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Rebuttal – PaulaJean

-Raymond Nickerson blames ineffective medical procedures. If a patient recovered, doctors counted the treatment as successful instead of looking for alternative explanations. Example: The disease had actually just run it’s course but the treatment was still unsuccessful. -Confirmation bias may … Continue reading

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Safer Saws – PaulaJean5

2. Customers 2A. A testimonial from a SawStop customer: “This saw is everything I imagined the saw to be. It moves easily around in its stand. I feel safe using it.” 2B. This customer claims that the saw lives up … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – PaulaJean5

The World Around You is Creating a Biased Version of Yourself Today, the placebo effect has been a big part of pharmaceutical trials. Placebos and their effect really only have had a place in medical facilities. But, once you dive … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric – PaulaJean5

Staring Contest, Discover The Forest 0:00-0:01 The first second of this video is an image of two deer. They are in the middle of a forest or some grassy area. The deer look like they are eating the grass. The … Continue reading

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Open Strong – PaulaJean5

By the time somebody goes through middle school, they will most likely have heard of Anne Frank. Anne Frank is a famous diarist who also was a Jewish victim of the Holocaust. In recent years, Anne Frank was baptized by … Continue reading

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Definition Argument – PaulaJean5

Many people are unaware about just how much their mind controls their conscious/subconscious actions. You watch a commercial for some type of food, but you’re not exactly watching it. Unless it is the Super Bowl, you are probably too preoccupied … Continue reading

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Stone Money – PaulaJean5

When you think about money, you most likely picture dollar bills and coins. Picturing this means that you live in a society where money is exchanged for goods and put into a bank. This type of society consists of people … Continue reading

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