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Rebuttal Argument- Nreina34

My Worthy Opponent is Wrong Rebuttal Argument: Police officers are not allowed to make mistakes A main rebuttal argument to my thesis here is that police officers are not allowed to make mistakes which is in fact, a very controversial … Continue reading

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Rebuttal argument-jdormann

American football players have been plagued with concussions for years. Typically, these concussions occur during tackles. The padding that players wear gives them a false sense of security and some even use their head as a tackling tool. On the … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- Dancers

Skepticism may occur when it’s stated that at home abuse can lead a child to become a bully later in life. Considering what constitutes a case to become child abuse, what exactly it means when a child becomes a victim of abuse is hard … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument- DoubleA

Arguments Against Grass Fields in the NFL People tend to believe that artificial turf fields are better surfaces to play on because they look nice. Great, they look nice and you think you look good, you play good, right? Well … Continue reading

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Rebuttal – DudeInTheBack

The  Redbull-Meth-Drug That Will Save Our ADHD Ridden Children The biggest refutation to my argument of Adderall being unsafe, and a terrible prescription is those who believe in Adderall’s therapeutic abilities. If it is as bad as I argue, then … Continue reading

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Rebuttal- amongothers13

(Un)Justifying Property Tax Funding for Public Schools Although property taxes for public school funding are commonly frowned upon, especially when concerning the low-income families struggling to obtain stability, most fail to see the importance of property taxes when it comes … Continue reading

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Questioning Consent Say Jane and John have intercourse. They discuss nothing before or after regarding whether or not they give consent. Is there consent? Now assume they’ve had consensual sex before. Now is there consent? And if Jane and John are … Continue reading

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