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Rebuttal Argument – Thenaturlist201

When examining the life a multiracial people we may see that they are only discriminated against based on their skin color and only by the lighter colored race, but this is wrong. Multiracial people are discriminated against by everyone and … Continue reading

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Research- paTricKStar123

A silent cry for help! Undergraduates are dying.   College is a place we come to enhance our education, to learn more about ourselves, and to choose our career paths. While most students live on-campus housing to gain the experience … Continue reading

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I propose that black culture is becoming too mainstream resulting African Americans in losing their culture. Fashion trends from black culture and hip-hop culture has become a common influence in what all celebrities wear today. Black culture started out first … Continue reading

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Definition Argument-AmongOthers13

Students all over the world are struggling to learn and grow due to the alarming deficit of student success in schools. The impact of the property tax unequal funding of schools is causing an achievement gap. An achievement gap refers … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Rewrite- AmongOthers13

Although counterintuitive, with property tax funding for public schools emerges a large problem; people want schools to have inequality. It all comes down to this- rich homeowners want to pay for their schools in their neighborhoods, merely because it makes … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography – summergirl1999

Annotated Bibliography   Student Loan Debt Crisis. (2006). Retrieved February 17, 2018, from Background: This article discusses the depth of student loan debt in the United States. This article explains why student loans got put into place originally, and … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument- Myrtle View

As said previously, black people lose their ‘blackness’ when black fashion is worn by someone more socially acceptable. Contrary to this belief, black people cannot lose their blackness because there are many other factors that make them black. In addition, … Continue reading

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