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Visual Rhetoric-Thenaturalist201

0:00-0:01 A boy who seems happy is shown probably around 6 years old based on size and dinosaur shirt. on the left of the screen, you see a bike handle and within that second you see him ripping something. The boy … Continue reading

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Definition Argument-Thenaturalist201

Definition Argument -Thenaturalist201 What does the word privilege mean? and when talking about privilege socially the world has been hammered to believe that skin color as a big impact on how people are treated. So when looking at society and going … Continue reading

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White Paper—TheNaturalist

Proposal For my research essay, I will be arguing that multiracial people of a lighter skin color, in fact, do not have “White Privilege” and that they are put down for their skin color by races that they are actually … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis-thenaturalist201

Being Biracial in America What does it mean to be biracial in today’s world How a biracial person in America is treated by each race Why do people focus on skin color as a component of a person’s ability to … Continue reading

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