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Rebuttal- LBirch

Rather Be Safe Than Sorry It is a great responsibility to be a homeowner, to actually be cautious of the safety of the all the occupants. The one main safety feature that seems to go unnoticed is a smoke detector. … Continue reading

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Safer Saws- LBirch

4A. Ten people every day – according the CPSC’s own data – have their fingers amputated in power saw accidents. 10 a day!  I’ve wanted to push the CPSC for a mandatory standard ever since hearing a story on NPR in May … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- LBirch

Smoke Detectors: The Source of Fire Smoke detectors are an essential tool for your household safety, just like a lock on your door. Detectors play a huge role in fire safety, alerting an occupant when there is smoke in a … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- LBirch

Friendship & Mental Health 0:00-0:01 The screen opens with orange words “The Awkward Silence Presents”, most likely the production team. Behind this is some sort of small, furry animal that is stuffed standing on a small log or branch. This stuffed … Continue reading

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Definition Argument- lbirch141

Detectors Causing Harm People around the world live in a very dangerous, harmful world with many things that can go wrong. One of the most dangerous things people have that are potentially dangerous are smoke detectors. Detectors, whether it is … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- lbirch141

05 “Secondary traumatic stress has been documented in the spouses of veterans with PTSD from Vietnam. And the spouses of Israeli veterans with PTSD, and Dutch veterans with PTSD.” “Secondary traumatic stress” is claimed to be a type of PTSD, … Continue reading

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Stone Money–Lbirch141

Growing up, I always had the thought money was a little piece of green paper that can just be printed up to someone’s need. Being an Economics major, I’ve learned it’s more than just that piece of paper. It holds … Continue reading

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