Agenda MON OCT 23

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  1. neweditionlover says:

    Make sure to scheduled another conference with the professor before the end of the semester.First short argument will be due October 30 at noon ,in preparation for a longer assignment that will be used for your research assignment. Its set up into 3 sections of 1,000 words so when complete you are at 3,000 words. Finding whats effective for the first 1,000 words is very important! You’ll need a work cited ,can also use your sources you found already also or sources not yet found.


  2. theadmiral1 says:

    10/23/17 Comp 2 notes

    Make your second teacher conference appointment before November 30th
    Everybody can be right when having an argument, but your argument will stand if you are less wrong.
    Our definition of death keeps changing
    Death used to mean that the body is lying still for a while and you cannot wake it up
    Next death was “does not fog a mirror”
    Now we can not breathe for a while or put on machines but we will be still be alive
    We can be dead and not brain dead. Our DEFINITION of death keeps changing
    Point is, our definition of things are always changing, so to use a definition from or something like that would not stand in an argument maybe 10-15 years from now.
    Words that we think that we can quantify usually need further explanation
    Words can mean literally anything, so we need to elaborate on what we want to get out of using those words, or terms.
    Most readers will bail in the first paragraph
    make it a powerful, persuasive hook
    Find a “side entrance” to sneak in the definition you want to talk about
    If you are too up front with bringing in your idea, the reader will know what is coming, where we all know we as readers want to be dragged along by a string.
    For the purpose of the first part of the argument we will just need a work cited
    A definition can be an argument
    The dictionary is almost useless when trying to define things
    We have to define words the way they are used in society
    We can define this world with real world examples
    Definitions often require defining several terms
    In the marriage example, you would have to define things like marriage, social relationship, legal relationship, and family
    Your gender is your gender, male or female.
    Your sex is “what you do when you have sex”


  3. flyerfan1974 says:

    -Schedule a conference before the end of the semester
    -Your 3000 word essay will be broken up into 3 1000 word parts
    -Definition essay, cause and effect essay, and a rebuttal essay
    -Do not use the definition by
    -You should be deciding what words need to be defined
    -If your essay says “lets define” it will put your reader to sleep
    -You will need a work cited
    -Use an argument to define your definition


  4. rainbow987 says:

    -We will be completing our research essay in 1000 word pieces. In total, it will be 3000 words.
    -The first 1000 word piece will be the definition (or categorical) argument.
    -The purpose of the definition argument is to measure the effectiveness of the argument.
    -It will help you to decide which terms need to be identified.
    -Don’t say “As defined by the dictionary…”
    -There is a difference between a works cited and a bibliography. A works cited only lists sources that you quoted or paraphrased directly. A bibliography includes each resource that you used to get background information.
    -One method is to use an analogy to define your term.
    -You often have to define several terms.


  5. phillygirl20 says:

    Today in class we discussed,
    what a definition/categorical essay is. We also discussed what is stealing and what is not considered stealing. Professor compared stealing Wi-Fi with stealing crops and peaches. Then we went over an article that talked about neighbors stealing each other’s Wi-Fi, and we talked about whether or not it’s an definitive essay or not. We looked over a Model Definition Argument as well. Then. we talked about the difference between sex and gender and how they’re not the same. Sex is what you do when you have sex, and gender is whether you’re a female or male. We closed class by discussing defining marriage, and reading about heightened scrutiny.


  6. thebeard1 says:

    – working on research paper throughout the rest of semester
    – will write it in segments of 1000 words
    – Definition essay, Cause and Effect essay, and Rebuttal essay that will go into research paper
    – Decide what terms need to be identified in the first definition essay
    – Will need work cited for definition essay
    – Choose something that can be an argument, not something that is already a fact and that has no confusion
    – Look for real-world relevance
    – Might have to define several terms


  7. splash305 says:

    – In our first short paper we will be deciding what terms need to be identified, it needs to be an effective first paragraph because most readers will bail in that first paragraph.
    – you will use a few sources in your first essay, new or old.
    -you will need a works cited page


  8. lifeissublime13 says:

    Due Sunday: write a shorter argument, only with 1,000 for three arguments (making the assignment only 3,000 words)
    First argument is a definition; ex. our definition of death keeps changing, decide what terms need to be identified
    Effectiveness (with writing): how well you have set up your argument, and how it impacted the reader
    Use the sources from Proposal 5, at least 2, make sure to add a Work Cited page
    The argument of a definition is not just stating facts, it’s describing situations where the argument might get touchy or harder to argue. That will define the actual definition.
    This can be fun to read/write (for example the article about the free wifi, it states an argument without feeling like one).


  9. jadden14 says:

    Definition Argument
    -Argue your definition through use of examples, dont start with “The definition is…”
    -Argue a specific definition and establish terms under which the rest of your proof will be conducted
    -Your argument needs to have real world relevance
    -Define several terms
    -works cited from proposal+5


  10. theintern50 says:

    -We are gonna work on 3,000 words
    -There will be 3 arguments we’ll right but 1,000 words each argument
    -Describe a definition in your own words
    -Describe the definition with examples
    -Works cited for first short argument, you can use 1-2 sources from proposal +5 or it can be new


  11. killroy513 says:

    The final essay will be divided up into three 1000 word papers and then put together to make a 3000 word essay.
    The first paragraph is extremely important because that draws the reader in.
    Work cited is needed, sources from proposal + 5 can be used.
    Make sure the proposal’s also incorporate a book as a source.
    Everything used from a source can be used in a bibliography.
    The definition essay is an argument.


  12. todayistheday19 says:

    Second professor conference dates posted, make appointment.
    From now to Christmas in 1000 word increments writing definition (or catergoricsl) essay.
    Part 1) definition
    Part 2) cause and effect
    Part 3) rebuttal
    Definition: not pulling out Webster dictionary and getting the terms definition. Not point of definition argument. We have to get true understanding on how word is used and what it means.
    Ex: death: once determined by inability to wake someone, then no dog on mirror, and Now determined by doctors examination of functionality of organs.
    Deciding what terms need to be identified.
    Bibliography-all material you read that forms work without being quoted
    Works cited- sources quoted or paraphrased are works cited
    How can a definition be an argument ?
    Ex: theft. Peaches and free internet access.
    1)it’s an argument: choose something that isn’t already fact. Ex: “due process” is this or isn’t this? Why?
    2)real world relevance ex: gay marriage
    3) often requires defining several terms
    Look to models for examples of how your definition argument should be


  13. yoshi189 says:

    second conference must be scheduled by the end of November
    final essay will be about 3,000 words, in class we’ll be doing 3 parts of 1,000 words
    Definition essay, Cause and Effect essay, and Rebuttal essay
    decide what key words need to be identified in order to create a definition
    first paragraph is important to draw the reader in
    Make works cited page; use at least 2 of the sources from Proposal +5
    Works cited- list sources you quote directly
    bibliography- resource that you used to get background info


  14. pdqlover20 says:

    Today in class we discussed that all the professor students conferences are finished. We must have another conference before the end of the semester, then another one during final week to discuss grades. For the rest of the semester we will be working on the three thousand word essay, we will be creating one thousand word essay’s at a time. The first short assignment of one thousand words is A07: Definition/Categorical Argument due at noon on October 30th. This assignment is not about the dictionary definition it is to explain the words in which readers can understand and process. For the assignment we don’t need five sources only two at the most. Discussed the difference between a bibliography and a work cited page.


    • davidbdale says:

      Notes 2/3
      Mostly correct, but inaccurate in specifics.
      —A07 due Midnight SUN OCT 29
      —There’s no upward limit on the number of sources for your Works Cited, just a 2-source minimum.


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