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Rebuttal – DudeInTheBack

The  Redbull-Meth-Drug That Will Save Our ADHD Ridden Children The biggest refutation to my argument of Adderall being unsafe, and a terrible prescription is those who believe in Adderall’s therapeutic abilities. If it is as bad as I argue, then … Continue reading

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Safer Saws- DudeInTheBack

Analyzing the claims made by Steve Gass (9) in 9a. Steve Gass “…there’s about 60,000 medically treated accidents treated on table saws every year.” 9b. Every year, there is about 60,000 incidents where someone needs medical attention resulting from a … Continue reading

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Causal Argument—dudeintheback

The prescription of Adderall will lead to a lifetime of addiction, and many other social problems In today’s society, we trust everything that a doctor tells us. We follow their prescriptions, and advice because we were paying them to give … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- DudeInTheBack

Second: 00:01 This video begins with a middle aged woman climing up what I assume to be a mountain full of tobacco. I only say this based on the fact that the Ad is for lung cancer screening, and tobacco … Continue reading

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Definition Argument- DudeInTheBack

Addiction is debilitating. When your body and brain are physically dependent on something, the addiction runs everything in your life. especially when you have been prescribed a drug for your entire life, all you know is that drug, and without … Continue reading

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Stone Money- DudeInTheBack

P1. To list all of the effects money has on our world would be impossible simply because money is what keeps the world working. It’s true, without some form of monetized systems for trading, who would want to work, and … Continue reading

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White Paper 2—dudeintheback

Proposal- I am trying to build the information to prove my hypothesis of Adderall being the same thing as methamphetamine. my research so far gives me examples of how it is, but I need more explaining why it is. I … Continue reading

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