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It seems counterintuitive that people are still investing in Bitcoin even though it’s essentially fake currency. A little over a year ago tons of people invested in a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. It is a currency online that has little to no value, but somehow soared in sales a year ago. However, people are now catching on to the creators Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. They say they are backed up by big names like the New York Stock exchange, but even that hasn’t helped the company to raise their prices.

At one point the bitcoin universe was worth about 3.5 billion, but since the price of shares has decreased. People are catching onto the fake currency and realizing that the money they are investing is just going to waste. Essentially, a Bitcoin is worth nothing and there is no point in investing in a fake currency.

There are so many downsides to investing in Bitcoin. People will invest and come out with nothing. People will trade Bitcoins for real items or they will essentially purchase illegal items with Bitcoins. It has become a market close to the Dark Web in some fashions and who can trust their money on there. Hackers everyday will take your invested money and you will never see it again. In the end, don’t invest your money in some silly fake start-up company that wont get you any profit just stick to real stocks and invest in the right things.


It seems counterintuitive that they would place a KFC and a Pizza Hut next to Sphinx, but companies try and find the best way to make money. In the video you see a Pizza Hut and a KFC located across from the Sphinx in Egypt. People just like me are definitely wondering why that is? The only logical explanation would be for marketing purposes. Having a big fast food chain located across from one of the greatest wonders of the World is great for business.

It seems messed up and definitely intruding that they would place such stores like that near the Sphinx. You should preserve the land of Egypt and the Sphinx. It just does not seem right of them to put such fast food places near a tourist destination.

As long as it brings in business though, the companies do not care. It almost seems counterintuitive for people to travel to Egypt to see the Sphinx and dine in at a fast food chain where you could get anywhere else. It is 100% a marketing tactic and the owners of the branches must do good business, but once again it just doesn’t seem right for people to eat there while visiting such an amazing location.


It seems counterintuitive that people slip and fall in the shower, but people die from that daily. Youll think to yourself, How dumb really are people? Actually you should get used to the saying though because older aged people die all the time due to slips and falls. I pesonally have helped up multiple older people in this neighborhood next to me on runs through the neighborhood. It happens all the time. Due to weak bones these older people will fall and it occurs the most in showers. You think that you take one shower a day or maybe even more. Bottom line you shower daily. All thopse times in the shower you are bound to fall at some point, because statitically people fall 1/1000m times in showers. All it takes it one stupid fall due to old age and we could lose a life.







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  1. DoubleA, I think you accidentally posted this so that only Administrators and Editors could view it. I have made it public. If I did that in error, I apologize, but it seemed like an oversight on your part. I can show you how to avoid it in the future.


        1. A tiny and utterly inconsequential oversight, AA. No need to apologize.

          I’m eager to see your White Paper sources. (I know the workload can be overwhelming early in the class, so I’m very forgiving about assignment delinquency in the early weeks. Do your best. It’s more important that you stay IN TOUCH than that you stay current. Conferences, emails, responses to blog comments, phone calls, home visits: they’re all OK. I worry about students only when I lose touch. History tells me those who hide are in the most danger.)


  2. I’m always delighted to see the Pyramid video. I had the good fortune to visit Cairo ten years ago before the politics became so unsettled and took a nearly identical video myself when I saw to my complete amazement how close to the pyramids and Sphinx both KFC and Pizza Hut had built franchises. It probably shouldn’t have surprised me, but, like everyone else’s, my imagination had located this Wonder of the World somewhere more distant from crap than it actually is.


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