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Safer Saws-Nreina34

Manufacturers Finger-saving SawStop has been around for a decade, but tool companies aren’t interested 1a.)  In an article written by Jeff Blagdon it states,  But despite SawStop effectiveness, the big tool companies still haven’t added it to their products. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Casual Argument-Nreina34

Social Media Is Exposing More Of the Police To the Public. In today’s society, everyone believes what they read on social media.  It is the new “news” source that seems intoxicating and is convincing mostly the younger generation.  Like everything … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims – Nreina34

21 “Charlene has long, graying dark hair parted down the middle and super-serious eyes, which she has to lower to compose herself for a minute when I ask her, alone, if she saved Steve’s life.” “Graying dark hair” can mean … Continue reading

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White Paper 2nd Draft- Nreina34

For my research essay, I will examine how the media portrays law enforcement and how it’s affecting these departments around the country.   Throughout the country police officers feel as if they are perceived to be the criminal and that … Continue reading

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Summaries- Nreina34

McDonald’s incident: Enough with the hatred of cops It seems counterintuitive that the ones who dislike and slander the police are the ones who call them the second they are in trouble.  Police officers around the country are being discriminated … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis—Nreina34

D1 athletes should be paid

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