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Causal Argument- DoubleA

Turf fields do have a direct impact on the increase in injuries we see in the NFL. 13 out of 32 stadiums sport an artificial turf material and even with less than half the number of fields of grass there … Continue reading

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Causal argument-jdormann

Injuries in high impact sports have been found tube more detrimental than in years past. The players that are effected may not be aware of the complications until it is too late for them to recover. Lives are negatively effected … Continue reading

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Causal Argument – picklerick

Reading more nonfiction literature causes your brain to sharpen. When you read informational text, you’re usually making an effort to fully comprehend the text. Whereas when you’re reading a fiction or science fiction novel, you’re likely reading for pleasure. People … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- Dancers

Looking at Bullies Differently Bullying may not seem to be a huge issue in schools today but bullying is still a prevalent problem between children. In 2016 statistics were taken and resulted in more than one out of every five … Continue reading

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Casual Argument-Nreina34

Social Media Is Exposing More Of the Police To the Public. In today’s society, everyone believes what they read on social media.  It is the new “news” source that seems intoxicating and is convincing mostly the younger generation.  Like everything … Continue reading

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Causal Claims-Dohertyk9

Single cause with a multitude of effects (X causes Y and Z): Laws have changed to state that anyone can give or retract consent, and that it must be constantly expressed in order for consensual sex to occur. Effects- it should … Continue reading

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Casual Argument- Myrtle View

The Black Community Lose A Part of Themselves When Black Fashion Becomes Mainstream. 1. Black fashion in the mainstream media causes cultural appropriation. The best thing about diversity is being surrounded by people and cultures that can be similar and … Continue reading

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