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For my research essay, I will be arguing that multiracial people of a lighter skin color, in fact, do not have “White Privilege” and that they are put down for their skin color by races that they are actually part of. I will be using the example of Brazil as their skin color is completely different and their beliefs are different from what a race is considered. For years these people struggle with identifying with others because they are a different “race” (color). This is a major social problem around the world and really shouldn’t be considering how far we as people have had to come to believe that people are “equal”, but because of this stigma of color people are unable to really be equal.

I am here to prove that color is not the definition of race and that in this day and age people can’t judge a person based on their skin color, not just race. This goes for all races, not just African American, Spanish, “white” this includes everyone.


  1. http://affinitymagazine.us/2017/07/10/being-biracialmulticultural-an-identity-crisis/

The content of the article: In this article, the author discusses their own personal struggle of being multiracial with her social life as well as how she is treated by her own family.

Proves: that multiracial people have problems just as much as a one race person

  1. https://www.tolerance.org/professional-development/on-racism-and-white-privilege

Content of the article: Explains the idea of white privilege and that anyone of white color has these privileges

Proves: not all multiracial have these privileges and even if they have a lighter skin color they don’t always have these privileges

  1. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/brazils-colour-bind/article25779474/

Content of the article: interviews with Brazil’s residents as well as the history of the background of their “races”

Proves: the definition of race versus skin color is a problem. It proves that everyone has this idea that the shade of your skin has a level of privilege.


The content of the article: research on the challenges of multiracial people. a study conducted to show the treatment of multiracial people in urban areas.

Proves: that a high percentage has been discriminated against because they are multiracial and that they are not receiving the best of both worlds. this can also prove that they receive the same amount of challenges that monoracial people endure

5. http://societyforpsychotherapy.org/understanding-the-stressors-and-types-of-discrimination-that-can-affect-multiracial-individuals-things-to-address-and-avoid-in-psychotherapy-practice/

Content of the article: discusses the wellbeing of multiracial people and how they should b treated when receiving therapy




One thought on “White Paper—TheNaturalist”

  1. I heard a story on NPR’s BBC overnight broadcast this morning from a 23-year-old poet who uses the term “colorism” to describe the prejudice within the black community that privileges light-skinned blacks to the detriment of darker-skinned members. According to her anecdote, which was light on fact and probably not academically very useful (except in providing that term), Beyonce’s dad married her mother because he “thought she was white.” I heard resonances of our conversation throughout the brief radio piece and will provide a link to it if I find it in a BBC podcast.

    Interested? Already knew this? The term is not unique?


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