15 thoughts on “Agenda MON NOV 27”

  1. -How to correctly write a write an annotated bibliography this is due wednesday before class
    -Self-reflective statement is due sunday by midnight, do not use any material from comp I.
    -What will be includeded in your portfolio:
    -3000-word Research Position Paper
    -Annotated Bibliography, 10-15 Sources
    -Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    -Self-Reflective Statement
    -Two of the following:
    -Definition Argument Rewrite
    -Causal Argument Rewrite
    -Rebuttal Argument Rewrite


  2. – For annotated bib take from proposal +5, should have 15 or so sources
    – Bibliography is about the 10-15 most useful sources
    – Cite the source
    – Tell background of the source
    – Then how i used the source
    – Link the source
    – Broad range of source types
    – Annotated Bibliography is due Wed 29
    – Do not use old self reflective statement
    – Rewrite arguments if intended to put in portfolio


  3. -If you feel confident that you will be finished, make your final grade conference for December 11. If not, make it for December 13.
    -A works cited only mentions the sources that you cite in your paper.
    -It is considered plagiarizing to submit your work from another class.
    -Tailor paper to known audience.
    -You can leave out one of your short arguments from your portfolio.
    -You may rewrite your short arguments if you choose to do so.


  4. -Annotated bibliography is due Nov 29
    -There must be between 10-15 sources
    -Self-Reflective statement is due Dec 4
    -No not copy and paste from Comp 1
    -Copy and paste the outline and fill in the information as you go
    -Research Position Paper is due Dec 6
    -You need a work cited
    -The portfolio is also due Dec 6
    -It must contain your 3000 word paper, annotated bibliography, Visual Rhetoric rewrite, and 2 rewrites from your definition argument, casual argument, or rebuttal argument
    -Open your work and in the category box click your username-portfolio


  5. Annotated Bibliography is about the sources used. About 15 sources. No fewer than 10. There is a background and how I used it for each source.
    Self-Reflective Statement is about the core values and how we used them during the semester. Goals 1-5. How we accomplished the goals.
    Research Paper should be 3000 words. Works cited needs to included. Need 10 sources.
    Portfolio should have all the required assignments in it. 6 assignments required in the portfolio. Rewrite for any of the three assignments we can pick from can be put into a new post. A11, A12 or A13.


  6. – Have an annotated bibliography by Nov. 29 should be very detailed and have about 10-15 sources
    – Have a self-reflective statement by Dec. 04 about what we learned from each core value and within each value there must be a maximum of 125 words.
    – The Research Position Paper is due Dec. 06 it must have a minimum of 3,000 words and contain all the arguments (its purpose is to persuade readers of the rightness of our opinion based on the evidence we’ve complied and synthesized)
    – The portfolio contents:
    1. 3,000-word research position paper
    2. Annotated bibliography, 10-15 sources
    3. Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    4. Self-Reflective Statement
    5. Two of the following:
    Definition Argument Rewrite
    Causal Argument Rewrite
    Rebuttal Argument Rewrite
    Note to self:
    – Make sure to make rewrites to each of the arguments
    – Improve the structure of the research paper all together and have a meet the 3,000 word expectation


  7. Annotated Bibliography
    -Background and how it was used
    -Adapt from proposal +5
    -Broad range of credible source types

    Self-Reflecive Statement
    -Understand that writing is a practice which involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.
    -Persuade the reader that you accomplished the goals
    -Understand that writing is shaped by its audience
    -Understand the role of information literacy in the practice of writing
    -Understand the ethical dimensions of writing
    -cut and paste the self reflective statement outline

    Research Position Paper
    -Paper is an argument
    -Paper compiles work from the entire semester
    -Paper shows the importance of significant research
    -Paper shows evidence of significant research
    -Paper achieves the high standards of academic integrity
    -Paper includes a works cited
    -Rewriting any arguments should be posted in one of the rewrite categories

    -research paper
    -annotated bibliography
    -visual rhetoric rewrite
    -self-reflective statement
    -two of the arguments


  8. Comp 2 Notes 11/27/17
    Make an appointment for grade conference at the end of the semester
    Wednesday December 6th, Research project and portfolio are due
    Next Monday self reflective statement is due
    Annotated bibliography is due November 29th
    15 Sources in our annotated bibliography
    Do not have to cite all sources in paper
    If your work cites 12 sources, then your works cited will have 12 sources
    Annotated bibliography will cite all of the resources that you used to create your work, and even your ideas
    Self-reflective statement
    You can plagiarize your own material, so do not do it
    Your research paper should be able to convince a person that is “wishey washey” or vulnerable to the topic.
    Also it should be able to give sources to others who can then go and convince others on the given topic
    Your paper is to PERSUADE
    It is a paper that compiles the work of the entire semester, so it should show evidence by research.
    We also need our opinions in there because otherwise, it would just be a paper that compiles a bunch of sources
    The paper has to credit every outside influence, and needs to be fair about its use of sources. IT has to treat sources with respect, by using what the original author intended to prove. You are not allowed to “put words” in the authors mouth.
    The paper will include a works cited,
    Citations do not have to be mechanically stringent, they just have to show that you are using another person’s work in your essay to prove a point
    3000 word position paper
    Annotated bibliography
    Visual rhetoric Rewrite
    Self-reflective statement
    Two of the following
    Definition argument
    Causal argument
    Rebuttal rewrite
    If you want to rewrite the arguments you may do so on your own time
    We can use the values of rewriting in our self-reflective statement
    If you want to revise any arguments, before putting them into your research paper, put it in the rewrite category
    You can also choose not to
    The portfolio needs to meet those six requirements stated above


  9. Deadlines and schedule of due dates above. Make sure to schedule a grade conference for either Monday or Wednesday.
    Annotated bibliography is a paper with all the sources used in the research paper. It mentions what the article is about and how you use it in your paper. Different from a work cited.
    Portfolio is due on December 6th.
    Self Reflection Statement: write a response to the goals located under the assignment for self reflection statement, respond to them stating whether or not you feel you have accomplished those goals


  10. Annotated Bib Due -Nov 29
    3,000 word research position – due December 4, 2017
    View portfolio on dec 6
    Pull material from your proposal +5 for your annotated bibliography and restrict them to your 15 most used sources!
    *know the goals and objective for your reflective statements and information literacy connects to our visual rhetoric assignment
    * do rewrites so Professor can compare the value of feedback & rewriting


  11. We went over due dates.

    Annotated bib is when we write about a source and how we utilized it. (10-15 sources)

    Our self-reflective statement needs to have how we reached our goal for each core value and must be linked to one of our works. (Same as Comp I)

    The research position paper is to kinda get people to see your opinions on the paper.

    My Portfolio will contain, the 3000 word research position paper, annotated bib, Visual rhetoric, self reflective statement and Casual & Rebuttal argument.


  12. Grade conferences
    -select own deadline
    No final exam
    A14 annotated bibliography
    – adapt from proposal +5
    – set up
    Source mla format linked to url
    Background : this article…
    how I used it: this article helped me…
    -you can copy and paste proposal plus five just change past tto present tense
    – need 15 sources eith broad range of creditability
    -need academic sources at least half
    -you can submit drafts to feedback please anytime before due date
    Self-reflective statement
    -core values
    Goal 1: ex: sharing post on blog and getting reaction from classmates and professor. We engage in social process because we make our work available to see
    Goal 4 : visual rhetoric assignment, into world of visual information to understand and be understood. Attempt to communicate importance of providing info and details
    Ethical goal: not to take authors sources out of context in order to persuade your readers of your p.o.v. Respect other authors and readers by being honest. Accurately present infor in writing
    -Cut and paste formatting
    Research position paper
    – paper is an argument convince people of your pov
    -definition , causal and rebuttal essay combined
    -paper must show evidence of significant research
    -minimum of 3,000 words
    -sources cited accurately, no borrowing without citation , credit all influenced
    -works cited included in paper
    -be scared if you have fewer than seven sources
    -indirect / informal citations
    Portfolio content
    1) research paper
    2) annotated bibliography
    3) visual
    4) reflective
    5&6) two of the following : rewrite before
    Due before class December 6th


  13. Annotated bibliography
    -due Wednesday
    -15 Sources; all sources don’t need to be in paper
    -All sources in your paper must be in the works cited
    -Use websites that helped you with ideas

    Reflective Statement
    -Due Dec 4, Monday
    – don’t use comp 1
    -Copy outline then fill in your paragraphs within

    Research Paper
    -Due Dec 6, Wednesday
    -Works Cited
    – entire semester of work, must look like you researched a lot
    -add opinions
    -citations do not have to be direct , but you need to credit author
    -Use Rebuttal, Causal , and Definition essays

    -Due Wednesday, Dec 6
    –Research Paper
    — Bibliography
    — Rhetoric Rewite
    — Two of the three 1000 word essays
    –self reflective
    You can rewrite any of the arguments, but put it in the rewrite assignments first
    (you don’t need too)

    Make conference appointment for grades


  14. *I already submitted my notes to this agenda but they didn’t submit correctly so this is a repost*
    -Grade conferences dec 11 or dec 13
    -no final exam
    -A14 Annotated Bibliography
    set up
    1) source MLA format linked url
    2) background: This article..
    3) How I used it: This article helped me…
    you can copy and paste proposal +5 just change past tense to present tense
    need 15 sources with broad range of creditability
    need academic sources
    you can submit any work before it is due to get feedback
    -core values
    -goal 1: ex: sharing post on blog and getting reaction from classmates and professor, we engage in social process because we make our work available to see
    -goal 4: visual rhetoric. into world of visual information to understand and be understood. attempt to communicate importance of providing info and details.
    ethical goal: do not take authors sources out of context in order to persuade your readers of your pov. respect other authors and readers. accurately present info in your writing.
    -cut and paste formatting
    -paper is an argument convince people of your pov
    -definition, causal, rebuttal essay combined
    -paper must show evidence of significant research
    -minimum of 3,000 words
    -sources cited accurately, no borrowing without citation, all influences must be credited
    -paper includes works cited
    -be scared if you have fewer than seven sources
    -indirect/informal citations
    2)annotated bib
    5 and 6) two of the following: definition, causal, and rebuttal (rewrite first)


  15. – Reminder professor meeting is this Wednesday 11/29 @ 7:30am
    – Grade Conference on 12/11 @ 7:40am
    – you can submit your research paper for feedback before the deadline
    – lots of due dates coming up in the next two weeks
    – use informal citations
    – makes sure to put re-writes in correct category (there are re-write categories)


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