32 thoughts on “Agenda MON SEP 11”

  1. Meeting with the professor will help you with your rewrites for your essay so you can be “portfolio ready”. Essays will be graded based on the R.A.M.S. grading Model, which stands for Rhetoric, Argument, Mechanics, and Scholarship.


    1. This meets the requirements for attendance, unknowntrendsetter, but not much else.

      “portfolio ready”.
      —Punctuation error. Periods ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go inside the quotation marks.
      “portfolio ready.”

      I’m glad you were in class today, happy that you logged into the blog and took notes. You may relax at this level or work to meet the standards of the best note-takers. Depending on the quality of your Portfolio, you may not need a “tie-breaker” like this participation grade.

      1 point of a possible 3 points.

      Keep coming. Challenge yourself. Question everything you hear. Decide what’s important and record it. Or challenge what you hear and record that. (Respond or I’ll think you don’t care. 🙂 )


  2. The course is built on re-writing, to keep trying to improve your grade.

    You will be graded on the argument you make, the mechanics, grammar, punctuation, and you will be graded on the scholarship.

    Every written document is an argument.


    1. These notes you’ve written are an argument, splash. They purport to be a record of every important utterance from today’s class. I beg to differ, but I’m not right. I’m only opinionated. As you are.

      When I talked to you about Counterintuitivity, did you react? Did you resist?

      My perception of what’s important to your writing and thinking are subject matter in a writing class, just as much as the periodic table is subject matter in a chemistry class. Your current position is of a student attempting to determine what’s important here, to you, to me. Those categories may overlap, or they may be entirely contradictory.

      I encourage you to explore here whether there’s anything more than grammar rules to learn from this course, and whether I’m the instructor to teach it.

      Notes can be a place to begin that conversation, or they can be a chore.

      Grade: 1 point of a possible 3 points

      Roll up your sleeves. (Respond or I’ll think you don’t care. 🙂 )


  3. A robust sentience pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.

    • When you miss a class, visit the agenda and see if it answers your questions.
    • 3 professor conferences for every student every semester, use chart on the google doc. (Link under agenda)
    • No final, only graded on your portfolio(A collection of your work).
    • Course is built on rewriting. There will be endless opportunities; however, do not wait till the end of semester.
    • You’ll be graded on Argument, Rhetoric, Mechanics, and Scholarship (details on essay grading criteria).
    • Grades will be posted to blackboard.
    • A grade D and grade A version of an essay can contain the same content, however they must be clearer and the argument must have good quality.
    • First drafts are “literally scrap paper.”
    • Everything you write is an argument, “even a shopping list is an argument.”

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    1. Your Notes are more complete than many, flyerfan. I’ve rearranged them into bullet points so I could follow them better. They’re mostly mechanical notes, but at the end they begin to transition to something more substantive.

      Do you accept the claim that drafts are scrap? It’s in quotation marks, so not your claim. So is the claim that “a shopping list is an argument.” Does this ring true?

      1 point of a possible 3 points.
      Everything, including class Notes, can be revised for improvement and credit. Do you want to expound on your Notes for a grade upgrade?


  4. A robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.
    If its an empty bottle it cant be an empty bottle of scotch.
    Must make first conference before Oct19.
    Differences in grading, skillful writing vs unskillful
    Intuitive is just knowing what is right, no logic behind it. (common knowledge)
    Every written document can be an argument.


    1. If it’s not an empty bottle of scotch, what is it? 🙂 (One-point bonus if you can tell me.)

      These Notes are good enough to indicate you were in class and paying attention, yoshi. They may be all you care to record; that’s fine by me.

      On the other hand, you could be missing an opportunity to engage your professor in a conversation about the subject matter of today’s class that benefits you beyond what you usually expect. Did my reminiscences of adolescent grappling with notions of infinity and divinity resonate with your own? Do you understand how the earliest understanding that the world might not interpret reality exactly as you do opens a door to thinking counterintuitively?

      I’m not picking on you personally, yoshi. Just offering you an opportunity to make more of this class than you might have expected.

      1 point of a possible 3 points, ALWAYS improvable with a bit of effort. 🙂


  5. A robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.
    Class notes are the measure of participation.
    If a class is missed you can look in the agenda tab under the date.
    Mandatory conferences are scheduled individually about three times this semester. The conference is an overall look at your grade and/or advice on upcoming essays. There is a chart that will be used to set up conferences.
    Will be graded on the argument, use of sources, academic standards, grammar, and overall construction of the paper.
    Grades will be posted on Blackboard.
    You can improve your grade by adding new arguments.
    Lecture Notes:
    intuition: a sense of knowing, common knowledge
    counterintuitive thinking: looking deeper in what is believed to be true and making an argument against it


  6. Notes for Today’s Lecture – Wednesday 9/11/2017

    – a robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.
    – if you miss a class, do not ask professor what you missed, simply go under the Agendas dropdown and select the day that you missed.
    – three mandatory conferences, once before the halfway point, once before the end, and once during finals week
    – dates for conferences are on the Agenda for 9/11, listed under “Mandatory Professor Conferences”
    – schedule a conference under the “Mandatory Professor Conferences” as well
    – first app. should be before Oct. 19th
    – no final, only be graded on portfolio of writing (not all writings go in portfolio)
    – graded on… argument made, rhetoric, mechanics, and scholarship.
    – make sure in your writing you have reasonable claims and nicely transitioned to other points
    – grade levels can be found under the syllabus dropdown under “Grade Levels”
    – think of first drafts as scrap paper
    – you can post your drafts and ask for professors help before the due date (give professor time)
    – intuition is a reflex knowledge, something you don’t have to think about
    – Facebook has more gender’s to select from than the olympics which only has two, male and female
    – every and any written document is an argument, ex: shopping list


    1. This is a good start, collegegirl.
      Now: argue with those last three claims.
      Are they yours, or mine? Do you agree with them? If not (I love “if not”), why not?
      This is a thinking class. It’s made for arguing.
      Grade: 2 points of a possible 3 points.
      (Respond or I’ll think you don’t care.) 🙂


      1. No. I do not agree with the fact that Facebook has more gender’s to choose from while the Olympics only has 2. I just did a little bit of research on the web, and found that in 2014 a woman names Dutee Chand classified herself as female when signing up to the Olympics. She had gotten tested for her hormone levels and when the results came back, she tested higher than average for testosterone. These outcomes risked her chances to compete. My point is this, if there is a woman for example like the one above, who has high levels of something that may put them at risk of competing, the Olympics should have more gender categories to choose from. I’m sure if there was an “other” category after this woman had gotten tested, she probably would have chosen that so the organization wouldn’t have to question if she was a woman or not. In regards to the statement, “every and any written document is an argument” yes I agree with that. For example, everything I wrote above regarding the woman who got tested, you can argue, everyone can argue. Anything and everything can be argued because everyone has their own opinions on things.


        1. I love that you did research to engage in an argument over Notes, collegegirl! 🙂

          However, I believe the case you cite proves the problem with the Olympics, that it DOES only have TWO categories, and that as a result, some contestants try to game the system, while others are trapped without an appropriate category to compete in. Facebook offers participants identity choices other than Male and Female while the Olympics corrals everyone into just two enclosures. Isn’t that what your example emphasizes?

          Just for engaging, you’ve already earned your third point, now 3/3.


  7. A robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.
    If its empty it can’t be a bottle of scotch, nothing is in it.
    If you miss a class, go to the agendas tab, click the date for the class missed, and do whatever task was assigned.
    There is a chart to make your own appointments.
    Can edit previous posts for rewrites.
    Anything written down can be an argument.


  8. A robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.
    Why is there no such thing as an empty bottle of Scotch? -If the bottle is empty, it is not a bottle of Scotch.
    Mandatory conferences will take place 3 times throughout the semester. Link to sign up and dates on blog.
    Instead of a final, will be graded on the portfolio, a collection of the best writing samples.
    The course is built on rewriting. The best thing to do to improve your grade is to meet with professor and rewrite.
    Graded on argument, rhetoric, mechanics, and scholarship.
    Grade Levels: D Grade – no clear claims, C Grade – poorly connected unclear or contradictory claims, B Grade – unconnected but reasonable declarations, A Grade – reasonable claims, nicely transitioned to guide reader through a persuasive argument
    If you have a first draft done before the deadline, send in for feedback to improve quality of writing.
    It is never safe to rest on what we believe to be completely true.
    Truths are temporary.
    “Every written document is an argument.”


    1. Yeah. This shows promise.
      I’d like your take on the last few claims, rainbow.
      You can accept what you hear here at face value, or you can react.
      Grade: 2 points of a possible 3 points. Always improvable.


      1. I believe that it is quite dangerous to rest on what we believe to be completely true. If we do not challenge our beliefs, we will never grow and develop intellectually. Something that is considered to be true today could not be tomorrow, based on a variety of events that could occur. For example, if my mother states on Tuesday that she will be making pasta for dinner on Thursday, it would not be surprising if the plan changed over time. Therefore, what I believed to a complete truth on Tuesday was temporary and was no longer true by Thursday. In order to succeed in life, one must be adaptable and open to change on a regular basis. This idea relates to the phrase “Every written document is an argument.” The example used in class of the grocery list shows that decisions can be argued or countered.


  9. – A robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.
    – If class is missed go back to the agenda for the day missed and see what was missed, if I don’t understand something within the agenda ask specifically.
    – Mandatory conferences, one before October 19 and one before November 30 and one grade conference during finals week. Can also make own appointments if needed.
    – Graded on portfolio at end of semester, take writings from the semester and put into portfolio.
    – Some writing not able to be part of portfolio, such as Stone Money.
    – Course is built on rewriting and how to make the first draft better.
    – Do rewrites as soon as I can, so if needed to revise more I have time.
    – Graded on argument (logic and persuasiveness), rhetoric (language abilities), mechanics (grammer), and scholarship (research).
    – Make sure to state claim when writing and be clear on the topic.
    – Need to have good information for an argument but also know how to present it.
    – Always submit a draft even if it is not that good, as for help to clean it up and try to make it better.
    – Every written document is an argument
    – You can argue with yourself or someone else can argue with your document.


    1. A good start, thebeard. You can rest here or challenge the idea you have recorded that claims made in a document not intended to be disputacious are nonethdless arguable.
      Grade: 2 points of a possible 3 points.


  10. Portfolio Readiness approach: There will always be rewriting for your essay which could help improve or boost your grade. We will be graded in four categories: A (Argument), R (Rhetoric), M (Mechanic), S (Scholarship).
    The class saw how a D grade to an A grade looks like and we looked at examples on how we could improve our grammar and language.
    Intuitive- knowing the answer without thinking too hard.
    Counterintuitive- is arguing with what you think is right or wrong.
    Every written document is an argument.


    1. A good start, theintern.
      Your note about D and A grade writing doesn’t indicate what distinguishes the two; it merely points at subject matter without recording it, reflecting it.
      2 points of a possible 3 points.
      Want to go for 3? Tell me why I’m wrong to claim that every written document is an argument.


  11. A robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb
    Note taking will determine our participation and attendance
    Professor conferences mandatory, Once by October 19th, Another by November 30th, and Once grade conference by Finals week
    Essays will be graded by ARMS


  12. A robust sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb.
    Why is there no such thing as an empty bottle of scotch ?- if it’s empty it’s a bottle of nothing it can be a Scotch bottle but it does not contain it.
    Don’t Ask What Did I Miss? – Go to class agenda and see if it answers your question first
    Mandatory Professor Conferences – meet once before the half way point & once before the end
    One meeting is required before October 29th & November 30th grade conference required during finals week.
    Next we discussed counterintuitive thinking which has ethical meaning not just true & false meanings. Truths should be realized as temporary & we always have to test what we believe to me with current knowledge.Every written document is an argument !
    Portfolio Readiness- graded on arguments you make your citation techniques , how well you researched & how compliant your are with academic criteria
    Also we worked on a survey displaying what is our main goal & objectives for the class what do you want your final grade to be & why? Also what are ways that can help you become a better writer ?


  13. We went over grading rubric and expectations for our writing. First draft almost always are terrible, and should be improved on. We defined intuitive as to have a sense of something. Anything can almost be argued, even with our-self. Seeking certification for an argument is very vital as well, just to make sure they have the proper authority


    1. You’re the only participant to note certification, plethora. It’s an important component of credibility in publications. I’m awarding you 2 points of a possible 3 for innovative thinking. Want to go for 3? Tell me what you think could provide “certification” to an essay written by a college undergraduate without a lifetime’s experience?


  14. When you get a chance, Tiffany, log into the blog and copy-and-paste these Notes into a comment below your username. I’m not comfortable providing feedback without the anonymity of an alias. Thanks.


  15. A robus sentence pairs the actor of an action with the most active verb. Ribble; why is there no such thing as a empty bottle of scotch? Its empty, nothing is in it. Grammer mistask *Empty scotch bottle. Missed class; go to agenda, ask professor questions after reading the agenda. Professor confrence appointment 1st one before oct. 19 and the 2nd before nov. 30. Portfolio readness, graded on 4 critior. Graded levels chart of ABCD grade. Countertutive thinking is commin knowledge. Pronouns; facebook and Olympics. Everything written is a agreement even a shopping list. If the language is wrong the reader will not accept.


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