My Hypothesis — dudeintheback

  1. Adderall use for children
  2. prescribing Adderall to children
  3. The effect of prescribing Adderall to children, making them addicted in the future
  4. prescribing Adderal to a child will cause addiction to the medication in the future
  5. the prescription of Adderall to children will strengthen the chances of addiction in later years
  6. Eliminating the prescription of Adderall to children will eliminate the chances of addiction to methamphetamines

3 thoughts on “My Hypothesis — dudeintheback”

  1. A good start, DudeInTheBack.

    How do you answer the criticism from a reader who wonders all the way through your 3000 words about the kid who has no alternative than to take adderall? Presumably it has some therapeutic value. Has it been replaced by a non-addictive drug? And do you actually mean “addicted,” or do you mean dependent? Is your primary focus on the addictiveness? Or do you think the drug is being over- or carelessly-prescribed, so that kids who didn’t need it in the first place end up for no reason at all with a drug habit they can’t kick? If the answers to any of these questions change your thinking about your hypothesis, you can start to revise it immediately, a process that can continue for weeks as you read more on your topic and sharpen your focus.

    I see you found and employed your Author category. Nice work!


  2. From now on, we can ignore this post, DB. Its purpose was to get the ball rolling. Any further revisions or enhancements to your Hypothesis can be accomplished inside your White Paper, which is already showing considerable progress. Keep up the good work.


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