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Idea to Reduce Football Concussions

It seems counterintuitive that the way to stop concussions in football is to remove the players helmets.  Concussions in the NFL are rising over the years due to illegal hits and dangerous tackles.  

His idea is that players are throwing caution to the wind and making reckless behaviors because of the protection on their head.  The NFL could possibly soon allow players to run down the field trying to kill each other with no head protection.  There will no longer be concussion due to helmet to helmet collisions, however after every tackle there will be a head injury when they hit the ground.  

People feel that if this is passed the sport will no longer be the same, removing helmets will soon lead to rules about how hard they tackle someone or where they aim.  Soon after the NFL will turn into 2-hand-touch, or flag football it won’t be what we have all grown to love.  

The Cruelest Show on Earth

It seems counterintuitive that “The Greatest Show Ever” is held responsible for abusing and leading to innocent Elephants deaths.  These professional circus performers are supposed to be a family, however they saw their one member who wasn’t right and didn’t do the right things to help him.  

Elephants are one of the most intelligent animals on this earth.  Along with being intelligent they are often called the gentle giant, however they have been used in circus acts for years because of their intelligence but along with being in the shows they have been abused for years.  They were struck with bullhooks, electric shocks, and even whipped.  

In this particular incident, Kenny the elephant was doing a show when it was obvious that something was seriously wrong with him.  Despite his clear symptoms and issues, they neglected his care and pushed him to keep going until it got real bad.  When the veterinarian was brought in they chained him to his stall and 2 hours later his bloody body was found dead chained to his stall.

Giving Free Heroin

It seems counterintuitive that they are trying to stop the heroin epidemic by giving free heroin to addicts without consequences.  They made an area where these people can come and get free heroin, clean needles, and proper cleaning tools.  The goal is to clean the streets and get the drugs out of the area but they are handing out free samples.

Some of the people that got wrapped into this activity want to get clean, however with a clinic handing out drugs for free and clean so no diseases will be spread from the needles.  If they are handing out this substance that is ruled illegal why not just make drugs legal if u can get free drugs at this clinic.

In this study the people who are going to this place and using the free heroin say they can hold a job now, they feel as though they are clean because they aren’t getting the “street” stuff.  Because of this program people can go and get high for free with drugs that are illegal.  

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It seems counterintuitive that people are still investing in Bitcoin even though it’s essentially fake currency. A little over a year ago tons of people invested in a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. It is a currency online that has little to no value, but somehow soared in sales a year ago. However, people are now catching on to the creators Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. They say they are backed up by big names like the New York Stock exchange, but even that hasn’t helped the company to raise their prices.

At one point the bitcoin universe was worth about 3.5 billion, but since the price of shares has decreased. People are catching onto the fake currency and realizing that the money they are investing is just going to waste. Essentially, a Bitcoin is worth nothing and there is no point in investing in a fake currency.

There are so many downsides to investing in Bitcoin. People will invest and come out with nothing. People will trade Bitcoins for real items or they will essentially purchase illegal items with Bitcoins. It has become a market close to the Dark Web in some fashions and who can trust their money on there. Hackers everyday will take your invested money and you will never see it again. In the end, don’t invest your money in some silly fake start-up company that wont get you any profit just stick to real stocks and invest in the right things.


It seems counterintuitive that they would place a KFC and a Pizza Hut next to Sphinx, but companies try and find the best way to make money. In the video you see a Pizza Hut and a KFC located across from the Sphinx in Egypt. People just like me are definitely wondering why that is? The only logical explanation would be for marketing purposes. Having a big fast food chain located across from one of the greatest wonders of the World is great for business.

It seems messed up and definitely intruding that they would place such stores like that near the Sphinx. You should preserve the land of Egypt and the Sphinx. It just does not seem right of them to put such fast food places near a tourist destination.

As long as it brings in business though, the companies do not care. It almost seems counterintuitive for people to travel to Egypt to see the Sphinx and dine in at a fast food chain where you could get anywhere else. It is 100% a marketing tactic and the owners of the branches must do good business, but once again it just doesn’t seem right for people to eat there while visiting such an amazing location.


It seems counterintuitive that people slip and fall in the shower, but people die from that daily. Youll think to yourself, How dumb really are people? Actually you should get used to the saying though because older aged people die all the time due to slips and falls. I pesonally have helped up multiple older people in this neighborhood next to me on runs through the neighborhood. It happens all the time. Due to weak bones these older people will fall and it occurs the most in showers. You think that you take one shower a day or maybe even more. Bottom line you shower daily. All thopse times in the shower you are bound to fall at some point, because statitically people fall 1/1000m times in showers. All it takes it one stupid fall due to old age and we could lose a life.







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It seems counterintuitive that hospitals will chose to keep someone alive even when going against their patients’ wishes to accept death. To me, this practice is ethically wrong and should be changed. There comes a point in a person’s treatment where the cost and pain of recovery becomes too overbearing. All efforts of healing the patient become fruitless. The article mentions the fact that about one quarter of MedicRe payments are made in the final year of a patient’s life. This is absurd considering the amount of suffering said patient endures whilst going through the treatment. There are a few reasons hospitals may do this. They may be trying to obtain more money from their patients, or the patients’ families may be making these decisions for them. This just goes to show how small of an impact the actual patient has over their own life.

It seems counterintuitive that fantasising about your future is actually harmful to your level of motivation. This is due to the fact that when we fantasise, we often imagine our ideal outcome without taking into account the steps it takes to reach that outcome. This moves us to expect said outcome without making the necessary efforts needed to actually reach it. This article mentions how there is a big difference between expectation and fantasy. Expectation is based on past experiences, where fantasy is not. If we start realising what our true expectations are for our future, we may have an easier time taking steps to improve upon those expectations.

It seems counterintuitive that taking multivitamins would be bad for your health. These delicious gummies are supposed to be nothing but helpful, right? Well, it turns out that they are often useless in the average person’s diet. Most people get more than enough nutrients in their everyday diet, making making multivitanins a waste of money. This article refers to studies which actually link “excessive folic acid intake to lesions that can lead to colorectal cancers” (Butler, 1). With concerning studies like this, it’s probably better to go easy on the flinstone multivitamins.


Africa should screen Americans for measles

It seems counterintuitive that many people believe it is the poor affecting the main populations when it comes to viruses and diseases being spread. In fact, it is not those who cannot afford to have the resources of vaccination but those who are opposed to the subject.

To come to the United States immigrants have to present paperwork such as a visa as well as their medical records which hold vaccination reports. If these travelers do not provide any records then they must get vaccinated before coming into the country. with many resources such as free flu vaccines at pharmacies such as Walgreen the question is why is this still an issue. The problem is our rights as shocking as that sounds. To further explain because as citizens we have a right to refuse to vaccinate ourselves we are the ones creating the risk.

In colleges know they are making it mandatory to obtain vaccinations if you would like to live on campus without it you will be refused housing. so the question is raised why don’t people want to get vaccinated? Well for most they believe it is unsafe and holds a large amount of other toxins. the truth is infants as well as adults run a great risk and these vaccines are mostly made up of water with antigens. although the side affects are there and there is an eighty five to ninety five percent chance it works it is worth it. we should all get vaccinated to stop the risk of infecting others and having to spend a large sum of money to get cured.

Is This Photo Ethical?

It seems counterintuitive that taking photos of disasters happening may be ethical. The fact of the matter is that that in today society money holds a great power of morality. Many people make it their jobs to take pictures and videos for news companies sch as Fox and ABC. at a certain point where is the line crossed of what right and what is wrong.

Is having a crowd of photographers taking a pictures of a young, 15 year old Haitian girl as she takes her last breath acceptable; just to display a story for the evening news. In my opinion Yes it is unethical. this girl was shot on accident by police officials now everyone has to see her lifeless corpse. At a certain point a story can raise awareness without having all the gruesome effects of seeing this tragedies through media. think about how the family would feel seeing her photos posted everywhere. having to be reminding of that specific day and be able to see in.

The reasons I find it disrespectful is most of these news photographers are not in it for the story but for the money. They travel to different countries getting thousands of photos each week for profit. The sad part is none of the families of the victims will ever see a dollar. what is even worst is most people wont find it a memorable story without this explicit media.

Elephant abuse

it is counterinutive to think that a famous circus of  performers and is said to be one of the greatest shows on earth meant for families does not treat each one of their own as family. the Ringling Bros have been one of the most popular circus’ around. they attracted thousands with acrobats, clowns,and exotic animals. what made them special was their theme of family.

Elephants are one of the most largest and friendliest mammals. they are quite intelligent animals and have served in many circus acts. animal abuse with circus’ have been going on for a long time. overtime these circus’ started to fall once word got out. In today’s society they’re rare. What was found was worst these so called family acts trained such lovable friendly creatures by instilling them with fear and punishment. They used whips, electric shocks and even bullhooks to ensure their commands were met.

Kenny was an a Elephant at the Ringling bros circus he died like many after being ignored treatment by his owners. Kenny deserved justice like many elephants. He deserved to have someone speak for him. He deserved to be free. No animal should have to pay with their lives just because of profit. Its up to us to make a change and not allow for these atrocities to happen.


1. Men Defining Rape: A History

It seems counterintuitive that throughout the course of history, men have defined rape and established laws and punishments based on their definitions. However, in reality, it is primarily women who were being affected by those laws and punishments. The Code of Hammurabi, which was written in about 1780 B.C., defines rape in a way that favors the rapist over the victim. The current Republican party today still attempts to define rape in a way that favors the rapist.

2. Cute, Sexy, Sweet, Funny

It seems counterintuitive that we are wired to perceive things a certain way; they are not intrinsically that way. We only find a food to be sweet because our brains have been wired to find the food to be sweet. The food is not inherently sweet.

3. How Mom’s Death Changed My Thinking About End-of-Life Care

It seems counterintuitive that most of the costs of healthcare are spent at the end of a person’s life on often futile efforts to keep a person alive. In actuality, many people would prefer that their loved ones were allowed to die peacefully rather than be told that another likely ineffective method could be tried.


  1. The Power of the Placebo Effect

It seems counterintuitive that a fake treatment can be more effective than a treatment with active ingredients. Though placebos are mostly used in pharmaceutical studies, they can also be used to determine the relationship between mind and body.

A big part of the placebo effect working is that the person giving you the treatment looks professional and reliable, i.e. wearing a white lab coat. If somebody on the street gave you a placebo pill, telling you it was an actual pill that would have a certain effect on your body, it may not work due to skepticism.

Not many people realize that the mind and body are connected and work together, or many people forget. The placebo effect proves it to be true because though there are no active ingredients and it still shows positive results.

2. The Placebo Phenomenon

It seems counterintuitive that you can take a placebo and feel the effects and still not be able to cure the disease/disorder at hand. There is no real explanation why this happens.

There needs to be more information and research put into the placebo effect. It is not developed enough to be used in clinical practice. Once placebos progress enough to be utilized, treatments will be a lot safer. Overprescribing of medicines will be eradicated as well as the side effects of a normal pill/injection/etc. Costs will be much lower for treatment.

Rather than studying medicine, we can study the mind and how it works along with the body. Once we figure out how to use a placebo effectively, we may have access to treatments outside of health care facilities and professionals.

3.The Debate over the Placebo Effect

It seems counterintuitive that we should take a pill that does not cure our illness. It is not logical to take something that will only temporarily alleviate our symptoms.

Taking a placebo and then finding out that it is a placebo will probably end up in the feeling of betrayal. The person finding out that their medicine is actually inactive can lose trust in the health care system going forward. Also, if the placebo does not work and they continue getting sicker, it can take more active medicine and treatments to get the illness to slow down. This is just the exact opposite of the point of placebos.



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“Do Tom’s Shoes Really Help People?”- Kiera Butler

It seems counterintuitive that organizations like “Toms Shoes” and others try to help impoverished countries by having a “buy one, give one” event. Companies use this method to make people feel good about splurging and buying something more expensive, but despite the apparent benefit of sending food or clothing to countries that may seem to need them, most of those countries don’t need them at all.

For example, in Ethiopia, where some of the shoes go, children need to have shoes to go to school. However, students get the shoes from the organizations in school. This means that only students who already have shoes get a pair of shoes from these organizations.

The problems presented by these organizations extends even into the marketplace. When tsunami hit Indonesia in 2006, donations came in from different organizations to the locations affected. Instead of actually helping the locals, they created an excess of food. Farmers inland experienced competition and lost out on profit due to the free rice that people were taking instead. After a while, treatment like this from these organizations and volunteers can spoil those helped, and create a reliance on them instead of those countries governments.

Thankfully, some organizations are avoiding these issues by working alongside communities. Some companies are also donating things that children and people in impoverish communities actually need like glasses and meals to impoverished children. It’s tough to figure out ways that buy-one-give-one companies can donate to communities effectively, but at least they’re raising awareness.

Do Toms Shoes Really Help People?


“Do Multivitamins Really Work?”- Kiera Butler

It seems counterintuitive that people take multivitamins to stay healthy, when in actuality the benefits are almost nonexistent. In some cases, it can even be dangerous. In most cases, people in first world countries get the right amount of nutrition from the food they eat during the day, making multivitamins superfluous.

Many manufacturers claim that multivitamins can help prevent chronic illnesses, but similar studies done on postmenopausal women in 2009 and 2011 yielded results that said it had no effect at all. Another often cited study states that people who take vitamins are actually more likely than people who don’t take vitamins to reach their daily nutritional goals from the food they eat anyway.

In some cases, multivitamins can even have some harmful effects. Several studies even found that excessive folic acid intake with lesions that can lead to colorectal cancers. The elderly become more at risk for heart disease since the extra iron they get from the vitamin isn’t needed in their system. Pregnant women even increase their risk of birth defects if they’re not careful about what kind of multivitamins they take.

Not all companies are honest with their statements, either. a recent analysis found that 60 common multivitamins had misleading information on their bottles. Federal health officials recommend that kids who are picky eaters and people with anorexia take multivitamins, but many nutritionists also recommend that people take multivitamins- even if they don’t need them. My best recommendation is to just save money by not buying multivitamins all together.

Do Multivitamins Really Work?


“The Cruelest Show On Earth”- Deborah Nelson

It seems counterintuitive that a circus act is titled “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Elephants are historically one of everyone’s favorite acts, as they are intelligent animals that are capable of performing stupendous feats. However, they require a lot of care. Care that a lot of circus groups are not adequately providing.

Federal regulations state that sick elephants have to be checked by a veterinarian and then given the okay before performing again. In the case talked about by Deborah Nelson, an Elephant named Kenny was mistreated in this way. He had been showing signs of ailment for a couple days prior, and had not been properly seen by a veterinarian by the time it was time for him to perform. Throughout the course of the day, he developed diarrhea, bleeding, and weakness in his legs. Only after a circus veterinarian saw him that afternoon was he dismissed from the evening show- or at least that would have been the case. Ringling Bros overruled him Kenny was forced to perform a third time, but didn’t do any stunts.

The story goes from bad to worse for Kenny, as the bleeding continued after the show. After being given water and being shackled to his stall, he was found dead hardly two hours later by a night attendant. Elephants are beautiful and intelligent creatures that deserve just as much respect and positive treatment as any human performer or any living being, really.

The Cruelest Show on Earth

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McDonald’s incident: Enough with the hatred of cops

It seems counterintuitive that the ones who dislike and slander the police are the ones who call them the second they are in trouble.  Police officers around the country are being discriminated against for no reason at all, just because they are police officers.  

The media in today’s society has such an influence on its viewers and these news stories are giving people the wrong idea of law enforcement.  It just puzzles me at how some people can hate the only people who are willing to protect you at all costs.  When police officers are being turned away trying to order food it just really confuses me as to how someone can not support people that help you.  I guarantee you if a man with a gun came into that store and tried to rob the place, that employee would have called the police.  

The moral of this summary is that the public is turning against the wrong people.  We owe it to police officers to show them the respect they deserve, not by treating them like the criminals they detain.  By changing the idea everybody has of the police it will benefit all parties, keeping everyone safe and happy.  135 police officers were killed in the line of duty last year, 21 of them being in ambush style attacks.  It’s time we start seeing all the good things the police does for us rather than all the “negative”.  

Viewpoint: College athletes should be paid

It seems counterintuitive that people still think Division 1 college athletes should be paid.  The best athletes from around the world come to the United States to compete in “NCAA Division 1” college sports, the highest rank of collegiate sports.  A common misconception in the sports industry is people feel D1 athletes should be paid but in fact, they shouldn’t and never will be.

The main driving argument is that these athletes generate millions of dollars for the universities they attended, which is true, but some do not see the big picture.  By going to these colleges they are given experiences like no other and helps tremendously with creating a future for these students.  Having the opportunity to play Division 1 sports is the best paycheck anyone should ever receive because it opens up a whole new world for these college kids.  You get the exposure that professional sports need to see you and for most Division 1 athletes, helps them create a future for themselves.  

New Backup Camera Rule: Cameras Will Be Mandatory by 2018

It seems counterintuitive that backup cameras will now be mandatory on all cars but we have gone years without this being a requirement until now. The  movement towards safer roads will continue in 2018 with this new law.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just finalized the regulations of backup cameras after years of perfecting it.  As of the new year, all new cars will be required to have backup cameras to help prevent more “backover accidents”.  Backover accidents are when drivers reverse over the other without noticing; these accidents have about 200 people killed and 14,000 people injured every year.  

A common topic that has everyone thinking is, how much more will these backup cameras cost?  Some people can’t afford a vehicle so by making backup cameras required, there is curiosity as to how much this increase the price in vehicles.  Fortunately for consumers, the new mandated backup cameras will only increase the price of new cars $40-$140.


1. Free Heroin To Battle Addiction

It seems counterintuitive that heroin addicts in Vancouver are receiving heroin to battle their addiction. A safe zone called Insite provides addicts with clean syringes, antiseptic wipes and other instruments, with heroin included.

Allen Schauffler, Pacific Northwest Correspondent for Al Jazeera says, “It’s a program that’s grown out of a couple earlier research projects into the effectiveness of methadone and suboxone–heroin alternatives —in treating heroin addicts. And the people that are now getting free heroin prescribed by a doctor, two or three times a day as needed, are people who were in those two research studies…”

Simply giving addicts the drug will reduce the harm they cause themselves and society. Giving them the drug makes is less likely that addicts will end up dead in an alley with a needle in their arm, or reduces the risk of robbery or theft in order for them to buy more of the drug.

But Schauffler also says, “It is a form of blackmail. What it says to these people is, ‘Yep, you are heroin addicts. A certain number of you, the most severely addicted are heroin addicts, you’ll always be heroin addicts, there is no hope of you getting off heroin, therefore let’s provide you with heroin so you are the least dangerous drug addict you can possibly be. It’s a very odd, very odd moral line to walk.”

Not everyone believes this is the best plan to solve addiction. Jim O’Rourke, the executive director at the British Columbia-based Vision Quest Recovery Society, says that the city is killing addicts with kindness. “We might as well put a bullet in their head,” O’Rourke told him. “We’re killing them. We just doing it in a much nicer way.”

2. End-Of-Life Care

It seems counterintuitive that we spend more money on people that have very little chance of survival. One-fourth of Medicare spending occurs in the final year of life. This care is often futile. It doesn’t always prolong lives, and it doesn’t always reflect what patients want. Families need to make the hard decision of an outcome that cannot be reversed.

When a journalist’s mother was suddenly put into a coma, he needed to make that decision along with his father and sister. He needed to decide if they would take his mother off the ventilator, or spend the money to keep his mother alive, even is there was little chance at survival.

The writers thinking was that he wasted resources for the extra two days his mother was in the ICU. He also thought that it most add up to millions of dollars of thousands of other families spent the same time, or more, deciding what to do.

With this thinking, he asked Elliott S. Fisher, a professor of medicine at Dartmouth and a leader of the Dartmouth Atlas, if he had wasted money and resources to keep his mother alive. Fishers response was, “No. You never need to rush the decision-making. It should always be about making the right decision for the patient and the family. We have plenty of money in the U.S. health-care system to make sure that we’re supporting families in coming to a decision that they can all feel good about. I feel very strongly about that.”

With the situation he had been in, we have the think of the real families that need to make this decision everyday. We should not rush this hard decision, even if that means we spend the extra money or resources.

3. The Polio Vaccine Boycott

It seems counterintuitive that the Nigerian people boycotted a vaccine that was meant to  eradicating polio. This plan was made in 1996 when Nelson Mandela launched the “Kick Polio Out of Africa” campaign, which aimed to vaccinate 50 million children in 1996 alone.

Nigeria, which accounted for 45% of polio cases worldwide and 80% of cases reported from the African region in 2003. This high prevalence was attributed to poor vaccine coverage during the previous control campaigns. But the of hopes of eradication were dashed by a boycott of the polio immunization campaign in three states in northern Nigeria, amidst rumors and public distrust.

Political and religious leaders of Kano, Zamfara, and Kaduna states in 2003 stopped the campaign by calling on parents not to allow their children to be vaccinated. These leaders argued that the vaccine could be contaminated with anti-fertility agents, HIV, and cancerous agents. Many blame the war in Iraq for the boycott and the belief of contamination. Many scholars backed and lead the boycott, leading to many not getting the immunization needed.

Embarrassed by the political undertone of the boycott, Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, President of the International Fiqh Council, said, “In fact, I was completely astonished about the attitude of our fellow scholars of Kano towards polio vaccine. I disapprove of their opinion, for the lawfulness of such vaccine in the point of view of Islam is as clear as sunlight.” Sheikh Qaradawi said that the same polio vaccine has been effective in over 50 Muslim countries, and blamed the SCSN for creating a negative image of Islam: “They distort the image of Islam and make it appear as if it contradicts science and medical progress.”

Truth of the rumor that the vaccine was contaminated with HIV and other diseases was never established but lack of trust in Northern Nigeria remained. Efforts of the federal government to shut down the rumors were rejected and had no effect. After the 11-month boycott, officials finally relaunched a immunization program for these Nigerian states.


Free Heroin to Battle Addiction:

It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver is battle heroin addiction by giving addicts a supply to free heroin but that is there exact approach. Vancouver is known for many things beautiful cities, snow capped mountains surrounded theses cities and beautiful people. While they are known for these things you also have to realize that it is also a hub for drugs, including heroin due to the fact that it is a port town. Most of these drugs stay in one section of a town referred to as “Downtown Eastside” which is right near tourist sections of Yaletown.

Vancouver has been trying to stem the problem for years they even set up a safe zone where people could come and shoot up under supervision or by a nurse not afraid of being arrested, called Insite. At this center addicts are provided with wipes, clean syringes and other instruments needed they are also providing the worst addicts with the best heroin.

This may not make any sense but the people that are getting heroin tow to three times a day are what doctors prescribe as a treatment for them now. This center has 26 people attending, these are the people that aren’t able to turn to an alternative in a effort to become clean. Thoughts are if you are giving these people a few doses of heroin a day to keep them docile and keep the sort of demons of heroin addiction at bay, the people they are prescribing to are less likely to end up dead in alley with a needle still sticking out of their arm. The harm that they cause to themselves and to society around them is simply reduced if you give them the drug.

This plan of giving heroin addicts a free supply of heroin and a place to do it may seem counter intuitive but it actually seems to be helping these people and the society. One member says that he is able to hold down a job due to this program being open. Also now that these addicts are just given the drug they are less likely to be on the streets selling themselves or stealing. This plan may just actually turn out to be a good one even though you never thought it would be. By allowing these addicts to have such a center where they are able to go and have the drug provided for them keeps them off the streets and lower the risks of deaths.

Why Are Babies Cute?:

It seems counterintuitive that the thought of things being cute, sexy, sweet and funny are backwards but in a way they are according to Darwin. It is a strange inversion we love chocolate cake because it is sweet, guys go for some girls because they think find them to be sexy. Also we adore babies because we find them cute finally we are amused by jokes because they are funny. This is actually all backwards they way we think.

Starting with the cake and it being sweet, our sweet tooth is basically just and evolved sugar detector because sugar is high energy and that’s why we enjoy sugar. Honey is sweet because we like it not because honey is sweet. Sweetness was born with a wiring which evolved. You have to look inside the brain in order to figure out why we enjoy sweetness.

There was anything sexy about the girls in the photo and it’s a good thing thing their isn’t because mother nature would then have a problem. For example how would they get chimps to mate. Chimps don’t hallucinate pictures of females in bikinis they are just wired to like what they see. We evolved in our different ways we lost our hair on our body they did not. Our brains evolved differently to in order to find what we find sexy and what they find sexy.

Our sweet tooth is an evolved instinctual preference for high energy foods and it was not designed for chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is just a supernormal stimuli for our sweet tooth.

It is important that we love/ adore babies and not be put off due to their messy diapers. In order babies have to be able to attract our attention but if babies didn’t look they way they do we would still find them adorable no matter how they looked. That being the strange inversion.

It’s hard to think that things aren’t actually known for being cute, sexy, sweet or funny the only reason we find such things like this is due to how our brains have evolved over the years.

Surviving the Shower:

It seems counterintuitive that showers can be considered a killer but due to the fact that a common cause of death for the elderly is falls, the shower may be a killer in a sense. If a man at the age of seventy five has about fifteen more years to live to reach the average age of a American man, he risks slipping in the shower about 5,475 times. Even though the risk of falling is only about 1 in 1,000 it is still a risk people are afraid to take. With these statics this man could potentially become injured or die five times before reaching his life expectancy.

After working fifty years as a field working in New Guinea he realized the importance of being attentive to the hazards that carry low risk each time but are encountered frequently. He learned this attitude when he was camping and suggested that they pitch their tents under a big beautiful tree, his friends refused due to the fact that the tree could potentially fall on them because it was dead. He thought they were over exaggerating but throughout the following years he realized that every night he camped he heard a tree falling in the forest. He considered that if a trees odds of falling were 1 in 1,000 he could of been dead in a couple years due to sleeping under them.

He adopted the concept of “constructive paranoia” which is a seeming paranoia that actually makes good sense, it often infuriates some of his friends. Americans obsess about the wrong things and fail to watch for real dangers unlike the New Guineans, who have to think clearly about the dangers they encounter. It turns out the Americans exaggerate the risk of events that our beyond their own control that cause deaths at once or that kill in spectacular ways, not thinking about the deaths we can control.

After his studies from both his New Guinea friends and Americans he became really paranoid, step ladders, and staircases. This thinking doesn’t paralyze him he still takes a daily shower and continues to visit New Guinea enjoying all the dangerous things. But not he constantly thinks about the risks and tries to keeps his accidents far below 1 in 1,000 each time.

It’s weird to think about the shower being killer but in a sense it can be due the risk of slips and falls. Not thinking about these causes of death and being naive to such a death can be dangerous.