Purposeful Summaries – picklerick

It seems counterintuitive that hospitals will chose to keep someone alive even when going against their patients’ wishes to accept death. To me, this practice is ethically wrong and should be changed. There comes a point in a person’s treatment where the cost and pain of recovery becomes too overbearing. All efforts of healing the patient become fruitless. The article mentions the fact that about one quarter of MedicRe payments are made in the final year of a patient’s life. This is absurd considering the amount of suffering said patient endures whilst going through the treatment. There are a few reasons hospitals may do this. They may be trying to obtain more money from their patients, or the patients’ families may be making these decisions for them. This just goes to show how small of an impact the actual patient has over their own life.


It seems counterintuitive that fantasising about your future is actually harmful to your level of motivation. This is due to the fact that when we fantasise, we often imagine our ideal outcome without taking into account the steps it takes to reach that outcome. This moves us to expect said outcome without making the necessary efforts needed to actually reach it. This article mentions how there is a big difference between expectation and fantasy. Expectation is based on past experiences, where fantasy is not. If we start realising what our true expectations are for our future, we may have an easier time taking steps to improve upon those expectations.


It seems counterintuitive that taking multivitamins would be bad for your health. These delicious gummies are supposed to be nothing but helpful, right? Well, it turns out that they are often useless in the average person’s diet. Most people get more than enough nutrients in their everyday diet, making making multivitanins a waste of money. This article refers to studies which actually link “excessive folic acid intake to lesions that can lead to colorectal cancers” (Butler, 1). With concerning studies like this, it’s probably better to go easy on the flinstone multivitamins.


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