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Inventor of and sole practitioner of 299-word Very Short Novels.


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Why a Refutation Argument?

The Turing Test The test was introduced by Turing in his 1950 paper, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence“, while working at the University of Manchester (Turing, 1950; p. 460).[3] It opens with the words: “I propose to consider the question, ‘Can machines think?’” Because “thinking” … Continue reading

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Last Class WED APR 25

  Yep. Last Class. But not the last time you’ll see me. We’ll hold the last formal meeting of our class on WED APR 25. We’ll conduct the “Portfolio Double-check” one by one. While not engaged, you will be given … Continue reading

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Causal Rewrite

Electrical distribution systems, including the power source cable into the home, the circuit breaker boxes, and the wires supplying current to all electrical fixtures, are the third leading cause of home structure fires. Therefore, it bears investigating how wired smoke … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Rewrite

The well-intentioned strategy of allowing students to choose their own reading material most often fails. To pad their grades, unambitious students choose easy-readers below their achieved comprehension level, while go-getters overreach, comprehend little, and quit reading out of frustration. As … Continue reading

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Course Evaluations, Please

Please help the Writing Arts Department determine my fitness for instruction by completing a brief evaluation of your experiences in this course. Without identifying who, the administration has informed me that three students from this course so far have completed … Continue reading

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Writing Center Help

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