Hypothesis 2- tjjones123


Kneeling during the NFL


  1. It’s a slap in the face to people who risked their lives for our country or lost loved ones doing so.
  2. There are no real benefits of kneeling during the anthem.
  3. Sports stars have a great life so why show contempt towards a country that makes it possible?
  4. Not one single person, behavior or law is changed by football players refusing to stand for the anthem.
  5. If these players making hundreds of millions of dollars want to protest, with the money they make they can do so in several other manners without disrespecting everything this country stands for.


My Hypothesis—DoubleA

  1. Knee injuries in football
  2. Knee injuries and artificial turf
  3. the effect that artificial turf has on knee injuries in the NFL
  4. Playing on grass instead of artificial turf fields will reduce the amount of knee injuries in the NFL
  5. Eliminating turf fields would reduce the amount of knee injuries suffered by NFL players in an NFL game
  6. Eliminating artificial turf fields with real grass fields would decrease the total amount of knee injuries in an NFL season

Hypothesis 2nd Draft—pATricKStar

College students are at a high risk for mental health issues in the U.S

  1. They are prone to depression/ anxiety (social)
  2. The lack of sleep and workload adds to the vulnerability of this issue
  3. Many College student don’t even know the sign of the mental health and just think it’s simple stress.
  4. The negative effects of this can cause an abuse of drugs/ alcohol and even further neglect to their health
  5. Without help these students can have their conditions worsen and build life threatening habit for the future
  6. In college this is when kids are most vulnerable to their conditions because this is where they are on their own, living and preparing for the future, and trying to be independent young adults.

My Hypothesis – bugsbunny

1 ) Pregnancy
2 ) Teen pregnancy in America
3 ) Statistics of successfully college-graduated teen moms
4 ) Financial obligations associated with teen pregnancy and college simultaneously
5 ) Family dynamics and dependency of teen moms
6 ) How to create more positive paths for teen moms to still become academically accomplished

My Hypothesis—DoubleA

  1. Global Warming
  2. The recent weather tragedies and climate change
  3. Is global warming really causing these recent tragedies
  4. Due to the fluctuating high and low temperatures and recent natural disasters is global warming the cause
  5. In recent years, is global warming to blame for these worldly natural disasters and the high and low temperatures they bring with it.

Hypothesis 1st Draft—pATricKStar

The comingling of drugs and stress on a college campus

1. With college being stressful alone many students turn to negative ways of coping.

2. Finals week there in a huge amount of abuse of drugs.

3. What are the reasons and how does the brain create a need/want to satisfy this sort of anxiousness.

4. Does media/ society play a role in making people conform.

My Hypothesis- Dancers8

  1. Cyber bullying
  2.  Cyber bullying and its effects on a person within a school setting
  3. Cyber bullying and bullying cases have negative effects on the person being bullied and the bully
  4.  Raising the age of when children should be able to obtain cellphones and access the internet/ social media accounts.
  5.  By putting a strict age restriction on when children are able to join social media will lower the number of cyber bullying cases seen.

My Hypothesis — dudeintheback

  1. Adderall use for children
  2. prescribing Adderall to children
  3. The effect of prescribing Adderall to children, making them addicted in the future
  4. prescribing Adderal to a child will cause addiction to the medication in the future
  5. the prescription of Adderall to children will strengthen the chances of addiction in later years
  6. Eliminating the prescription of Adderall to children will eliminate the chances of addiction to methamphetamines