Agenda MON NOV 20


12 Responses to Agenda MON NOV 20

  1. killroy513 says:

    Use Google Scholar to help with the research paper to find sources.


  2. flyerfan1974 says:

    -Revise your white paper
    -It will help you put the pieces together in a completed argument
    -Narrow your purpose down when searching articles
    -Start to write purposeful summaries off the articles you find


  3. splash305 says:

    – Spend more time on white paper, the sources and arguments you composed can help through each part of your essay.
    – Google scholar can help with finding better sources even if you need to find sources from this year or a few years ago, you can use the date range for more recent articles.
    – All kinds of questions can come out of one narrow topic, but only when you focus your attention to that topic.


  4. theintern50 says:

    – Google scholar is very helpful
    – Practice opening for A07 helpful tips to revise essay
    – White paper revise, spend more time
    – Examples about polio and what is refutable


  5. alaska38 says:

    Try to go over white paper.
    It is to help see what is missing for research paper.
    Can copy and paste resources into the white paper for a search and find and then go back later to read and go over.


  6. todayistheday19 says:

    -keep all info and advancements in white paper even if you may not keep them in your final paper
    -polio white paper example
    -google scholar
    If you want to fine tune your results by year if you can
    Explains search and than narrow it down
    Use sources from other sources
    -understand that the other person has a pov and discuss without yelling
    -just search around on google scholar for five minutes and it will lead to info
    -copy urls into white paper and you can always consider the sources more in depth later
    -you begin to be an expert based on the materials you collected, your perspective and experiences
    /be willing to address questions faced with counterintuitive
    -A07 addition
    Add arguments, sources, work that is dregarded, Work that needs help, thesis, secondary thesis-different than original, thesis should be Vicente in arguments
    Ask for feedback on
    Thesis and rebuttal


  7. rainbow987 says:

    -It is important to make sure that your sources are relevant to the time period.
    -Advocacy websites are not useful.
    -Your thesis must be very specific.
    -Revise white paper to help organize thoughts.


  8. jadden14 says:

    -google scholar for good sources
    -update white paper
    -find out what is relevant to your argument
    -begin to write purposeful summaries on some of the sources
    -try to reduce topic to one sentence
    -work on A07 white paper


  9. lifeissublime13 says:

    There are only 6 classes left; 3 weeks to go.
    It would be easier to find and organize everything involving the final paper if it was placed in your personal White Paper post.
    Add everything to your White Paper post: three arguments (definition, causal, and rebuttal arguments), sources, final thesis


  10. neweditionlover says:

    *GM morning of 11/20/17 talk about white paper !*
    *Meet With Professor 3 Times For A Passing Grade*
    *Scheduled For Wednesday 11/22 at 10:15 am*
    *Gun Control Restrictions Domestic Violence * could narrow my purpose and a single law passed in the hope to reduce can be affective or not be affective.
    Go Into White Paper To See What It Is Shaping Out To Be *


  11. 11collegegirl says:

    – Polio white paper overlook
    – make sure to be logged in under rowan email so that you can see the full text offered by rowan
    – make sure topics are relevant to your topic
    – prove other things in your argument to bring out your position
    – White paper rewrite is due sunday
    – Prof. white paper
    – working on thesis with prof


  12. yoshi189 says:

    Keep everything in your white paper
    google scholar is very helpful
    you can find results by year
    use the sources from other websites works cited
    keep narrow
    copy urls into white paper so you don’t lose them
    revise white paper
    ask for feedback on rebuttal


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