A17: Portfolio

Portfolio Contents

The Portfolio contains the following:

  1. 3000-word Research Position Paper
  2. Annotated Bibliography, 10-15 Sources
  3. Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
  4. Self-Reflective Statement
  5. Two of the following:
    • Definition Argument Rewrite
    • Causal Argument Rewrite
    • Rebuttal Argument Rewrite


WED DEC 06 before class.

  • All 6 items must be in the Portfolio before class meets WED DEC 06.
  • During class WED DEC 06, we will conduct a “Portfolio Double-check” to verify that portfolios are complete.
  • When your Portfolio is certified, we will confirm the date and time of your Professor Grade Conference.


Your professor will have just a few days to read and grade the entire set of 20 portfolios in time for Grade Conferences. Therefore, penalties will be severe for any portfolio not complete by the end of class WED DEC 06.

Grade Conferences

The final days of scheduled classes, MON DEC 11, and WED DEC 13, will be devoted to personal one-on-one Grade Conferences. Conferences generally require less than 15 minutes, but are compulsory.

Among other things, conferences provide the opportunity for professor and student to come to agreement about the student’s final grade. Students who miss their grade conferences will have little recourse to challenge those grades.

Posting Final Grades

Final Grades will be submitted shortly after Grade Conferences, probably on THU DEC 14.