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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Myrtle View

Ad Council – “Restaurant” :00- :01 The camera is zoomed out so that the viewers can see that the setting is a restaurant filled with people eating and talking among themselves. The restaurant looks fancy so the couple in the … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- Lbirch

Friendship & Mental Health 0:00-0:01 The screen opens with orange words “The Awkward Silence Presents,” most likely the production team. Behind this is some sort of small, furry animal that is stuffed standing on a small log or branch. This stuffed … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- jdormann

Don’t Judge a Bull by His Cover 0:00-0:01 There is a grey cartoon bull in a light blue colored room with potted flowers hanging on the wall. There are also flowers hung on a strand across the ceiling. The bull is … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- AmongOthers13

  0:01-0:02- The camera starts at a long distance away, portraying a large mound and a woman climbing up it. Then, the camera zooms in, and we see a woman is struggling to  climb up what looks to be a large … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite-paTricKStar123

  0:00-0:01 The ad opens up with a look of the with a nature background from the mountains overlooking mile and miles of grass and plantlife. 0:01-0:04 The rabbit seems to be running in a excited pace. it could either … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- Dancers

0:00-0:01- A penguin is standing on a hill of snow potentially about to start walking down the hill. The penguin is looking off to one side of the hill minding his own business. A penguin on a hill may have … Continue reading

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Visual Rewrite- Doublea

:01-:02- The video starts off with a well dressed male that looks in his late twenties. He is dressed very nice because it seems as if he is going to work. We can assume this because it is early in … Continue reading

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