Agenda WED APR 25


  • Last Call for Course Evaluations of Instructor Effectiveness
  • Invitation to post at RateMyProfessor
  • Portfolio Readiness Double-check
    • Open each Portfolio item in Edit one at a time.
    • For each item, check the category UsernamePortfolio, where Username is YOUR username, of course.
    • Remember to Update the item.
    • Look for your UsernamePortfolio in the blog sidebar with a number in parentheses indicating how many items it contains.
    • Your target number is 8 items.
      • (1) Self-Reflective Statement
      • (1) Research Position Paper
      • (2) Two Short Arguments (Definition, Causal, Refutation)
      • (2) The Rewrites for those Two Short Arguments
      • (1) Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
      • (1) Annotated Bibliography
    • Prof will Certify your Portfolio.
    • Your Grade Conference appointment can be Confirmed.
    • You are dismissed.
  • Next week, report to our regular classroom for your Grade Conference appointment.

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