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The  Redbull-Meth-Drug That Will Save Our ADHD Ridden Children

The biggest refutation to my argument of Adderall being unsafe, and a terrible prescription is those who believe in Adderall’s therapeutic abilities. If it is as bad as I argue, then why is it still legal? It has to be helping out those with ADHD, and others who take the drug for performance enhancing.

The Invention of Adderall became what it was to compete in the market for ADD/ADHD medications, and eventually rose to being one of the most prescribed, and e medications to treat ADD/ADHD. This hype over the medicine can be credited to its surprising results. In an Analog Classroom Assessment of Adderall in Children With ADHD, the effectiveness of the drug was tested. In this study of 30 children with ADHD, the effects of different dosages (5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg), and a placebo were tested to see how the drug preformed.

For each treatment condition, a capsule was administered in the morning and assessments were performed in an analog classroom setting every 1.5 hours across the day. Subjective (teacher ratings of deportment and attention) and objective (scores on math tests) measures were obtained for each classroom session, and these measures were used to evaluate time-response and dose- response effects of Adderall.” In conclusion, “For doses of Adderall greater than 5 mg, significant time course effects were observed. Rapid improvements on teacher ratings and math performance were observed by 1.5 hours after administration, and these effects dissipated by the end of the day. The specific pattern of time course effects depended on dose: the time of peak effects and the duration of action increased with dose of Adderall.

In conclusion to this study, the addition of Adderall has shown that class performance has greatly increased.

We cannot overlook the benefits Adderall has on those with ADHD. Although there are long term effects of taking the drug, giving your child that boost in their start of schooling is pertinent. In an article posted by Attitude Magazine, an ADHD blog,  they say “Experts agree that parents should consider ADHD medications when symptoms interfere with their child’s social, emotional, or academic life.” Starting your child off with medications to quill their hyperactive tendencies could prevent interferences in their development that would come if symptoms were not dealt with. It is definitely the right option to put a child on medication to benefit their performance for the future.

With this being said, Adderall Is a drug that can save the academic progression of ADD/ADHD patients. Making life easier for them is not something to overlook. If a drug is helping our children in school, and it is safe for the time being, we should look to prescribe.


McCarthy, L. F. (2018, March 08). Top 10 Questions About ADHD Medications for Children… Answered! Retrieved March 20, 2018, from

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  2. Dude, you’re right to identify Adderall’s effectiveness in treating ADD/ADHD as the primary argument in its favor. And as such, its effectiveness is the claim you need to examine most closely. If it stands, your argument against the drug might fail for many readers. How can you refute it?

    First, you need to question the claim of effectiveness.

    The Analog Test.
    Who conducted the Analog Classroom test? If it was a pharmaceutical company, the test is terribly tainted. Are we content to prescribe a drug to millions of kids on the basis of a single experiment on 30 schoolchildren? How much of the claimed improvement depended on the subjective reports of the teachers (versus how much of the improvement could be measured by the math test scores)? Did the teachers know which students had been given the drug? (In other words, were their reports perhaps skewed by their wish to see improvement?)

    Other Drugs.
    Even if Adderall tests well in an experiment on 30 schoolkids whose improvements were measured subjectively by teachers who were motivated to see them improve, that doesn’t mean Adderall is THE BEST drug available to treat ADD/ADHD. Are there comparative studies that demonstrate equal or better performance for other drugs? Or, if the alternative drugs are only 85% as effective as Adderall, but THEY ARE LESS PRONE TO ABUSE, wouldn’t they be better candidates for wholesale prescription?

    First Party Sources.
    Some advocates for Adderall may take comfort in the claim made by Attitude magazine that “Experts agree . . . ,” but that claim doesn’t begin to hold up to academic scrutiny. If you think there is a broad consensus among doctors that Adderall is worthy of strong consideration as a preferred medication, you’ll have to trace that claim back to a less-biased, more credible source. I followed your link back to the online magazine and discovered its name is not ATTITUDE, but “ADDitude: Inside the ADHD Mind.” It’s a popular press newsletter that takes advertising from lots of sketchy-looking medical devices. It doesn’t cite a single medical study or source. In fact, most of its links go to other articles at ADDitude. None of those objections disprove that “Experts agree,” but they do cast significant doubt. That’s OK for you. You’re not depending on this source to make your case. But if you choose it as the primary source to refute, then you’re not convincing skeptical readers that you can swim with the big boys. Trace all secondary (and tertiary) sources back to original academic sources and judge their credibility for yourself, Dude.

    You clearly understand the rationale behind a Rebuttal Argument, and you’re on the right track. You just need to dig a little deeper to make your case.

    Please respond. I appreciate the interaction.


  3. A quick search of Google Scholar turned up these results in about a minute. I searched the phrase “clinical trials Adderall versus alternatives” but without the quotation marks:

    This one is actually called: “Efficacy and safety of drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents”

    I mean to demonstrate how easy it is to find serious academic research into questions you are asking, like: “how well does Adderall compare in efficacy and safety to other ADHD drugs?”



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