Agenda WED JAN 31

Link to the Daily Class Agenda

  • Lecture/Demonstration: Stone Money
  • Lecture/Demonstration: Cows and Chips
    • This post contains lecture material, demonstrations of the “Cows and Chips” technique in action, examples of advice I have given other student authors for enlivening their posts with livestock, and the details of a simple assignment.
  • Class Discussion Stone Money Source Material
  • Assignment A02: Stone Money
    • DUE WED FEB 07 
    • Incorporate the lesson of Purposeful Summary
    • Incorporate the lesson of Cows and Chips
    • Use Informal In-Text Citation and References Page (APA style)

12 thoughts on “Agenda WED JAN 31”

  1. today’s topic we talk about money and how anything can be money if valued by a person. The Yap valued Limestone and because of that it symbolized wealth. I feel like this really puts into perspective if paper money is really as valuable as we make it seems.


  2. Paper money is important because the barter system is vastly inferior, and no one wants to carry around a bunch of coins because they are weighty and annoying. I don’t remember much about the Yap except that they had lots of massive pieces of limestone that acted as a representation of wealth. A lot of the images of bartering showed the flaws in the bartering system. People not valuing things equally, unequal proportions (a cow for a drink), and sometimes just bad offers.


  3. The Yap are people that live on an island and do not use a modern currency system. The Yap use stones as a form of currency. In the United States, paper money has no real value other then the value that people give it or claim it has.


  4. Today’s discussion was about livening up your writings by taking an abstract thought (sleeping pill) and comparing it with something basic to make it interesting. Ex. Cow and money. The yap used limestone as their currency


  5. In today’s class, we talked about the Yap and how they used stone to barter. We also discussed how paper money is an alternative to bartering.


  6. Today’s discussion was about currency and about what makes our money have value. It was also about making writing more lively.


  7. In today’s class we discussed the Yap people and how the used limestone as a form of currency. We also looked at picture that helped describe bartering better and easier to understand


  8. Today we discussed cows and chips, the island of Yap, and money. We talked about the limestone money that the people in Yap used. Also we looked at some visual representations of bartering and the exchanging of goods.


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