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A12 Casual Rewrite – aaspiringwriter

India: The Next Superpower? India is the biggest successful democracy in the world and has a strong political system. It has made tremendous growth in the sectors such as: Information Technology, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Education, healthcare etc. However, if India wants to … Continue reading

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A11 Definition Rewrite – aaspiringwriter

Potential Superpowers Superpower nation possesses the ability to influence worldwide events and project its power on a global scale. Ever since the disintegration of the soviet union, America has been the only superpower. America has been dominating through the combined-means of technological, cultural, … Continue reading

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A06: Visual Rewrite – aaspiringwriter

“Now” 0:01 The ad starts in the middle of a scene, where we are put behind the counter of a diner with a quick zooming back of the camera. The footage looks a bit dull and faded with minimal washed … Continue reading

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