Agenda WED NOV 29

14 Responses to Agenda WED NOV 29

  1. thebeard1 says:

    – Put everything in the white paper
    – Annotated Bib:
    – numbered source citation with easybib
    – background
    – how i used it


  2. killroy513 says:

    Prove point by providing a valid argument and back it up with sources.
    Annotated Bib is important and helps the writer use specific sources for the essays.
    Make sure all essays are up to date and ready for the portfolio.
    Connect sources with your argument and provide valid information to back it up.


  3. splash305 says:

    -Focusing now on what we have coming up
    -annotated bibliography
    -self reflective statement
    -research paper
    -grade conferences


  4. flyerfan1974 says:

    -Put all content into your white paper
    -Use a citation maker for your bibliography
    -Keep improving your bibliography
    -Make sure your links take the reader to the end product in your bibliography


  5. 11collegegirl says:

    – annotated bibliography
    – i think the white paper should start in the first two or three week of the semester so that students can have time to gather sources. Or, have enough time to change their topics if they are unable to gather sources for the previous topics
    – make sure sources are able to be accessed
    – we can change “How I used it” if it is being used other wised when writing final draft


  6. theintern50 says:

    – Going over the annotated bibliography and knowing each part of the process and how we should distinguish each work cited
    – In the beginning of class we did an evaluation on self service
    – Put all content in white paper


  7. alaska38 says:

    The sources need to cited correctly in the annotated bibliography.
    If you use a source differently go back and fix the annotated bibliography for how I used it part.


  8. theadmiral1 says:

    Comp 2 notes 11/29/17

    Professor Hodges wants to start the white paper earlier next semester when he teaches the course again
    The bibliography has strong evidence and argument value
    “How I used it” is supposed to reflect how you used it in your paper
    The how I used it should be thorough, and accurate to the moment.
    It should also be a small argument, making the writing process easier
    Shape your arguments to the bibliography
    Describe your source well enough so that you can pretty much use it in your paper.
    The research paper is mining your research for the best information, and putting in the best language possible so the reader can almost fully understand the paper’s content.
    Put the hyperlinks in your bibliography


  9. neweditionlover says:

    *Talked about the value of the white paper and starting it earlier with the next semesters class
    *this will cause for a better quality of work and you’ll have all the information in one spot and not all over the place.
    *checking annotated bibliography*
    *make sure professor can click on citations soon as looking at your link icon*


  10. jadden14 says:

    -Update the white paper

    Annotated Bibliography
    – Update Annotated Bibliography in proper citation
    – Standard Bibliograpphic Notation
    – Give the value of the source to the reader
    – Give enough background to the sources in the Annotated Bibliography


  11. pdqlover20 says:

    Notes 11-29-17
    -Suggestion about the white paper
    -Annotated Bibliography
    create correct citations
    make sure links to articles work and are attached in the title
    elaborate on the background info and how I used it


  12. phillygirl20 says:

    Today in class we discussed;
    -Updating your white paper, but focus more on your Annotated Bibliography
    – Update Annotated Bibliography in proper citation
    – Make sure your bib is in Standard Bibliograpphic Notation
    – State the value of the source to readers
    – Give enough background information in the Annotated Bibliography
    – Went through pdq lover to show.


  13. todayistheday19 says:

    Let white paper be thendocument where everything can be found
    Annotated bibliography
    -strong arg Kent and evidence value
    -how I used it must be where you state how you actually used it
    -annotated bib should reflect accurate work
    -MLA format for source, place before background
    -have link open in new tab
    -number each sourc
    -give detailed background
    -how I used it: shape evidence of article to stage your claim
    -you can quote in background to show value
    -annotated bibliography is a took


  14. rainbow987 says:

    -Make sure that all of your links go directly to the source.
    -It is important to provide accurate background information for your sources in your bibliography to uphold academic integrity.
    -Critiqued PDQlover’s bibliography as an example.


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