Agenda WED MAR 28


The Rhetoric Unit

  • Rhetoric Workshop
    • Includes In-Class Rhetoric Exercise
    • Located in Lectures/Revision/Revision—Rhetoric
  • Sources Workshop
    • Responsive to Student X’s trouble finding academic sources
    • Located in Course Documents/Research Tips/Sources Workshop

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  1. – Celeste Ann Del Russo
    – the “crisis actor” when people cannot question the logic they personally attack you.
    – Emma Gonzalez “March for Our Lives” videos.
    – help to find sources.


  2. Celeste Ann Del Russo was in class today.
    The #neveragain faced rhetoric that could have negative effects on the movements simply by asking leading questions with no hard evidence.
    Use Google Scholar and word phrases to find more academic sources for the white paper. Finally search these books on Profs Search.


  3. Celeste Ann Del Russo came to visit during class today. We are almost finished with our first draft of our portfolios. From now on, we will primarily be doing revisions. Rhetoric has a dark and light side; the dark side appeals to people’s emotions and has little grounding in fact, whereas the light side appeals to people’s logic and is well researched. We analyzed Emma Gonzalez’s speech for rhetoric technique. Her technique of repeating the word “never” drove home the concept that her fellow students truly would never do those things again. We also considered the power of the silence in her speech in making the audience confused and uncomfortable, but then awed. Prof. went on to show us how to find scholarly sources by looking for the right key words. Simply looking for “kneeling during the anthem” will yield few results. We should instead connect it to more scholarly searches by finding past arguments that have been analyzed in a similar manner as that which we are searching for. “Flag burning” is a similar issue to the protests of kneeling during the anthem, but has been analyzed much further and will aid the argument. We then began our rhetoric workshop that was mentioned last class. Prof. reminded us of good refutations for our arguments using the example of grass fields in the NFL being safer than turf. He refutes the idea that turf is safer by explaining that although turf is safer for high school fields, it is not so in the NFL because the NFL can afford to maintain the field to a high standard whereas high schools cannot afford that same standard.


  4. Today in class we had a guest, Celeste Ann Del Russo.
    If you are having trouble finding sources, look for signal phrases in the sources you have now. Search for those signal phrases on Google Scholar.
    Your target audience is not those who are on your side of the argument, and it’s not those who are so far on the other side that they won’t change their minds. Your target audience is those who are in the middle and can be persuaded in your direction. The only way to get them to do that is to take the points from the other side and disprove them.


  5. Rhetoric can be persuasive to the reader if it is clear and used explain the argument and where its going. Repitition can be a powerful rhetoric tool to emphasize how serious the argument is. Searching for sources requires a lot of reading and is not usually quick and easy. Facts from sources can be linked to the argument without the source being the same as the argument. A refutation argument is necessary to eliminate the “what ifs” readers will have. It is difficult to convince readers that don’t agree, but there will be a small number that is swayed if powerful rhetoric and refutation argument is used.


  6. Today we had a guest, Celeste Ann Del Russo. We then started discussing rhetoric and the Parkland speeches. We started watching Emma Gonzalez’s March for Our Lives speech. This speech is extremely powerful. Picking out different parts of the speech, we discussed the rhetoric she used. After, Professor started talking to the class about finding sources. *Google scholar is a very good tool for finding sources* We then went back to discussing rhetoric. Professor went through multiple student’s paragraph and how he revised them using rhetorical strategies.
    In-Class Exercise #2
    Author’s position- Adderall is addictive and should not be prescribed as often as it is an artificial way of going through life.
    Refutation argument- The pill does work!
    Rhetorical strategy- State the symptoms that arise when Adderall is introduced and then seized.
    Explanation- The author does claim that the pill works (in a way), but what happens when the person exposed to it gets it removed from their system. Addiction can occur in young children which is not safe or preferable.


  7. Celeste Ann Del Russo. Most of what were doing revising our work and to create our to get closer while learning.after we watched a video about gun hoking that happened in Paekland, Florida. the speaker uses strong presentation tools such as silence pauses and repetition, . we went over rules for rhetoric writing assignment; ;how you can convince them about the common argument is showing them argument against yours in the rebuttal. the rhetorical has to be in great in context to be convince your reader. next we went over the how to change your work and word it differently to let you ideas flow..

    .. . all of the materia,


  8. One of Professors good friend from the writing department, Celeste Ann Del Russo, was in class today. Class started with discussing Tampa Bay Times, “Crisis Actor” and the estate tax change to the death tax and the negative affect the change made to people. After discussing the actor we watched a powerful video about the school shooting, and how her friends where lost while “no-one” knew what was going on. The speaker used a very powerful way to deliver the message she was trying to get across and I feel she did a very good job delivering her speech with power and meaningfulness. After watching the speech we looked at better ways to find good academic sources, I found this positive because it showed betters ways to find the last few sources I need to find. After looking at way to get better sources, we looked into the Rhetoric Workshop and how we can enhance and benefit from revising our Rhetorics pieces by following the examples. To end class we started working on the homework exercise by defining the different Rhetoric parts of an article.


  9. – Celeste Ann Del Russo from the writing department came into our class this morning.
    – A youtube video about David Hogg was the topic of our discussion regarding rhetoric examples.
    – We watched a video from a parkland shooting survivor and how she uses her rhetorical arguments in her speech, like repetition.
    – We were shown how quickly rebuttal arguments can come into play with the girls cuban patch on her arm and how it is a communist country, which is obviously not saying that she supports communism.
    – Next, Professor Hodges enlightened the class on how to search for books in the Campbell Library which can help with our research. By using our resources affectively it will guide us in the direction of copious amounts of information for our papers.


  10. We started off class today by introducing a guest Celeste Ann Del Russo. Next, we took a look at the never again movement sources that have to do with the Parkland shooting. We took a look at the video of Emma Gonzalez which gave perfect examples of refutation and rhetoric. The video was very moving. Next, we took a look at the problem that all of us students have come across. The problem is that we all cannot find enough sources for our topic. Professor showed us that we can use google scholar to research our sources and search up key words to find our sources which lead to other useful sources. Next, we took a look at examples of students paragraphs of some of their essays. Professor called this the Rhetoric Workshop. This was very helpful because one of the examples was my own writing and it helped me brainstorm some more ideas to my writing.


  11. Professor’s friend, Celeste Ann Del Russo, visited our class today. Professor went over our first drafts of our portfolio and discussed that we already have most of it done due to our hard work.
    -As soon as true believers come up against something they cannot argue, they instead attack the other person.
    -David Hogg was called a “crisis actor”, his YouTube posted a video calling him an actor. He was on a beach in California doing an interview with a surfer, and then identified him as one of Florida’s student. Questions were raised if he was even a student. Lead to no identifiable explanations.
    -Emma Gonzalez speech about her friends that died due to the shooting at Stoneman Douglas. She uses repetition to reiterate the fact that her friends will NEVER be able to do anything ever again. She then remains silent for another 4 minutes and 20 seconds, the total amount of time of her speech being 6 minutes and 20 seconds, the amount of time Nikolas Cruz was in the building shooting.

    >>>Sources Workshop
    -Professor gave tips on how to find more sources for our White Paper
    -Find academic terminology
    -reflex reactions
    -Examine the sources
    >signal phrases into Google Scholar, Prof Search

    >>>Rhetoric Workshop


  12. In today’s class, we had a guest from the writing department Celeste Ann Del Russo. We discussed David Hogg and how he could be a “crisis actor” for the Parkland school shooting. Professor said this is the “dark side of rhetoric”. We looked how the Emma Gonzalez speech was rhetoric. She repeats “never”, making you imagine what each person would never be able after the shooting. We looked over the “I Can’t Find any Sources”, and discussed how analogies need to be used if your sources do not lead to something. Professor said finding sources is like checkers; moving along to get rid of bad sources and to get farther in research. We looked over 5 examples of rhetoric and refutable paragraphs and how to revise each paragraph.


  13. Class today was observed by Celeste Ann Del Russo. “Crisis Actor” David Hogg says that “If they can’t beat your arguments, they’ll attack you personally.” Media latched onto anything they could to try and paint Hogg in a bad light. Emma Gonzalez was at the podium for 6 minutes and 20 seconds, the amount of time that the shooter was shooting.
    One of the in-class exercises used a students’ topics. It was on the Westboro Baptist church and their bigoted stupid bullshit, and how they take all their negative posters to soldiers’ funerals. The next student’s topic was on the kneeling during the national anthem (from about a year ago). Using different phrases from commonly used in your sources can help you find new sources (flag burning and kneeling both “disrespecting” the flag). Looking up buzzwords or events from articles on the Rowan databases can help you find more info.
    Last part of class was the rhetoric workshop.
    At the very end, we worked on a class exercise on the rhetoric workshop. It is due Monday before class.
    Class was interesting, and I especially liked watching Emma Gonzalez’s speech at the beginning of class.

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