Visual Rewrite—PaulaJean5

Staring Contest, Discover The Forest


The first second of this video is an image of two deer. They are in the middle of a forest or some grassy area. The deer look like they are eating the grass. The scene is peaceful and very green. This picture is very natural.


The same picture of the deer, but the one on the right lifts its head up. I am assuming that somebody or something is looking at them. Maybe this person/animal/thing made a noise and this caused the deer to shift its attention so suddenly.


The image shifts from the two deer to a little girl and middle-aged man. The girl looks like she is in elementary or middle school while the man looks like he could be her father or uncle. They are behind a large log or fallen tree. By the look of their faces, they seem to be admiring what is in front of them. I assume that they are looking at the deer and are the reason the deer on the right to lift its head up towards something. They background is very dark and has multiple trees with not many leaves on them.


Again, the deer are shown. They look like they are standing closer together than in the previous scene of them, but this might be the angle of the camera. They are looking around still and the deer on the left lifts its head in the same direction that the other one did before. It looks like it is staring right into the camera.


Then we see the girl and man again. They are still behind the log/tree. You can really only see their faces and shoulders. The man is looking the left at something. The little girl is looking forward a little bit past where the camera would be.


The next image is the deer. The deer is moving his nose around and is looking straight at the camera. It looks a little bit intimidating to me. Everything is still except the deer’s nose.


Now we see the little girl again. She is smiling at the deer. Her eyes are very wide and her mouth is shut, but definitely smiling. The picture is focused only on her, the background is very blurry and gray.


The image is back to the deer. The picture is very close. The picture is only focused on the deer. It is still looking straight at the camera. Still pretty intimidating.


The picture is the girl, again. This seems like a face off between the deer and the girl. Maybe like it would be in a movie? She blinks and shakes her head a little bit. She starts to stand up and turn around quickly.


The two deer are in view now. The one on the right is facing the other deer. The other one is still looking straight ahead of it.


The deer on the left now turns his head toward the one on the right. The deer look like they are giving each other a look of confusion maybe. They have not run away from the little girl and the man. This leads me to think that they do not feel scared or threatened.


The girl now looks at her father/uncle/family member with joy. She looks at him, at the camera, and then back at him. The man is smiling and laughing. She looks like she just won something. Maybe a staring contest, due to the title.


Now we see the two deer. They look like they’re prancing/walking away.


The man and the girl are now walking in the opposite direction as if they were leaving too. The girl is skipping and laughing and holding the man’s hand who is looking down on her.





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