E04: Open Strong

Based on sample Openings provided in the Lecture titled “How to Open (E04),” write at least two different opening paragraphs for your Research Position Paper, based on your current best understanding of your topic.

  • Each Opening must contain a thesis sentence that clearly and boldly proclaims the claim you promise readers you will prove.
  • Do not use the same thesis for more than one Opening.


  1. Open a new post titled: Open Strong—Username
  2. Post to the E04: Open Strong category and to your own Username.
  3. Write an opening paragraph for your Research Position Paper (in progress).
  4. Craft a first sentence that DOES NOT LOSE the argument.
  5. A good first sentence:
    1. Makes strong, perhaps paradoxical claims.
    2. Sums up a very strong argument the essay will make.
    3. Is itself an argument.
    4. Makes a challenge to the reader.
    5. Is memorable.
    6. Can be debated, demonstrated, illustrated.
    7. Is a good example of itself.
  6. The other 3 or so sentences should achieve as many of the A-G goals as possible . . . each!
  7. Repeat to create an alternate First Paragraph with a different thesis.

You have until the end of the period WED OCT 05 to write a good first draft.

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