Enough About You- Ugandanknuckles

(This is based on an older form of my definition argument paper that has since been rewritten for the most part)

In the modern era, mantras are popular because of how easy they are, and how promising the results are. Giovanni Dienstmann, a meditation teacher and coach, helps us to better understand the thought process behind repeating a word or phrase. Dienstmann claims, “Sound is vibration. And all the cells in our bodies are vibrating. Everything in the universe is vibrating, and each has its own rhythm. Our thoughts and feelings are, indeed, vibrations in your body and your consciousness.” Further examination of Dienstmann’s claims shows that he believes everything is vibrating in its own way, and that by positioning ourselves in a certain way, or by saying certain words in a certain pattern, we can change how our whole body resonates and vibrates with the universe around us. Dienstmann goes on further to claim that it also effects our hormones, thinking, behavior, and our psychological well-being. Anyone reading that will realize that it’s easy and effective (based on what he says) and be on board right away.

One thought on “Enough About You- Ugandanknuckles”

  1. I didn’t expect you to use your own paragraph for this exercise, UK, but it’s fine that you did. Obviously you would never revise a direct quotation. (Somebody else’s use of the 2nd person is not your responsibility.) In the spirit of the exercise, you appear to have revised most but not all of Diestmann’s quotation. You left this remnant of 2nd-person language behind:
    “vibrations in your body and your consciousness.”


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