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  1. Missing Dollar Paradox: The Ladies paid $9 each. 9 times 3 = 27, but that calculation already includes the $2 that the waiter took for himself. So $25 went to the restaurant + $2 to the waiter + $3 that went back to the ladies = $30. So the ladies paid $27, then they got their $3 back. The restaurant took $25, then the waiter left with $2 = $27 + $3 the ladies got back = $30. There is no missing dollar.

    Review Fails for Grammar

    White Paper due Sunday
    Content Description- identify what you collected (Proposal +5)
    -hypothesis 1
    -hypothesis 2
    Topics for smaller papers:
    -definition argument – describe how you think definition article will work.
    -Cause/effect argument- simple paragraph comparing two things in your argument
    -Rebuttal argument- What are you going to do
    State of research paper:
    what you think each essay will do, short overview of how you’re feeling (paragraph)


  2. -Better grammar will help your writing flow fluently
    -There are many rules in grammar
    -It is never okay to put punctuation outside of quotes
    – Affect is a verb, effect is a noun
    -You’re is a contraction
    -Do not say you and you’re in your essay, get it out of there
    -There is always help for grammar
    -White paper is where you can present your sources to the world


  3. – fails for grammer (FFG) – papers will fail temporality if rule is not applied when writing papers
    – I would like to focus on / have more feedback on the rule number 9. Affect/Effect and also rule number 12. The Banned 2nd Person
    – I always get confused when using affect and effect
    – when writing, I always find myself wanting to say you did this and you did that, I also ask a lot of questions in my writing that involve the word “you”
    – White paper – place to gather sources and share them to world.
    – research needs to be a controversial topics
    – spell out the word whether singular or plural, add a s, and then when it looks stupid haha, erase the s.
    – leave the s there if you say it. “David Miles’s book bag.”
    – if you say it, you should write it for proper names


  4. Comp 2 November 1st

    Feedback is in for all but one paper
    White paper deadline is Sunday, November 5th
    14 rules of grammar
    These are only the essential forms of grammar, and should be pretty simple
    Rule 1
    There- There is just for the rest of the time you don’t can’t use the contraction or ownership
    Their- Ownership
    They’re- They are
    Rule 2
    It’s- It is
    Its- everything else
    Rule 3
    The reason is because- Should not be used
    Rule 4
    Pronouns and gender
    Use he and she or genderless pronouns because it is not right to assume gender
    Rule 5
    Pronouns and numbers
    Count and noncount nouns
    If you cannot count them, use the number
    Rule 6
    Two- The number
    Too- in adition
    To- to go
    Rule 7
    Periods and commas inside of the quotes
    Rule 8
    Then- Used for time and consequence
    Than- to compare
    Rule 9
    Affect is the verb
    Effect is the noun
    Rule 10
    Your and You’re
    You’re is the contraction you are
    Your is everything else
    Rule 11
    Single and double quotes
    Use single quotes when quoting inside of a quote
    Rule 12
    Banning second person
    DO not use you
    Rule 13
    Plurals and posessives
    Possessives get an apostrophe to show ownership, plurals do not
    Rule 14
    Subject/verb agreement
    Make sure your subjects and verbs are the same tense

    Rule 13
    Write it out, singular or plural, and add the apostrophe s
    IF it’s plural, and ends in an s, put the apostrophe on the outside
    Put the ’s if you say it
    Ex. Miles’s backpack

    Rule 14
    Hunger and disease in developing countries harm everyone
    Singular: Everybody, everyone, everything

    If it has body, one, or thing in it, it is singular

    Rule 12
    DO not use second person
    It has no place in academic writing


  5. Gm morning of 11/1/2017 discussed “the missing money paradox” and we also talked about the 14 grammar rules that are essential to passing the course. Also our A08-white paper assignment as we move forward into our 3,000 word research paper . A couple of hypothesis and what you think your definition argument will do and your rebuttal argument will do. Copy & paste your propsal +5 essay to use for your white paper as it is very essential this is Due on Sunday at Midnight Nov 5 . Singular- everybody , everyone , everything only plural is -ALL . The missing dollar paradox I believe the $27 is included inside of the tip,each guest have $3 then added to the $27 with the revised cost equals up to $30?


  6. -There are bare minimum rules for grammar that must be accomplished in order to pass the class.
    -Solve the paradox by the end of class.
    -There are 14 minimum grammar rules.
    -Use “fewer” when the item can be counted. Use “less” when it cannot be counted.
    -Affect/effect rule is often confusing.
    -A white paper is useful to gather research and notes.
    -It will be loosely organized.
    -The 3000 word essay consists of definition, cause/effect, and rebuttal.
    -Apostrophes are often used when words are possessive.
    -Single possessive ex. kid’s room
    -Plural possessive ex. kids’ room
    -“Each” is singular.
    -“Everyone” is singular.
    -“Everybody” is singular.
    -“All” is plural.
    -Whenever tempted to use “you,” identify the main noun that the you is describing and use that instead.
    -Instead of using “his or her,” mixup using one or the other.


  7. Solve the paradox before the end of class.
    The White Paper assignment is due Sunday at Midnight.
    Essential grammar is expected.
    There are 14 rules under ‘Fails for Grammar’ that can help with grammar and teach you how to use it correctly.
    These 14 rules show you the proper way to use words, punctuation, quotes, and how to properly say what it is you want to say, not what you mean.
    Grammar will be graded, it will be categorized under FFG (failed for grammar). When this happens you will not be able to receive your grades until it is fixed.

    The White Paper is a place to gather your sources and organize everything for the research paper.
    It states what stage your research is in; where your research is.
    Loosely organized, however you choose to do it.
    Sources and proposal become the opening content of your white paper. (From Proposal +5)
    Working Hypothesis: can have two (fall back position) they don’t have to contrast each other, this is also your thesis, it states the argument you are making and stepping yourself up to argue it
    Rebuttal Argument: directed to the person that doesn’t agree with you, the person you are trying to convince in your argument
    The entire focus of the essay will be on one of those argument types. (Rebuttal/Cause and Effect).
    Definition/Classification: getting the reader to understand an misunderstood argument, in the way that you favor (arguing).
    Cause and Effect: stating the cause and the effect of the solution of your argument, or how it’s harming/inconveniencing people.
    State the current state of the research paper; how you feel about it, what you think each argument will do for this paper.
    Again, White Paper Assignment will be due on Sunday night (11/5) at midnight.

    Plurals and Possessives (Rule 13): “of the” =possession
    ~examples: I’m in my kid’s room. (single child’s bedroom)
    I’m in my kids’ room. ( the room of your children)
    I’m in the people’s chambers. (whether it’s singular or plural add the ‘s)
    Don’t worry about anything unless it looks really stupid.
    Several peoples’ reactions were recorded. (not peoples’s…that looks stupid)
    David Hodges’s book bag. (it correctly ends in an s, so the ‘s is correct as well)
    Try saying it out loud, it could help.

    Subject/Verb Agreement (Rule 14): the number of subject should agree with the number of verbs
    ~examples: Hunger…harms everyone. (hunger is singular, harms is plural-incorrect)
    If it has ‘body’, ‘one’, or ‘thing’ in it, its considered singular. The only one that is plural is ‘all’.
    Pronouns are singular, even the word ‘none’.

    The Banned 2nd Person (Rule 12): The only time you can use that is if you are in the position to do so (like a preacher, a teacher, or anyone else that you openly follow instructions from. As a writer you can tell the reader how to think or what they should do. With that said, don’t use it at all. Using ‘you’ might be offensive in the sense that it might not fit the description of the reader.
    ~example: You might be at a higher risk of a car accident if you’re a teenager. (the reader might not be a teenager, already lost them)
    Find another way to write without the use of ‘you’.

    Where did that missing dollar go ?!?!
    There is no missing dollar, it’s wording of the problem that makes it seem that way.


  8. Rule 1: There/Their/they’re
    Rule 2: its/it’s
    Rule 3: The reason is because
    Rule 4A: Pronouns and Gender
    Rule 4B: Pronouns and Number
    Rule 5: Count and Noncount Nouns
    Rule 6: to/two/too
    Rule 7: Periods and Commas Inside the Quotes
    Rule 8: Then/Than
    Rule 9: Affect/Effect
    Rule 10: Your/You’re
    Rule 11: Single Quotes/Double Quotes
    Rule 12: The Banned 2nd Person
    Rule 13: Plurals and Possessives
    Rule 14: Subject/Verb Agreement

    White Paper
    -Use proposal and sources for opening content
    – Working Hypothesis 1 and 2
    -Topics for Smaller Papers
    -Current State of the Research Paper


  9. In the Fails for Grammar Review I have trouble with rule 5 and rule 9.
    The White Paper is due Nov. 5th. Have a table of contents to help move along. Cut and paste the proposal +5 source material.


  10. We went over proper uses of grammers. The white paper assignment is due Nov 5th. We need to create essentially steps for our essay.


  11. – We are learning about the simple grammar and rules that everyone always messes up aka Fails for Grammar
    – Next essay will be on white paper and write another 1000 word essay to then later become a 3000 word essay that will count towards a big grade at the end of the year


  12. White paper
    place to gather sources. identifying collection with bullet points.
    -put proposal +5 into white paper copy and paste
    -start shaping ideas
    1. working hypothesis
    1a. working hypothesis
    2. Topics for smaller papers
    can stand on their own but build on your hypothesis. argue with people who feel differently.
    Definition: ex: I might need to explain the analogy between A and B. Demonstrating similarity to audience the argument.
    Cause&effect: When A happens this happens. When B happens this happens. We need A for this to happen.
    Rebuttal: ex: attack against opposing position.
    3. Current state
    brief paragraph on how you’re feeling about the progress you’re made, how opinions have changed and what you think the eventual outcome will be.
    1. there/their/they’re
    they’re: they are
    their: possessive
    there: used rest of the time
    2. its/it’s
    3. reason is because
    reason means because of
    because means reason for
    using both together is contradiction
    4. Pronouns and gender
    socially insensitive, she then he, use she and he off and on
    Pronouns and number
    ex: officer can’t be a they since it is one person and they is plural
    5. Count and noncount nouns
    use of few and less depends on if noun an be counted
    6. to/too/two
    7. periods/commas inside quotes
    always inside quotes
    8. then/than
    than: comparison only
    9. affect/effect
    affect: verb
    10. your/you’re
    your: possessive for you
    you’re: you are
    11. single/double quotes
    12. banned second person
    no “you” “yours” “yourself” in paper, look up in word processor and get rid of and replace.
    13. Plurals/ possessives
    ex: correct- America is the world’s most obese nation.
    possessive: owned of characteristics of that thing ex: most obese nation of the world
    ex: I’m in my kid’s room. singular child
    I’m in my kids’ room. multiple children
    ex: I’m in the people’s chambers
    Spell it our singular or plural and add ‘s. if it looks stupid take away last s. ex: kids’s room. looks stupid so kids’ room.
    ex: David Miles’s bookbag. Names: if you say it, write it.
    14. subject/verb agreement
    subjects agree in numbers with their verbs.
    ex: hunger and disease = harm
    hunger or disease= harms
    singular: everybody, everyone, everything. anybody, anyone, anything, somebody, someone, something, nobody, no one, nothing. Body, one, and thing. HAS
    plural: all. HAVE


  13. Today in class we discussed, (11/01)
    Steps we’ll be taking towards the big assignment, in which we started with the Definition Argument assignment.
    We’ll have the White Paper due Sunday, to help us work toward our final assignment as well.
    We went over a paradox and had to solve before the end of class.
    Lastly, Professor went over Fails in Grammar we may struggle with.


  14. Notes 11/1/17
    -Housekeeping, Missing Dollar Paradox, Fails for Grammar (FFG) 14 rules of absolutely essential grammar and punctuation. Professor listed each rule with brief explanation and took a vote on which rules the class needed review.
    -White paper is where we collect and gather notes and thoughts for research. A08: White paper will consists of three sections working hypothesis 1, working hypothesis 2 and topics for smaller paper.
    -End of class post response about the missing dollar paradox


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