Definition Argument-Thenaturalist201

Definition Argument -Thenaturalist201

What does the word privilege mean? and when talking about privilege socially the world has been hammered to believe that skin color as a big impact on how people are treated. So when looking at society and going on the basis that people are privileged by their skin color that means that we can easily look at everybody and predict how much privilege they have right?

So how does that apply to people whose skin color is white or lighter but are not even white? they are Hispanic, African American, or any other ethnicity. This is an ongoing issue because people who are multiracial have been told that they have the privilege and that they are treated better because they are not fully one of the ethnicity. But how is anyone supposed to know what privilege is if they all believe it is only based on a lighter skin color.

So what nobody dares to talk about is the possibility of other ethnicities having the privilege or is privilege even a real thing. so now we can ask the question what is the privilege?

Privilege is an advantage that you are born with you are not acquired privilege, this advantage varies from being hired over other based on skin color to have an easier time buying groceries at a grocery store. Having privilege also includes the ability to receive welfare and more affordable healthcare.

When talking about receiving welfare and healthcare we can easily say that the ability to receive welfare based on skin color is easier for the minority and yes that can be considered having the privilege and having an advantage based on skin color.

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Definition Argument – PaulaJean5

Many people are unaware about just how much their mind controls their conscious/subconscious actions. You watch a commercial for some type of food, but you’re not exactly watching it. Unless it is the Super Bowl, you are probably too preoccupied with something else to be watching the commercials between your show. But then why when you go to the grocery store, are you craving this random kind of food? You don’t exactly think twice about it and you buy it anyway. That commercial that was on in the background subconsciously effected your actions without you even realizing.

This happens all day, everyday. What you glance at, hear, smell, hear; all of this is you exploring the world around you. But you do not give much thought to every single thing you see and hear. How does this happen? Sometimes it happens due to expectations and some occur just because your subconscious mind is more alert than your conscious. This is called the Placebo effect.

The Placebo effect is usually mentioned in terms of medical and pharmaceutical trials. Doctors are given an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group will receive the actual medicine and the control group will receive the placebo, or sugar pill. The most effective way to conduct this kind of experiment is double-blind. This means that the groups don’t know what they are receiving and the experimenter/doctor does not know who is receiving what.

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Definition Argument- pAtricKStar123

While there are many law protecting the right of humans there aren’t as many laws protecting animals. Our country has made great effort in the past to protect animals once it has become severe. what i mean by this is we push our selves to make it our job to protect animals after we’ve done serve damage. an example would be hunting exotic animal until almost extinction. With our new technology and innovations as well as social media helping support our causes for equal rights for all. why do companies still test on animals.

So,  the question is why do companies test on animals? why is there a small percentage of us doing something about it? Well the main reason companies claim to test on animals is to check if the products are safe. on of the biggest acts of testing on animals come from the cosmetic industry. the matter of the fact is the U.s in 2014 used over 100 million animals including rats,mice birds, agricultural animals , and reptiles. of these 100 million many died so we have to think what are in these products that we use today?  Especially in cosmetic productions for our skin, hair, and eyes what are putting on. these animals are being misused for our sake. we are allowing these animals to be abused, be misused, harming them by causing them pain, illness, and cancers.

So in terms of cosmetic products why do they use animals when their products are made for humans? well while researching, I have found that although we have different skin types companies are always trying to expand new products. Companies use animals because they are allowed to it is cheaper and it comes with less consequences then testing on animals. if the statistics of animals that got diseases, cancer, skin rashes/burns, and died were switched with human testing. the amount of death would be substantial.

Although many companies claim not to be using animals for testing that could be indeed a lie. companies are not required to put on the label whether they actually test on animals or not. Some brands that test today are Avon, Clinique, Estée Lauder, maybeline, Make up forever, and the most well heard of Victoria’s Secret.

What is scarier is this funding for testing is funded by us . shocking right many people are against this yet do not know that they are unconsciously helping the companies they hate. one way people fund this form of testing is that we have and incredible amount of people still buying these products. as stated in an article by PETA, “Through their taxes, charitable donations, and purchases of lottery tickets and consumer products, members of the public are ultimately the ones who—knowingly or unknowingly—fund animal experimentation. ”

An important scenario to think about is we do not just use animals to cosmetics but also medicine. for example we use pregnant animals to test birth control. what happens is Companies take these pregnant animals force them to take the medicine. Some die, some don’t if the animals lives we check to see if there animals have any side effects. if the animal die we take another and try again. Now how cruel does it sound that after one animal dies, we don’t stop right there. Instead companies dispose of these dead “lab participants” and bring in another countless times until we get it right. similar to most i believe it would be better to test on animals for medical research only just because it was safer then testing on us. through my research i found i was wrong, as an article by PETA states, “Diseases that are artificially induced in animals in a laboratory, whether they be mice or monkeys, are never identical to those that occur naturally in human beings. And because animal species differ from one another biologically in many significant ways, it becomes even more unlikely that animal experiments will yield results that will be correctly interpreted and applied to the human condition in a meaningful way.” so doing so what is the point we are just wasting these animals lives over and over and over again.

i believe we should ban animal testing worldwide. many countries made it a law that they must test before putting anything n their shelves. Countries like China enforce this law. although this might be difficult because people dont want to stop buying these brands which they continuously use daily. this is not impossible. if we come together and spread awareness, we could force these companies to undergo other ways of testing and also save the livef



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Definition Argument – DoubleA

Artificial Turf and the Affect it has on the NFL

One of the leading questions critics and players of the NFL have is what to do about the significant amount of knee injuries endured during an NFL season, and the correlation the playing fields have on these knee injuries. With multiple knee injuries occurring to big name players every season the NFL has a problem on their hands. 

Due to the increasing number of concussions players were suffering over the past couple decades the NFL has tried to make the game safer. With new safety rules the NFL has managed to decrease the amount of head to head contact during games, but by doing this has raised the amount of low tackles which causes low blow tackles to the players knees. 

Paired with concussions knee injuries are one of the biggest problems the NFL officials face now a days. Every season some team is affected by injuries along the way, but knee injuries are the biggest blow because they can take anywhere from 6-12 months to heal with rehab. This past season big names like Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, JJ Watt, Jason Peters, Joe Thomas all had big knee injuries that affected their team tremendously.

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Definition Argument- DudeInTheBack

Addiction is debilitating. When your body and brain are physically dependent on something, the addiction runs everything in your life. especially when you have been prescribed a drug for your entire life, all you know is that drug, and without it, functioning seems abnormal. This is the case for people who have been prescribed Adderall since a young age. A drug that gives ADHD patients the magical ability to function normally, making a child grow up thinking they need the drug to function.

Forty Years ago ADHD was not a diagnosis, but rather simply children who could not stay focused in class and had trouble retaining information. They were believed to just be unteachable, and their disruptions in class were not tolerated. So, In return Adderall was prescribed to all of these ADHD classified children. Not paying attention in class, and being disruptive seems like a big issue. In fact, It is big enough to prescribe mind altering drugs to children who do not realize the full power of these drugs.

Now I’m not saying that these drugs are ineffective. Adderall definitely does the job of making you wired. Basically, all of the symptoms involved with ADHD, like inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, lack of focus, disorganization, fidgeting, excessive talking, or frequent interrupting, are controlled. In an article titled, “Adderall vs. Ritalin: What’s the Difference?” it is stated that, “ by increasing the availability of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine in your CNS connections. This speeds up your brain activity.” speeding up brain activity, and also causing you to believe that you are preforming superhumanly, or better than you would sounds perfectly fine. in that case, it would seem perfectly fine to take this miracle pill every day, whenever you need that superhuman boost.

This is where the problem starts, depending on the drug to make you perform, rather than relying on what you are normally equipped with to perform. The purpose for the pill is being put into effect, but what happens if the pill is not there? An article titled, “Adderall Addiction and Abuse” posted by the Addiction center states, “The brain of an addicted person is dependent on Adderall to stimulate alertness and productivity. Without Adderall, addicted people often feel tired and mentally foggy. These are symptoms of Adderall withdrawal, a strong sign of an addiction.” Someone who relies on this artificial performance, after receiving the skills they have obtained through the drug, can act like a bubble pop when the drug is taken away. It becomes a way of life. You take that pill everyday because the doctor prescribed it, and now you are reliant on that pill to succeed. Take coffee as an example, I’m sure many people insist that coffee is what gets hem through the day. without this coffee, they would be useless.

Its simple, the prescription of Adderall to a minor should be prohibited. It is a drug that makes you feel smarter than you actually are, and growing up thinking this can lead to a lifetime of addiction.


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Stone Money – Doublea

When I first heard about the stone money on the island of Yap I thought it was insane. Then I realized it was pretty fascinating that they could trust each other like that. Then the thought came to my head, what really is currency? It is literally just a piece of cloth/paper that has a number on it. In the world we all have a price on everything but what constitutes the world even having currency. Everything could essentially be free and it could be a first come first serve basis.

Obviously, that couldn’t work but wouldn’t it be pretty interesting? The Federal Reserve just puts out a certain amount of money and they can just say how much a dollar is worth. But what really is the amount of money with inflation and all the other factors. We don’t even know anymore. Think about a bank and how they give loans how does that money even exist it goes from computer system to computer system and it just has a numerical value on a screen.

When I read Friedman’s essay it amazed me how people could just use a stone as a way of currency and they don’t even move it. They literally just pass ownership on and on through the memory of others but everyone on the island knows whose stone is whos. In his article Friedman talked about how the Germans “seized” their stones from them until they made roads. Automatically, even though it is a mediocre thought it made me think of the fact that your parents will take things away from you until they are done. It seems dumb to put it into that perspective but think about how a parent will take away your phone for not doing your homework. The phone is the currency everyone has a phone but when you take away the phone the person instantly does their work to get it back. ONce you get all the work done that you were supposed to and get your grade up you will get your phone back.

nother thing that caught me off guard was that even the people of Yap didn’t have the stone present they still counted it as a form of currency. The article went on to tell a story about how a limestone was brought back from a nearby island. The limestone was the biggest and the prettiest they have recovered. Unfortunately, a storm hit and they lost the limestone in the Pacific Ocean. Now the crazy part is that the people of Yap still considered that stone tradeable. Even though it was at the bottom of the ocean they considered it for trade. It reminds me giving someone something for a check. You have the money but you don’t have it on you at the moment. It’s almost like you’re trusting the person to have the money in their bank account and hope that their check doesn’t bounce. They have to trust that their money is in their account and that they will get the money someway somehow.

The NPR broadcast also caught me off guard too when they mentioned the online banking. They mentioned the fact that the money is just out there online but is it really there. It makes me think about the fact that you request for a parent plus loan for your kid to get a loan for college. The bank gives you the loan by transferring money into your checking account which then you can transfer that online money into the bank account of the University your kid is attending. Now really is there really a physical money present? No, there is not. You literally transferred an online amount of money from the bank to the Univeristy and you have to trust the bank to pay the Univeristy. Banks essentially themselves don’t even have real money. Yes they have money on hand but if you went and tried to withdrawal all 10,000 dollars out of your bank account they most likely wouldn’t front you all that money right away because then what if all they have figuratively in their safe is 10,000 dollars they wouldn’t have anymore money to give out for withdrawals. Banks rely on the constant flow of money from hand to hand in order to get their money to give out. Banks make all of their money from interest on the loans they give out and imagine if they didn’t approve some people’s loans they would have no money to give out because it is all accounted for and they would not make any profit.

After reading and listening to all of this it made me think of an article I read earlier this semester on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is essentially a cryptocurrency. It has a face value and can be bought but it has little to no value in the real world. You can buy stocks but they are essentially worth nothing because it is fake online money. Bitcoin is basically a currency for the black market to trade around. Bitcoin was brought here to become a new currency maybe for the US and the price of one Bitcoin rose tremendously very fast. Now that people know and figured out what it is and that it has no value people are selling their shares for very cheap and getting rid of their Bitcoins . It is basically an illegal form of currency because it is traded on the black market which we all know is illegal.

After reading all of these articles it really has opened my mind on this whole currency thing. What exactly is the currency we use? Yes it is dollars but do these dollars even have a worth? We all know they do to us but we honestly could live our lives with stones and just trade stones like the people of Yap. I will never know what money is now after reading these articles. As a finance major my eyes were opened widely to the fact that people could trade stones and not even care that much about ownership. It must be the most peaceful island in the world and I would like to research the role of currency even more now that I have the knowledge of the people of Yap.


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Definition Argument- Dancers

Social platforms are beginning to evolve world wide in order to attract a bigger audience and gain more users.  On average a teenager spends about nine hours on social platforms a day.  The average person in society today will spend about two hours on social media. If calculated this is about five years and four months spent on social media within a life time. The average time spent of social media now adds up to be more time than a person uses to eat, drink, and socialize. Evan Asano, in his article “How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media?”, states that the average person uses YouTube for approximately forty minutes, Facebook for thirty-five minutes, Snapchat for twenty-five minutes, Instagram for fifteen minutes, and finally Twitter for 1 minute.

Social media is all around us in this day and age and every person is on at least one social media site. But what is social media exactly, it is “Computer mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.” Wikipedia claims. Social media can be accessed through computers and cellphones now. Which means you have the the technology to use social media in your pocket at all times. There are thousands of different social media platforms available to use daily now not everyone uses every platform but the top five just about everyone uses.

According to statics taken in January of 2018 there are 7.593 billion people in the world.Out of the 7.593 billion people about 4.021 billion of them use the internet, 3.196 billion of them are active on social media, and 2.958 billion of them are active mobile social media users. Within the last year social media users have gone up by 362 million people and people who use mobile apps for social media has gone up 360 million people. America’s population is 1,011 million people and 648 of those million people are active social media users.

Social networking is growing to be more popular and more wide spread to reach all ages of people. Social networking gives people the opportunity to meet new people that share common the common interests. On social media websites the introductions about yourself gives other users information about you, allowing them to get to know you slightly before deciding to even interact with you.  Social media sites are also user friendly they are easy to navigate, even people with little knowledge on how to use the internet can work most of these sites. These websites also give people a job market by allowing professionals to establish their brand online, by posting their skills, accomplishments and previous experiences. In doing so they may be recognized by potential employers and or peers. Now social media allows individuals to reach out but it also allows businesses to reach out as well. Some businesses purposely buy adds on these different websites in order for customers to see them. Finally social networking sites are popular because they are free. It is free to sign up make an account on most of these websites. By these websites being free they gain more and more users.

For each social networking site they reach reach all different ages. Snapchat’s has demographics of 45% percent of users being eighteen to twenty-four, 26% of users are twenty-five to thirty-four, finally they even have 1% percent of users that are sixty-five or older. Facebook’s demographics are the most evenly spread throughout different age groups. 16% of users are between the ages of eighteen to twenty-four, 22% of users are twenty-five to thirty-four, 19% are thirty-four to forty-four, 18% are forty-five to fifty-four, 15% fifty-five to sixty-four, and the last 10% of users are over the age of sixty-five.

Social media reaches people of all backgrounds, such as common people and celebrities as well. Some people have become famous off of using different social media platforms allowing themselves to get their name out their and recognized. Most You Tuber’s start off with very little subscribers but can eventually take over and become widely known around the world. Social media is so influential that sometimes our president even takes to it in order to voice his opinions.

While everyone worldwide loves social media and uses social media daily, it may not be for the best even though it has benefits it also has negatives. With social media it gives people a false feeling of connection. Social media allows you to feel connected to people but at the same time you barely know this person. Using social media decreases the amount of privacy you have within your personal life. The last negative when it comes to social media and maybe the most prominent is the risk of cyber bullying occurring.

Cyber bullying is a problem within schools world wide and is happening more often than expected. Children and teenagers now turn to these different platforms in order to harass other people, finding it easier to hide behind a screen.


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