Agenda MON MAR 26


  • Revision—Rhetoric
    • Use Reply on one of your posts to identify a paragraph we will use WED MAR 28 for Rhetoric workshop.
    • Due in class today MON MAR 26
  • Exercise E08: But Enough About You
    • Due in class today MON MAR 26

9 thoughts on “Agenda MON MAR 26”

  1. It is time for us to revise our White Paper again, this time calling it White Paper 3. We should have 15 sources in this revision. We should also be sure to remove any sources that are no longer useful to our argument and find new ones. At this point we should also revise our visual rhetoric assignment, drawing actual conclusions this time rather than simply noting details of the visual rhetoric video. We should choose a paragraph from our own arguments for the rhetoric workshop. We should reply to the post we decide to choose asking if we can use the part of it we decide to use.

    Rhetoric is the way we deliver facts; our timing, the way we pose our argument, our word choices, and more. Before we can use the perfect technique in our work, we must cut out unclear language. Our language should describe, as clearly as possible, our complex idea. Clarity and precision are our first goal in rhetoric. The more times we use “in my opinion”, the more questionable our credibility seems. The only source of our credibility is the clarity of our language. Word choice demonstrates our authority. Once the language is clear, we should ensure that there is a premise in each paragraph. We need to find ways to constantly remind the reader of the premise throughout the paper. All of the sentences should be able to connect to the overall argument. We must avoid empty language in our arguments. We are responsible for triggering emotional responses to our words.


  2. At its most basic, rhetoric is speaking clearly. You need to know what a rhetoric is in order to know what an argument is, and vice versa (you need to know what fingers are in order to describe a fist).
    Be coherent with language Make sure your word choice makes logical sense.
    Let your reader know what the conclusion is and don’t keep it a surprise. They need to know that the entire essay is about.


  3. In today’s class, we discussed the revision of visual analysis. Professor went over the “From which we can conclude WHAT?” section and said that in the first drafts we do not actually analyze the video, which I did myself. We need to make conclusions about the video while naming all the visuals. We also discussed the revision of the Rhetoric assignment. We need to choose vocabulary that will not deter the reader. For example, we would not use the word “racist” if we feel that will deter the reader from continuing. We need to have clear but complex ideas, and cannot confuse the reader.


  4. The white paper needs to be revised again. All three arguments should be revised based on the feedback given. Arguments and rhetoric are inseperable. An argument will be good if the rhetoric is clear and to the point. You cant have a good argument without good rhetoric. Errors and lack of clear rhetoric make the argument less credible.


  5. rough draft 3 of the white paper should be done soon. rhetoric use is very important and the way it is used, the way it is used is very important because it can make or break the academic paper. vocab is also very important, someone can use 1 word to make up for 3. don’t keep much or anything a surprise in the paper.


  6. Class opened today with a look at the ways to cite. We instead place the word “Reference” in the middle of the page at the bottom and then put our citations in below. Then, we took a look at the agenda from last week. Most of the work for the rest of the semester is just revising and rewriting our 3 short essays and putting them together for our big, final portfolio essay. Prof. asked us to identify a paragraph from one of our essays in the reply field for this Wednesday to use for class that day.
    We then went over the Revision-Rhetoric tab. Clear and precise is important. Goal number one for precision: Clarity and precision. The more we say “In my opinion,” the more we undercut our views. People will doubt our opinion more. Goal number two is to have a premise that we reinforce frequently. So long as we do it often and appropriately, it will effectively strengthen our work. Goal three is to strengthen our writing with more complex ideas and language. Have suspense, give people an idea of what to expect. Point out the top of the mountain to the people you’re giving the tour to before you start on your journey.
    Class ended with an explanation of the exercise for homework today.

    Class was not super interesting today, but I feel like it clarified a lot of how to make our writing better in our revisions.


  7. We started class by looking at the correct way to cite our essays and paper. Instead of using “Work Cited” we similarly use “References” and add our sources underneath. We looked into our upcoming agenda and for the nest few weeks it is mostly revising what we already had wrote and getting it all together for the final portfolio essay. After we went to the Revision-Rhetoric tab, cleat and precise is key. Using the phrase “In my opinion” is going to turn our readers away and make them question our side of the argument. Second is to reinforce our message, backup the main argument of the topic and don’t say it once and forget about it. To end class we discussed upcoming homework assignment.


  8. Class began by finding ways to cite our essays as well as our papers. We use “References” instead of “Works Cited”, and we place it in the middle of the page, not all the way to the left or right. We then went over our agenda from last week’s snow day to clarify the assignments due soon, such as our White Paper third draft. We then moved onto the Revision-Rhetoric assignment and Professor made it clear that we should be clear and precise. We are to void the usage of “in my opinion,” because that leads the reader to think that we are unsure of what we are saying, and that we merely think it is right. We also need to sell our ideas to the reader, and make sure to reiterate our point of view.


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