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Rebuttal- Ugandanknuckles

The biggest argument against my theory that self-help mantras aren’t effective methods of improving your self-image or boosting your self-esteem is that there are people that it does help. The thing is, the amount of people it helps is far … Continue reading

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Safer Saws- Ugandanknuckles

6A. An unnamed writer for the Schmidt Law Firm wrote, “Table saws cause more than 40,000 injuries every year. Approximately 10% of those injuries, or 4,000, result in amputations every year. Fingers, hands, and arms are the most common parts … Continue reading

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Casual Argument- Ugandanknuckles

  SHMHBS If I told you that whenever you were sad or felt bad about yourself, you could just sit down and chant some magic words to be happy, would you believe me? There are people who actually think you … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- UgandanKnuckles

0:00-00:8 The scene opens with two people (coworkers possibly?) having smiling and having a conversation. Our point of view is through a window into a small business room. It’s decorated very modernly, and the only source of light that we … Continue reading

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Definition Argument- Ugandanknuckles

What is a mantra, and how does it apply to self-help? To fully understand why self-help mantras are counterintuitive, one first needs to know the origins of the word, and how it is used. Repeated mantras for personal use became … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- Ugandan Knuckles

Section 2 “Caleb had been home since 2006” has he just been living in the same house since 2006 where is home? has he gone to a hospital? “Way more than enough time for Brannan to catch his symptoms” what … Continue reading

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Stone Money- Ugandan Knuckles

When I first started the reading and listening processes of this writing piece, I had always known that money was a man-made thing that didn’t really mean much. What I didn’t realize was that so much of how much money … Continue reading

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