Agenda MON SEP 18

  • Feedback Please Category
  • Card Hypothesis Puzzle
  • Check your Categories, please

My Agenda for today was ambitious. Understandably, we did not adequately cover the four items below this line. I’ve revised the material these links will open to reflect a more reasonable deadline plan than my first. You have two exercises to accomplish before class Wednesday and one assignment for midnight Sunday.

  1. Purposeful Summaries Lecture/Demo
    • I covered the DNA and Haiti examples fairly well, but if you need clarification on Purposeful Summary, review the text of this lecture and compare the source material of any story to its Summary. The examples will illustrate how background material is shaped through summary to serve the new author’s purpose. For these examples, I’m that author. When you perform your own work, you’ll be that author not just quoting, but employing the material of other authors for your own purpose.
  2. A03: Purposeful Summaries Assignment
    • I have revised the assignment for better use of your time.
      • Part 1 (Due before class WED SEP 20) is to revise your Stone Money post with Purposeful Summary.
      • Part 2 (Due before midnight SUN SEP 24) is to write new Purposeful Summaries of articles you select.
    • Click through to the Assignment for details.
  3. Cows and Chips Lecture/Demo/Exercise
    • I have revised this post to avoid confusion. It contains lecture material, demonstrations of the “Cows and Chips” technique in action, examples of advice I have given other student authors for enlivening their posts with livestock, and the details of a simple assignment (Due before class WED SEP 20) to improve your Stone Money post.

20 Responses to Agenda MON SEP 18

  1. 11collegegirl says:

    – All of the cards must be turned over.


  2. phillygirl20 says:

    Card B


  3. unknowntrendsetter says:

    Make sure when you summarize, that you introduce the issue after introducing the setting; both in great detail. The background information is vital to make sure that your reader knows what the issue is, as well as what you are conveying. Summarize as if the author’s/editor’s words are your own.


  4. flyerfan1974 says:

    -Check the feedback please category when wanting feedback
    -a situation has occurred when writing
    -Your audience is the whole world, not just the class
    -Anyone can see your writing, write as if the reader has no idea what the subject is about.
    -It is not a bad idea to physicalize your abstract concept
    -You can own something even if you physically do not have it in your possession.
    -When writing bring the concepts alive.
    -Your paragraphs must contain as much background information as possible
    -Summarize an article that has a lot of words, but a small amount of vital information
    -DO NOT say “These authors talked about”, or “I am going to summarize for you”, do not use this kind of language
    -Summarize as if you are the original author of the article
    – Use what you find to make an article of your own and radically summarize


  5. killroy513 says:

    For fast response with feed back, Put in feed back please category with what you want feed back on.
    Make sure argument is presented so that the reader will not be confused.
    Know when to summarize and how to site quotes from a text in an essay.
    Make sure to put quotes and site the sources used.


  6. chandlerbing27 says:

    -Populate writing with details.
    -Provide enough background information so that the reader understands the concept.
    -Summarize articles when only a small portion has argumentative value.
    -When summarizing only use facts, do not use words like “the author talks about” etc.
    -Write the summary as if you were the original author.


  7. rainbow987 says:

    -In the Card Hypothesis, several people attempted to solve the puzzle. Collectively as a class, we were unable to decode the puzzle. We learned that one hypothesis does not necessariliy discard other possibilities.
    -If you want feedback quickly, post assignment in the “Feedback Please” category. Post your question along with your assignment.
    -Be sure to always include your username in your title of blog post.
    -Remember to categorize each blog post by assignment and author.
    -Remember to uncheck the oops category.
    -Your audience for your essays is the English speaking world.
    -You cannot assume that your reader is informed about the source material of the essay.
    -You must assume that the reader has no knowledge of the topic.
    -You can own “rights” without physically possessing anything.
    -Bring concepts to life in writing by talking about tangible objects as much as possible.
    -Your paragraphs need to contain as much background information as necessary to help the reader understand the topic.
    -Academic writing is about reading other sources and demonstrating the most significant information needed for the topic in your essay.
    -When summarizing, do not mention your source. Take the information that is useful to you and speak it as if it is your own. This is known as a “purposeful summary.”
    -Use what you find in sources to make an argument of your own without quoting or paraphrasing by summarizing.


  8. theintern50 says:

    The professor is going over the concepts of building an understandable essay about any topic you are writing. He took a students essay about stone money and talked about his/her essay and the rights and wrongs of it.
    We learned about cows and chips and was referred to stone money about having something tangible vs non tangible and which is better.
    A purposeful summary is to use what you find and use a summary of your own and without having to paraphrase anything that you’ve read. We talked about the photo of Fabienne and how the photographers took a picture of her death and how it captured all the emotions in one picture. However the picture of the seven photographers taking the picture of the dead women looks awful and how it shows disrespect towards the nation.


  9. splash305 says:

    You can never assume that your reader is familiar with the source material you are farmiliar with.
    They don’t provide nearly enough information for people to understand the claim you are making.
    Make sure you provide enough background in the argument you are trying to promote.
    In just a few paragraphs I am providing both background and an argument.
    The point in to use what you find and make a point of your own and make an argument.


  10. thebeard1 says:

    – If looking for feedback asap, put in “Feedback please” category
    – Ask full question about something, explain what was changed and what I want feedback on
    – Make sure to put writings in correct categories and to uncheck the default one
    – Provide more information in writing to explain to people that have not read the articles
    – These writings can be seen worldwide to anyone and if they do not understand the first paragraph they wont continue to read
    – Write thinking that the reader knows nothing about the stories you are writing about
    – Also be able to provide argument while still being able to tell background information to the reader
    – Have to take points from the original article that give your point argument
    – Cut down and summarize into a few sentences that help your writing
    – Do not use “I read…,” “I am going to describe now…,” The author said…”
    – Make the information from the articles into my own writing and summarize it


  11. plethoragaming says:

    We talked about purposeful summaries, making it concise and only bring out important information. The lecture turned to ethical values in writing/photography. We as people want to know things going around the world, however when we do learn we ask why did they show us that instead of helping people.


  12. phillygirl20 says:

    We discussed how the audience for your essay is an entire world, not just this class.
    Inform readers all information about claims your making, not based off your knowledge because the readers might not know what you know.
    Must provide background information to understand the concept.
    Cows and chips Helps with the argument you’re trying to promote.
    Academic writing is the reason for other people’s stuff, with proof, and sharing just enough material with readers to help them undersatand the content of other sources.
    You can quote an entire source for readers to understand background fully, but that wouldn’t be a good idea. Summarizing argumentative value that’ll help your argument. At least a sentence or two that’ll help your own conclusions be drawn.
    -You take the info that’s useful to you and you summarize it as if it’s your own. Make it a point of your own. Use what you find to make a argument of your own. No need to say “In such a such essay, the author says..”


  13. neweditionlover says:

    If ever feeling neglected or you want feedback on a post you can easily go to the sidebar which simply says “Feed-back “now category by selecting the tab and then make specific instruction and what you want exactly done. Before checking the publish tab make sure you check your username in your category which goes by your name. When talking to the audience for the “Stone Money”we have to make sure the audience understand us.Your paragraphs much contain as much background info as possible to help your readers-out. You summarize as if you are the actual author. You are sharing it ti make it a point of your own . Scedule appointment with professor before the cut off period which is October 19th


  14. theadmiral1 says:

    Comp 2 Notes 9/18/17
    Riddle to start off class: Every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side.
    Which card or cards must you turn over in order to test the hypothesis?
    If you need feedback, put it in the feedback now category.
    When you are posting blogs, categorize your posts with the correct assignment!
    Stone money- The audience for our essay is anybody in the world who speaks english, and can access the internet. You cannot assume the reader is familiar with the information that we know.
    Provide your reader with enough background information.
    Do not make your reader guess.
    The audience makes a difference
    If you want to tell somebody, and keep them in your story, you need things such as personification to put an image in the readers mind
    The things that we can buy are very abstract, and the things that we can buy them with are even more abstract.
    Purposeful Summary- Your paragraphs need to contain as much information about your source as possible. This will help support the point you are trying to get across by allowing the reader to get more background knowledge of what you are trying to argue or depict.
    Ethics of a three parent baby- in a few paragraphs, you can advance arguments, and give more and more background information on the given topic.
    When you are looking to summarize, you need to sort out the most important information that will help your argument the most.
    When you summarize, you synthesize it, and make it a point of your own. When you do this, there is no need to quote or paraphrase, because you are taking information from a lot of sources, and putting them all together and making an idea of your own.
    Read cows and chips exercise, and figure out how to personify things in our essays.
    By noon today, the agenda will be revised for cows and chips and the purposeful summaries.
    With the little time eft, improve one paragraph in our stone money assignment.


  15. yoshi189 says:

    -background info in summary is important so treader knows what you’re talking about
    – put essay in feedback please category in order to get fast feedback.
    – provide an argument
    – info from article summarize it
    -length doesn’t matter detail does.
    – do not address you’re going to summarize


  16. todayistheday19 says:

    Today’s class started with a puzzle. Four cards are shown, with a hypothesis: every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on the opposite side. My answer was to turn over all four of the cards to prove the hypothesis correct. The correct answer was the only cards needed to flip over were A and D because it didn’t say an even number couldn’t be paired with a letter that was not a vowel. So, testing B and C could neither prove nor disapprove the hypothesis.

    To get feedback sooner you can put your work in the feedback please catergory. But only do this if you have a question that is imperative to your work because otherwise you’d just be cutting the line. Make sure to always categorize your work and that your title has name of assignment- username.

    Purposeful summary is explained by using stone money as the main example. Your audience can be anyone anywhere. You can’t assume the reader is familiar with the source material you are referring to. Provide information for the claims you are making. A classmates stone money assignment is used as an example. Reading over the assignment and dissecting the parts that are too vague and not detailed enough. You must nail down ideas with as many specifics as you can. Cows and chips is how we must incorporate tangible objects into our posts. Ethics of three parents and is this photo ethical are used to show purposeful summaries. How to take what pieces from sources and how they are needed. Radical summary condenses the whole piece down to a sentence or two. Bad examples would be: “this is what the authors have to say ..” “I’m going to summarize…”. You summarize as if it is your own. No quoting or paraphrasing in the summary. Use multiple sources to make the summary more whole.

    Last fifteen minutes of class we worked on stone money sssignment.


  17. lifeissublime13 says:

    Feedback Please Category is to let the professor know that you would like feedback on a certain assignment. Highly recommended.
    Purposeful Summaries: you can’t expect the reader to know the source material like you do, the audience makes a difference because you need to support your argument with the sources while also having the reader understand and follow your points, purposeful summaries are just for that.
    Personification helps the reader visualize the main ideas.
    The paragraphs need to have as much information as possible in order to get the reader to understand and follow your argument.
    Academic writing is about reader other’s findings, putting them together in a way that supports your argument, and laying it out do the reader can follow and conclude the point you were trying to make.
    Summarizing is getting the compounding the source into a sentence or two that carries the weight of the source to support your thesis.
    Do not use the language: this is what the author said, the author states, in the source…
    You are sharing this information to make your own statement.
    Use what you find to make an argument on your own, summarize it so there is no need to quote.


  18. 11collegegirl says:

    – you can post something in the feedback section if you want to be the first to get feedback on your post. This is awesome because we can make instant improvement after the professor leaves comments. Make sure you specifically write what you will need feedback on/ help on.
    – do not assume that your reader understands the background of what you are writing about. For example, when writing Stone Money, do not assume that your reader knows about how the Yap and how they use their stones.
    – paragraphs need to contain as much background as possible so that your reader understands what argument you are trying to promote.
    – take information that is useful to you and speak it as if it were your own.
    – summarize ideas as if you were the author of the original piece.
    – then you summarize something, it most likely means that the original author did not make those points in the original writing.

    Sorry, I just looked back on this web page and saw that I did not post this comment from this morning 😦


  19. pdqlover20 says:

    Today in class we discussed:
    Card Hypothesis Puzzle includes fact, hypothesis, and the test. Correct answer A + D can both disprove the hypothesis.
    -Feedback please category (select tab) includes specific instructions of what I want done.
    -Check your category please
    -Purposeful summary (A03): readers are anyone in the world that speaks English. Provide great detail because our readers do no know the content we do. Provide the reader with enough info to make a claim because they are unfamiliar to our source material.
    -Include coins and chips more vivid detail in each paragraph.
    Summarized as if you are to author of the idea.
    -Improve one paragraph of Stone Money for the last 15 minutes of class


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