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Abuse in Foster Homes Children are to be put into foster care so that they can get away from home abuse, not so they can move closer towards it. Children are usually placed in foster care when their own parents … Continue reading

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Reflective- phillygirl

Core Value I. My work demonstrates that I used a variety of social and interactive practices that involve recursive stages of exploration, discovery, conceptualization, and development. Core Value I is about rewriting articles and spending time reviewing your work to … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- phillygirl

Source 1:  Committee on Early Childhood, Adoption and Dependent Care. “Developmental Issues for Young Children in Foster Care.” Pediatrics, American Academy of Pediatrics, 1 Nov. 2000, Background: This article discusses developmental issues that young children face in foster care. Developmental … Continue reading

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Does foster care decrease the risk of physical harm for children? The foster care system is a system in which a child (under the age of 18) whose biological parents have abandoned them, or they simply cannot take care of … Continue reading

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Causal Argument- phillygirl

Intensive abuse within foster homes There are kids who are suffering deeply due to the abuse they experience within foster homes. Even after leaving foster homes, children may struggle with a lot of things in their life because of what … Continue reading

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Robust Verbs- phillygirl

In Vancouver, heroin addicts often commit crimes to support their habits. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything they can to stop the addicts. The problem is that there is a large crime rate due to the addicts. Addicts … Continue reading

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Enough About You- phillygirl

Money seems to have a big role in our society; we can’t do much or get far if we don’t have any. Money is valuable in different ways, even when we don’t see it physically. In today’s society we must have faith in the … Continue reading

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