need Author/Title/Publication information AND the Contents/How I Used it descriptions.


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