Visual Rhetoric rewrite- branxmad

0:00-0:01- The Ad starts off showing a family SUV parked in the driveway of a suburban home and all the doors on the car close simultaneously.

0:02-0:04- The scene switches to the inside of the car. There are two young boys, possibly brothers, sitting next to each other in the second row of the family’s truck and fighting over a bag of chips. The visual goes into slow motion then switches over to an older girl in the third row of the car, who is assumed to be the older sister, listening to music through her headphones while banging on the seats with her two drumsticks and blowing a bubble with the gum in her mouth. She appears to be in her own world, not paying attention to the  fight her brothers are in just one row ahead of her.

0:05- Now, the father, who is also the driver, is being focused on. He appears to have an impatient look on his face as his children are in the background making a lot of noise and playing around.

0:06- 0:09- With the film still in slow motion, the scene first goes back to the daughter in the third row looking out the window with a fully blown bubble of gum coming out of her mouth. Next shows the two brothers again in the middle row still yelling at each other over the single back of chips. Then, to the mother in the passenger seat as she opens her mouth to scold her children. At these three seconds, you can hear the sounds in the background quickly growing more intense, indicating that this scene is leading up to the climax of the advertisement.

0:10-0:13-  The rearview mirror is now in focus and the father’s eye looking into the back seat. Here, the daughter is shown yet again. The big wad of gum that she blew into a perfect sized bubble bursts back onto her lips causing a dramatic popping sound. The big bag of chips that the brothers were fighting over rips apart and the contents of the bag go flying all around the car.

0:14-0:16- Back up to the driver’s seat, the father looks into the camera, gripping the steering wheel and takes a long, deep breath. He is patiently waiting for the kids to settle down.

0:17- The two boys in the middle row are now in each other’s faces over the ruined bag and the sister is suddenly taken out of her daydream with a surprised look on her face. They all freeze and together, quickly their attention goes to the front of the car. The two boys, with guilty faces.

0:18- In the passenger seat, the mother is turned around looking back with wide eyes and tight lips, she mouths the word “Now!”

0:19-0:22- Frightened, all three of the kids quickly stop what they’re doing and turn to grab their seat belts and fasten themselves in.

0:23- With the scene now back in regular motion, the focus goes back to the father who looks and smiles at his wife, a look of relief.

0:24-0:26- Now the camera is zoomed out and focusing on both parents, with a view of the kids in the back. The mother brushes a chip from the bursted bag off her shoulder and turns back to face front. The father’s smile turns into a sign of relief as he adjusts his hands onto the steering wheel. All the children in the back are now finally behaving, buckled in and ready for the ride.

0:27- The SUV is now pulling out of the driveway in which it was parked.

0:28-0:30- The family SUV is now driving off down the street as the words appear on the screen and a man’s voice reads, “Don’t give up until they buckle up”

Visual Rewrite

o.o1– The first image is a middle-aged African American women possibly in her own home sitting on the couch in the living room with a laptop on her lap. The woman is wearing casual clothing, a blouse and jeans. On the right side of the image sitting next to the lady is a medium sized black and white dog. Behind the lady sitting on the couch is a view of the modern day kitchen and back door. The house looks as if it has plenty of sunlight shining through indicating that the windows or curtains maybe open. The lady’s face is calm, her eyes are focusing on the laptop. The dog is standing tall interested in whats on the laptop also. The women is the main focus of the ad, not anything else.

0.02– The next image is now focused directly on the laptop screen, giving us (the audience) the view they lady and dog have on the laptop screen as the laptop sits on her lap. The laptop screen has a letter opened to view stating “how to save for retirement.” Everything in the background is blurred out, for the audience to focus only on the computer screen.

0.03– The current image is showing the outside of a grey two level house. From this image I can not make out if the house belongs to the lady in the previous image. The house looks up to date on the outside, nice landscaping, the house also has a bright red front door and a bright red and white sold sign in the front yard of the house. Indicating that the house has been sold to someone.

0.04/ 0.05 also 0.06 Shows the same exact image focusing on the house. Slowly zooming into the house approaching to the next scene.

0.07– The same African American women is now at a laundry mat. She has a scrambled look on her face. She is standing in front of a row a dryers filled with clothes, facing a the folding tables. On the table is a laundry bin filled with clothes were her cell phone sits on top, a notebook and pin, clean clothes and laundry detergent.

0.08– The women picks up her pin to write in her notebook. She is looking frantically at her cellphone to record/ write down what she is seeing on the cellphone. A man with a hand full of clothes passes behind her.

0.09– The image is showing the blue laundry bin filled with orange folded towels. The women’s cellphone sits on top of the towels, in a position that the women can view clearly. It looks as if an informational video with a young lady sitting at a desk is playing on the cellphone, that the lady is viewing while doing her laundry.

0.10– Now the lady is at a gym, working out on a exercise bike. She has on workout clothes and sneakers. She is also talking on her cell phone, with she other hand she is balancing on the bike. The film makers added this scene to show that she can juggle many things a one time.

0.11/ 0.12– The woman pause as if she received news over her phone call. Slowly the image shows that it was good news. Out of excitement she cheers, laughs and smiles. She is still seated on the exercise bike and still holding her cell phone to he ear.

0.13– A African American man working out on the treadmill behind her starts to stare at her with a very questioned look on his face.

0.14/ 0.15– Is showing a chart titles “The House List.” The chat is showing pictures of five different houses at the top of the chart along with the house names. The chart has different categories such as, overall rating, front yard, garden area/ backyard and walkable at amenities. Along side each category and under each house in the row are small blue stars ranging from 1 to 4 stars. Along side the overall rating category are circle stickers under each house in the row. The woman is currently placing an orange sticker under the fourth house in the row.

0.16– The woman is now standing along a street with her back facing the street with another house on it. I’m imagining that she is standing in front of a house that is on her list of houses because she is holding a clipboard and a pin as if she is checking something on the list off. She is wearing casual clothing and she has a satisfied look on her face.

0.17/ 0.18–  This image is showing the woman flushing the toilet in two different houses on a split screen. I came to the conclusion that it was two different houses because the bathroom floors are different and the toilets are shaped different also the women is standing at a different angle.

0.19– Now the screen has split into 8 different small images of bathroom toilets as the women flushes each one by one. Each bathroom floor is different.

0.20– Now the screen has split into 15 different small images of bathroom toilets. Now the women is flushing all the toilets at the same time. All the bathroom floors remain different.

0.21– The woman is standing in the middle of an empty house with no furniture she is still holding her clip board possibly with her “The House List.” To the left of the women is a younger lady dressed in a suit skirt holding a folder with her hand in motion as if she is asking the women “how do you like it?” I concluded that is a realtor. I have also concluded that they just finished touring the house. As I look closer it appears to me that this is the same house from the beginning clips. She is standing in  the same spot that shows the same back door and same half of the kitchen. This image also shows us the bright red door on the house from a previous clip but now the door is open and she is inside the house and not standing on the street on the house. She looks satisfied with her final decision.

0.22– The realtor continues with her hand motion and women looking for the house nods her head and smiles.

0.23/ 0.24–  The image is now of the women slowly sitting down on the same couch from the beginning of the Ad with her dog and lap top.

0.25, 0.27–  The clip is still showing the women sitting on the couch with her dog and laptop but she looks happier and has more expression on her face of relief.

0.28, 0.31– Ad logo “Ace Your Retirement”

Visual Rewrite- phillygirl

:00- :04         There is three boys and a man, possibly their father, dancing inside of a home. It looks like their in the dining room. The front door is open and the weather is nice out. So I’m assuming that they may have been outside earlier this day. and now they’re inside. Or maybe they’re about to leave out in a few. They’re all wearing sweat pants, so they probably just got done playing a sport or probably about to go out to play. The father is showing the youngest boy how to do a certain dance. While the two oldest are dancing around with each other.

:05-:06       There is now a game console on the TV stand. So maybe they just got done playing a video game or about to start playing. The father kicks his leg up while pointing at the youngest son as if he’s trying to show him a certain that he’s amazed by how he is dancing. The father and his kids are clearly excited and enjoying their time dancing together.

:07-:10         The youngest son in the front and his father are having a dance battle, while the two oldest boys are still dancing together. The father turn is now over, so it’s the youngest son turn to dance.

:11-:16          The youngest son is still dancing against his father. While the dad is covering his mouth showing the son that his dance moves are hot!

:17-:21        The words “it only takes a moment to make a moment” appears on the screen. As the words pop up, they are all enjoying a good laugh in the background.

:22          All of the boys and their father continues to dance and laugh together and the dad is staring at them with a loving look.

:23-:30       The words “Take time out to be a dad” appears on the screen.

Without music- The video’s purpose was made perfectly without the need of music. They showed a father having a good time spending quality time with his children. The point of showing other dads what it is like to spend time out with their children was understood successfully with or without music. The setting and the background that this scene was shot gave enough detail to the audience so that they could tell what the video’s about even without sound.

Visual Rewrite

0:01 : There is a African American family walking on a nice sunny day. All of them have their cell in their hands. The son looks like he is listening to music also from the position his cell phone and his thumbs it look like he is also texting, the daughter looks like she is playing a game by the way her cell phone is in her hands, and both the mother and father are texting as well. It looks like they are walking to the park. In the background it looks like it could be a suburban, the street has cars going in both directions. The ground doesn’t have any garbage on the floor, so it seem to be a very good neighborhood.

0:02 : Now it looks like something has caught the mother attention as she looks up from her cell phone screen. Something must have happened or she had realized that they are approaching there destination  because she took her attention of her phone to gaze upon it. The rest of the family is still on the cell phones and walking.

0:03: As the rest of the family still walking with there heads in there cell phones, the mother looks like she is about to get her husbands attention on the occurring situation.

0:04 : The screen cuts to the Mom phone. The phone appears to have something to do with forest. The daughter is looking back at her mother with a huge smile on her face. So it must be good news.

0:05 : The screen shows the park that they were walking to. The daughter turns her head as if her breath is taken away from the view. The mother looks like she is watching the view as well.

0:06 : The daughter takes off her headphones and takes in the beautiful view of the park. In the background we can see that their are many kids running around in the park. So maybe their are walking to a kid birthday party in the park.

0:07 : In this view the family seems to be looking at the beautiful view of the lake. The Mother and Father hold each other hands as the approach the water.

0:08 : The screen cuts a close up of the daughter squatting  with her arms folded on her knees look upon the water.

0:09: It shows the daughter looking at herself reflection in the water. In the reflection you see tree be hide her.

0:10: So in this fame the daughter makes a silly face with her tongue sticking out. and on the bottom right of the screen the word selfie appears in white letters.

0:11: It is a close up of the moving water with a rock in it.

0:12: Now we see both the son and the daughter on each side of the small creek. They both have sticks in their hands putting the other ends of it in the water.

0:13:  Now the son looks up the the daughter who is still looking down at the water. On the bottom center of the screen the words Streaming appears.

0:14: Now we see the father and daughter gazing hard at something that is breath taking.

0:15: Now the father starts to squat next to his daughter eye level. They are standing side by side and he is pointing to something.

0:16: The screen turns to what they were pointing at. It was a black bird sitting on tree branch.

0:17: The screen stays on the same bird and now it says Tweet as if the bird is speaking.

0:18: Noe we see the son kneeling one the ground, and he appears to be playing around in the dirt with his hands.

0:19: It is a close up of a snell with a a leaf on the right side of the screen in the forrest.

0:20: Its the same picture and the words Search Results appear on the upper middle of the screen.

0:21: It is still a close up on the snell but we see a hand, possible the sons hand picking up the snell shell.

0:22: The daughter,Father,Mother are all in a huddle with the daughter hands out. She is about to receive the shell from the sons hand. They all look like this is a beautiful thing to look at. They are in the forrest.

0:23: Now we see the son twirling the daughter in the park with the Mother watching them. In background we see another family walking by.

0:24: The family seems to be walking from the park as if their are about to leave. The mother has both hands on the daughters arms ad if she is about o take off and start running. Both father and son are just watching them.

0:25: Nothing changes except the word connected appear on the bottom of the screen.

0:26:The family continues to walking from the park. Now the son is looking straight ahead. The mother is looking at the father who is smiling. The daughter is smiling at the ground.

0:27: It shows the family backs as the walk away from the park and on the screen appears Find A Great Local Park OR Forest.

0:28:The words Discover the appears under the original words in the previous frame.

0:29:The family continues to walk further and further away.

Visual Rewrite- NewEditionLover

0:01- The first visual rhetoric simply starts off by a man in bed. Next he’s in bed with his eyes closed so it gives me an impression that he’s sleeping.

0:02- He appears to be up but simultaneously try’s to play sleep and wants to suddenly dash out of the home while everyone is sleeping. From the looks of the video the kid in this visual rhetoric appears to look like an young adult I would probably say that he is white or Italian or something of that nature. You can tell that he’s full layered and that can be fully weird for viewer’s because you usually don’t sleep in your bed with outside clothing items on.

-0:03 – By the end of the 3rd second, it’s really obvious that the lights are all wrong for sleeping. The light across the pillow is much brighter than most people would choose for bedtime. We don’t know what that means yet, but as viewers we do wonder what might be going on. Bright light from somewhere below his feet is casting deep shadows on his face from the blanket. Even his eyebrows are casting shadows onto his forehead. So strong light in the room might make it hard for anyone to fall asleep. Again. Perhaps he’s faking sleep. But, if so, he’s not a good liar. Turning off the lights would have been more convincing. One more thing. He doesn’t look like an actor. He looks like a kid from school who might be an amateur, not a made-up professional. We’re not sure what that means, but we do notice it.

0:04- He immediately jumps out of bed maybe he was having a terrible dream that it caused him to be scared.  Could he possibly have spilled something ? Or maybe he as others once waking up hes just utterly confused.. Also as he just woke up he might be a christian and the first thing some do is wake up and read the bible for thinking God for another day.Or maybe he was drinking about water that made him have to pee while he was asleep. Or the guy in the video may be in school and his alarm goes off which is supposed to wake him up.

0:05 – Hes leaning over his bed as if hes looking for something possibly his cell phone

0:06-  He immediately grabs his cell phone ! He may have something planned or maybe hes late for school!

0:07- He receives a text saying “where are you?” he might have a meeting set up ? or his friends might be worried that hes late for school and they have something planned in class like an assignment or big test or quiz .

0:08 -0:09 – He responds saying “i’m on my way ”  which implies to me whoever hes texting is pretty concerned with the well-being of him. With a look of almost being worried as if hes seen a ghost.

0:10- He abruptly gets up in a sort of rush and panic !

0:11-0:12- He heads into the kitchen in a kind of fast paste motion as if hes in some sort of trouble

0:13- On this second It looks to me as his mother calls him back in the house while hes reaching for the door. Maybe the mother instinct kicked in as she watched her son walk out the door as it looks late outside.

0:14 Next his mom must of asked him where he was going at this time of the night which it appears to be very dark, maybe telling her son that she cooked dinner and made him a plate which might be in the microwave by now.

0:15- She has a look in her eyes that she doesn’t want her son going out because of how late it is.

0:16-18- He then gets out the house after he rushes his mom that he has somewhere important to be.

0:19- He immediately jumps in the car and slams the door

0:20-0:22- Hes in his car driving which appears to be on a long dark road, He seems as though hes impatient and focused on the road.

0:23- He suddenly takes his eyes off the road checking his cell phone in quickness and agony. Maybe the same person who texted him when he was awakened in sleep wants to know again where hes at?

0:24- As he appeared to look down at his phone he suddenly looks back up to the road maybe he swerved in the other lane and their is a car approaching in the same direction as him. Or maybe an animal such as a deer jumps out in the middle of the road and almost hits his car.

0:25-0:26- He puts his arm up as he abruptly swerves on the other side of the road as a car is approaching him , hes scared and panicking and maybe thinking of life or death situations because of his texting and driving actions.

0:27-0:29- With both hands on the wheel hes trying to stay calm and focused on keeping the car leveled and to make sure he doesn’t crash into anything. His level of trying to gain control of the car again plays a huge part considering its his fault why hes in the predicament hes in now.

0:30- He gets control of the wheel and comes back to his senses. His eyes are as if he has seen a ghost receiving a text saying “dude hurry up”. A bright light appears as if it can be another cars high-beams or as if its a slight vision telling him what to do.



Visual Rewrite – ChandlerBing

0:01. The scene opens with the view of the back of a black Jeep moving at a constant speed. The speed never changes throughout the entire ad. It is moving at a speed that would possibly kill someone if the jeep were to strike a person. The paint on the Jeep is chipping away revealing the bare metal underneath the coat of paint. This indicates that the jeep is old and driven frequently, but the driver does not care about the appearance probably because he is extremely invested in his mission. We can make the inference that this is not an ad for the Jeep brand, otherwise the Jeep would be in pristine condition and shown in an attractive manner. There is no cover over the vehicle, possibly to enhance the driver’s view of hi surroundings. There is a roll cage present. To the left of the classic spare tire on the back of the trunk door, is a magnet that reads “I believe” and a silhouette of what appears to be the mythical creature Bigfoot. The vehicle is traveling down a dirt path surrounded by bare trees. The sky is covered in gray clouds which shield most of the sunlight making the ambience appear dull and gray.

The camera pans out to reveal the male driver wearing an akubra style hat with the brim wrapping all the way around. He is also wearing a brown leather jacket, suggesting he is an explorer type.

0:02-3. The audience appears to be ‘sitting’ in the passenger seat with the view of an air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror. It is shaped similar to the silhouette on the magnet from the back of the Jeep.

0:04. The camera points down into the vehicle from overhead. On the passenger seat lies a map. On top of the map is a set of binoculars where an iPhone is placed with the screen facing upwards.  The binoculars and the map are clues to indicate that the explorer has been searching for Bigfoot for quite some time. The interior can be described as old, the gauges are non-digital and the speedometer is in the middle of the dashboard where the radio would be normally. The radio is hanging from underneath the dashboard right below all of the gauges.

0:05-6. The camera zooms in on the iPhone as to draw the audience’s attention to it. With that, the screen illuminates and it is clear that it is a text from a person assumed not to be present at the scene.

The camera cuts to the drivers face for the first time and the audience can see that the driver is a fairly young male, possibly around twenty-five years old. His skin is very smooth and hairless. The frames of the glasses on his face are large, they cover from the top of his cheek bone to the very bottom of his forehead. There is an ‘O’ symbol on the arms of the glasses; ‘O’ meaning the brand Oakley. Oakley glasses are commonly known for their high prices and high fashion quality.

0:07-9. Text appears on a black screen stating “The average text takes your eyes off the road for 5 seconds.” It only appears for a mere three seconds and cuts back to the scene.

0:10-11. The driver is now reading the text while driving the vehicle at a high rate of speed (the speed still has not changed from the beginning). The text that he received reads “Are you still hunting Bigfoot?” this confirms that the driver is indeed searching for the mythical creature.

0:12-14. At a different angle now, the Jeep drives straight toward the camera as if it were “standing” in the middle of the dirt road. The license plate reads “BF HTR” which is assumed to mean ‘Bigfoot Hunter.’

Bigfoot walks in front of the camera but we only see from his chest to his torso. Bigfoot doesn’t appear to be terrifying at all. In fact, he looks as fluffy as a giant brown teddy bear. Bigfoot swings his arms while he walks in a doofus like fashion. Since the driver is too worried about his phone, he does not even realize that he almost struck the creature that he has been searching for. The filmmakers intention is to emphasize the importance of keeping eyes on the road. Bigfoot looks as though he can have a mother that loves him. The fatal accidents caused by distracted driving can have horrendous repercussions for everyone involved.

0:15.  There is a close up of the cell phone and the driver finishes the text, sends it, and places the phone back on the passenger seat.

0:16-18. We see the driver from the eyes of the figurative passenger and he is intently looking at the surrounding area indicating he is searching for bigfoot.

0:19-22. The audience looks at the vehicle travelling along the road as if they were in the woods looking out towards the road. The words “Just enough time to miss Bigfoot” are across the top of the screen. Then we see the familiar body of Bigfoot walk across the screen one more time at the same angle we saw him the first time.

0:23-25. The screen fades to black and the words “And so much more…” are displayed on the screen. The filmmaker is clearly referring to the possibility of a fatal accident due to texting and driving.

0:26-30. A website is now on the screen called ‘’ this confirms that this is a no texting and driving ad.


Visual Rewrite— Killroy513

0:01- A dark grey or black colored CJ-7 Jeep shows up on screen. It is sporting a spare tire. The driver is wearing a large black hat and warm cloths. The soft top is off of the Jeep but it looks cold out. A sticker with an ape is on the back next to the spare tire. The sky is gloomy and the person is going off roading. It is either later in the day or early in the morning based on the sky.

0:03- The film cuts to the front windshield looking out on the hood. On the center mirror, a bigfoot cut out is hung. The Jeep is going over bumps because the cut out is swinging.

0:04- The Jeep is confirmed to be a CJ-7 based on the head lights it sports. Their is stock fog lights on the bumper and the licence plate is white with black lettering. The plate reads BF-THR. The Jeep is completely stock except for the ugly chrome windshield hinges. The woods is gloomy and a light bit of fog is rolling across the ground.

0:05- The camera angle is above the Jeep. The Jeep is a manual 5 speed without the center council. The shifter nob is black and its in 3rd gear. That means it is not moving fast, at most 35mph. On the stock bucket seat, there is a map, a pair of binoculars, and an iphone. In the passenger floor well, are a pair of dirty work gloves. The floor well does not appear to be rusted out, a typical problem with this Jeep model. The Jeep seems to be in good condition.  The driver is wearing warm cloths. A message comes up on the screen of the phone.

0:10- The camera is acting as the eyes of the driver. The driver looks down at this phone and unlocks it to view the message. He does not seem to look up while driving. Being unsafe.

0:14- The Jeep is barreling down the trail and the leaf springs on the Jeep and the shocks are pretty stiff. Meaning that they were replaced not to long ago. The driver is looking down at his phone not paying attention. A hairy creature walks out in front of the Jeep dodging the SUV.

0:16- The driver types a message on his Iphone, not paying attention to the trail.

0:17- The driver looks forward, watching the road. He did not see the hairy creature. He missed the encounter with whatever the creature was.

0:18-  A message appears on the screen, “Just enough time to miss bigfoot”

0:20 Bigfoot walks infront of the screen as the Jeep continues to drive down the path.

0:23 “And so much more” comes up on the screen.

The purpose of this video is to show that a lot of things can happen or be missed when using a cellphone while driving.  The producer of the video shows how being distracted can effect ones life in may ways.