Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- Myrtle View

Ad Council – “Restaurant”

:00- :01

The camera is zoomed out so that the viewers can see that the setting is a restaurant filled with people eating and talking among themselves. The restaurant looks fancy so the couple in the center may be on a date. They seem to be the camera’s main focus since the other customers in the restaurant are facing away from the camera. The waiter is facing the woman, I assume he is taking her order.

:02- :16

The camera then zooms in on the woman.  The woman seems to be the only person dressed casually while her date and the other customers are in professional attire. The woman is firing question after question towards the waiter asking about the food options the restaurant is offering. Her date seems calm during the interrogation but the waiter does appear to be a little flustered from the numerous questions being asked towards him.

:17- :25

The words “we ask questions everywhere we go” appears in the middle of the scene to draw the audience’s attention. During this frame the camera goes to the setting of an examination room and the woman from the restaurant is sitting on the exam table. The woman is very shy and quiet when her doctor asks her if she has any concerns. At the end of this scene the words “except here” are in bold white in the middle of the frame.

:26- :30

The commercial ends by advising people viewing this advertisement to ask their healthcare provider any questions they may have regarding their personal care.

Visual Rewrite- Lbirch

Friendship & Mental Health


The screen opens with orange words “The Awkward Silence Presents,” most likely the production team. Behind this is some sort of small, furry animal that is stuffed standing on a small log or branch. This stuffed animal, maybe a possum, is most likely sitting on a table and is used as some sort of decoration. This addition seems funny in a sense because it is something a little strange. The possum takes away the seriousness for a time. We can assume this does not take place in present time, because taxidermy is not very popular now. Next to this animal is a picture of a boy in a metallic frame, reminding me of something I may see in my grandparents living room from when my dad was still a kid. To the left of the table where the animal and picture is, there is a tall lamp, which is on, with a green base leading to the lamp shade. Further in the shot is a stone fireplace, which we cannot tell is on or not. There are other decorations on the fireplace.

By the wood paneling in the room behind the animal and picture, this could be a living room of a cabin or home in the woods. This could also be in the mountains because I have not seen a living room of a house look like this. We can conclude this may take place in the 60’s because of the oddities we would not see in a modern home.


This scene begins with the words “How to know if you should reach out to a friend.” in yellow letters. We can understand that this may be the message of this ad, receiving help from a friend when in need. We can conclude this scene is taken in the same place as the last one because of the wooden wall paneling of the room. On the walls of the room are two pictures or paintings of outdoors scenes. These pictures remind me of a cabin I once stayed in when I was a kid. In the center of the screen is a man, possibly in his 20’s, sitting with his one ankle on the knee of his other leg. This man is in a tan chair that somewhat resembles a shell. He is wearing a brown turtleneck with tan pants that almost resemble the color of the chair and is wearing shoes, but no socks. His style seems out of date and humorous in a way. It does not seem dressy, but more casual. Maybe this man does not really care how he dresses. Next to the chair is a small table with two more statues or ceramic decorations, and a magazine or comic book. One is some sort of bird, maybe a swan, and the other is what looks like a unicorn.

In the background on the left side of the screen is a dark brown cabinet or table. It is two doors for possibly books. I think maybe books are in there because there is a stack of books on top of this table with a glass duck on top. Maybe the man in this frame has a collection of these magazines. Next to the books is some sort of glass or ceramic statue or decoration, and also another smaller light with a wood base and a shade with a light brown and tan pattern.

Directly behind the man is a tall black box (maybe a speaker), sitting on top of a brown table which matches the other one in the room. Next to the box is a medium size fish tank, maybe 10 gallons, and looks well-kept. There are also more books and also vinyl records or maybe magazines or comics. It is hard to tell from the distance.

The first three or four seconds show this ad has a humorous approach to it, still focusing on the main serious issue. We can conclude this man may be a little “weird”, collecting and keeping strange items. This room could be his definition of a man-cave, or maybe even an office or living room.


In this scene, the camera zooms in closer to the man sitting in the chair, so now it is only is upper body in the center of the screen. All that’s left on the sides is the ceramic statue, lamp, and the black box behind the chair. We assume he is now the main focus of this video.


The next seven or eight seconds, there are quick scenes of 7 different people who are all talking, but we do not know what about.

The first person is a young black female, maybe in her 20’s, without a shirt on. She looks to be laying down in a bed with white sheets. Her hair is curly, but does not look messy. The second is a black male, also without his shirt on. He may be sweaty because of the light reflecting off of his skin. These two may be in the same room or scene. We cannot tell what is behind the man because the camera is focused on him.

The next scene is quick and there is a women, maybe in her thirties, and she talks for less than a second. The background seems to be a messy room, but is hard to make out because the camera is focused on her.

The next is a younger woman again, early twenties, with straight hair and narrow face. Behind her are golden lettered balloons, but are not focused on enough to tell what they spell out.

The next scene is a young man laying down in a bed with white sheets and a white pillow. He does not have a shirt on. The man after this has the same background as the black man in the second scene. So maybe they are both connected?

The next short scene in of a man with curly hair with gold lettered balloons in the background, like the other woman. These two may be connected also.

After each person is seen, all people repeat one more time, with no changes in background. They all appear to talk, but cannot be heard what is being said. The director of this may include all of these different people to send a message that everyone may have something in common, no matter skin color or gender. We can assume some of these people are in the same room because of the backrounds, but it is not clear if they are significant with each other.


After the people are show, the scene goes back to the man sitting in the room, zoomed out to its original position. Everything is in the same place and the man is talking, using his hands to possibly get his point across. This man may be each of the other peoples’ friend, representing he is that person they can talk to. He should not be confused with a shrink, more of a friendly figure.


The camera zooms back into the man sitting in the chair, like the second scene.


The scene changes to the fish tank that was behind the man in the chair, and three fish are swimming around together. The director could have possibly used this scene to show that everyone does have someone else, even if this is shown by fish swimming together.

Visual Rhetoric Rewrite- jdormann

Don’t Judge a Bull by His Cover

0:00-0:01 There is a grey cartoon bull in a light blue colored room with potted flowers hanging on the wall. There are also flowers hung on a strand across the ceiling. The bull is looking down and looks like he feels bad about something.

0:01-0:02 The bull picks his head up and seems to be happy now. The screen shifts to an old lady holding a pot of flowers in a window and the bull appears on the other side of the window and is happy to be smelling the flowers.

0:02-0:03 The old lady looks up and sees the bull and looks to be in shock. The bull takes off running and knocks the potted flowers off of the old lady’s outside window. It is clear to see the bull is outside.

0:03-0:04 A man is outside of what seems to be his house and the bull is looking at him face to face and the man carefully goes back in his house out of fear.

0:04 -0:05 When the man shuts the door, the bull becomes sad. The bull is running fast and looks angry. There is a hole in what looks to be a large dirt field.

0:06-0:07 The bull jumps and looks like he regrets it. He then looks scared and the camera shifts to a rabbit that looks terrified. I would assume the bull is jumping towards the rabbit.

0:08-0:09 The bull lands over the rabbit’s hole with his horns on either side, not injuring the rabbit at all. He then is standing next to the hole with a goat and they are both looking at the rabbit as it jumps back into the hole. The bull looks like he feels guilty.

0:10-0:11 The bull is looking at a waterfall in a valley and then the screen shifts to an animal transportation trailer and I would assume the bull is inside of that trailer.

0:12-0:13 There is a landscape of a tree on a hill and then the screen shifts to the bull surrounded by animal-shaped balloons. The bull seems to be happy.

Visual Rewrite- AmongOthers13


0:01-0:02- The camera starts at a long distance away, portraying a large mound and a woman climbing up it. Then, the camera zooms in, and we see a woman is struggling to  climb up what looks to be a large pile cigarettes. There are large mountains of cigarettes behind her as well. Perhaps the creator of this video made it this way to look as though she has already climbed over those, and now she is headed up another. She is trying to accomplish something.  Mountains often symbolize an obstacle someone wants to overcome. Maybe she is trying to quit smoking, or at least to smoke less.

:0:03-0:05- We can now see that the mountain is made up of cigarettes, still fuming with smoke rising into the air.  The cigarettes look full size, almost as if they are taunting the woman into smoking a fresh cigarette. The woman ignores them, however, and is struggling to climb up, but she is progressing. This gives us an idea that maybe the woman has smoked before and now she is trying to overcome it.

0:06-0:10- It opens up with just a shot of the cigarettes themselves. We can infer there must be thousands of cigarettes in just one pile. Are these cigarettes she has smoked in her lifetime? As she tries to climb up her shoe kicks down lots of cigarettes, revealing that the mountain has multiple layers. The clip ends with her hand trying to grasp a hold, but all she gets is a handful of cigarettes.  She is struggling with climbing due to these cigarettes, and perhaps she is struggling to quit smoking as well.

0:12-0:15- The woman’s face looks determined. She looks up, perhaps towards the top of the mountain. Maybe she is close to the top. She pushes herself up more and more with determination and strength. It is taking a lot out of her.

0:16-0:18- The woman can finally stand on top of the mountain. She did it! She turns her face to the camera.

0:19-0:21- The woman looks around at the view from on top of the mountain, and then looks at the camera and smiles. Perhaps this means she has overcome the urge to smoke, for she has just passed up thousands of cigarettes on the way up, has quit, and is looking out on the life she can now live.

0:22-0:25- The camera zooms out gradually as the woman still stands on top, smiling. This shows just how massive of a mountain it really is, or, symbolically speaking, how big of an obstacle she just overcome.

0:26-0:30- A machine is on the screen used for lung scans. The woman can take a lung scan to ensure she is still healthy and not at risk for lung cancer, or she can get screened and realized because she smoked so many cigarettes it is too late to prevent cancer. Either way, this commercial promotes quitting smoking and to start getting lung scans.

Visual Rhetoric Rewrite-paTricKStar123


0:00-0:01 The ad opens up with a look of the with a nature background from the mountains overlooking mile and miles of grass and plantlife.

0:01-0:04 The rabbit seems to be running in a excited pace. it could either be good or bad. the camera focuses on his feet to let you know the intensity of the run.

0:04-0:05 The following slide the rabbit is facing the viewer waving his hand in a motion to signal to follow. The background as he walks on his two legs is a garden. Which you can see vegetation is being grown.

0:06-0:11 The scene opens up to see a variety of animals coming through the gate of the garden many of which are walking like humans. The animal that appeared were pigs, squirrels, and other rabbits. These animals start to pick out these crops from the ground. The rabbits start to eat the crops. The vegetation from the garden all seem fresh.

0:12-0:18 The animals are so delighted and happy. They dance and smile while enjoying the feast of plentiful fruits and vegetables.

0:18-0:22 Three rabbits appear on a blank white screen with a a small amount of vegetables in front of them. A phrase pops up on the screen saying cook it, store it, share it. The words just don’t waste it pop up as the rabbits are excitingly throwing up the food in the air. I believe it could be saying don’t be wasteful like them in this image.

0:23- 0:25 Next, we see one rabbit walk into what could be his home with a huge amount of crops in his hands. The rabbit drops the food into the floor to share with four other rabbits.

0:25-0:35 The words better ate then never appear on the screen. I believe that this ad is telling us just that in America well as other countries we waste so much food because of the fact we can. With hundreds of thousands homeless and hungry, We are taking from the fact we could be helping these people. From an audience point of view, this ad seemed too playful to inspire. Many people would just think this was a cute ad but it’s message really is impactful.


Visual Rewrite- Dancers

0:00-0:01- A penguin is standing on a hill of snow potentially about to start walking down the hill. The penguin is looking off to one side of the hill minding his own business. A penguin on a hill may have been chosen as the visual to gain more attention. By providing a visual of a penguin, a cute animal it may be more captivating and bring more viewers in and not be off putting.

0:01- The penguin started to walk down, or on the snow turned the direction of his face. Still nothing bad is happening just a penguin on a hill. Choosing to have the penguin walking on the hill minding his own business with nothing else really happening makes the video more alluring and has you on the edge as to where this video is going.

0:03- The penguin jumps up into the hill, maybe he is about to slide down the hill of snow in order to get down quicker. Provides some sense of what may happen during the video, enjoy a video of an animated penguin having fun sliding down a hill.

0:05- The penguin did decide to slide down the hill on his stomach, while sliding down he is gaining a lot of speed. Seems to be okay though the penguin is having no problems. This clip/frame may have been provided to show that the penguin is just living a care free life and enjoying the freedom of sliding down the hill quickly on his stomach.

0:10- The penguin turns around to look at what would be his pocket, maybe to grab something out of it perhaps a phone. Providing this clip makes you wonder where this video is going to go from here on out, leaving you to think why would the penguin even have a phone.

0:11- 0:15- The penguin decided to grab his phone and answer the message that he had received. He is now sliding down the hill at a fast rate while staring completely at his phone and not to anything around him. This clip was chosen in order to make a statement as to what it is like to check your phone while driving. Just like the penguin people are still driving at high speeds and completely not paying attention to the road in front of them whatsoever. This provides some hindsight as to where the video is being taken.

0:16- The penguins demeanor changed completely he looked up from his phone he seems worried and anxious like something may happen to him. This image is exactly how people must feel after replying to a message or checking their phone while driving and looking up after and seeing what is in front of them, what is going to happen to them soon after not paying attention to the road. This had an impact and meaning.

0:18- The penguin rammed into a hill/pile of snow on the screen is an imprint of the penguin on the pile of snow, where the penguin has went through. This was chosen to show that even a penguin who is not paying attention can all of a sudden ram into a pile of snow and however it may not seem like much but it is related to people who text and drive. If a person is distracted for even a few seconds something completely catastrophic can happen and that is what is being shown.

0:21: Text on the video pops up and says “No One Should Text While Driving” the imprint of the penguin is still on the hill in the back. This has an impact reminding you that even the penguin crashed into the hill of snow because he was on his phone. This video was powerful in a sense that even though it wasn’t a totally direct take on texting and driving it still proved a point. Anyone texting and driving can be hurt even if its a penguin on a hill of snow.

Visual Rewrite- Doublea

:01-:02- The video starts off with a well dressed male that looks in his late twenties. He is dressed very nice because it seems as if he is going to work. We can assume this because it is early in the morning and he is wearing a suit and a tie. He is eating what looks to be some kind of nuts but, this seems to not be the point of the video. The video pans out to show a nice kitchen that is very nicely decorated. It shows a woman sitting at the counter drinking orange juice and reading the newspaper but, she also seems to be irrelevant in this video up to this point. The director seems to have the well dressed male in the center of the frame so that all the attention can be directed to him. Also, the female that we can assume to be his wife is wearing just regardless clothes which also makes the male stand out.

:03-:04- Now that all of our attention is on the well dressed male we now have the focus that the director wants us to have. The video shows the male reach for the sink with a plate in his hand. We can assume that he may be washing the dishes and indeed he does. This now shows that he is a respectful man for washing the dishes so he doesn’t leave the burden on his wife to wash them. This is when the video moves to the wife and now we see her face. She gives the camera a big huge smile and seems appreciative. Now we have two characters will the rest of the video be about her or him. We can assume it is about him because in my guess at this point it is a video about going out of your way to help out others.

:05-:06- Another example to prove my hypothesis is the next two seconds maybe. We now pan out to outside his house and we see the neighbor’s yard. From a distance we see him going to his car and about to get in when he realizes his neighbor may need help. During this we see his neighbor who appears to be an elderly man fiddling with his sprinkler system or hose. You cannot really tell what he is fiddling with but water appears to come out. The well dressed man as he approaches his car waves to his neighbor and it looks like maybe they will engage each other in the future. The director chooses an elderly man maybe so that it shows that you should help others in need but, we still do not the purpose of the video so we can just make an assumption as to why there is an elderly man as the neighbor.

:07-:08- The assumption of the men engaging is correct as the next seconds prove. The video pans to a hedge that was in between the two mens houses. It appears as if the well dressed man is watering the hedges for the elderly neighbor. The elderly man in the background is smiling and looks pleased. The well dressed man could just be kind and helping out the elderly man or once again the video is just an ad to get people to help people in need. The elderly man is shown smiling so that he can show his appreciation for the man watering the hedges. So far we have seen nothing but nice gestures from the well dressed man so what can we expect in the rest of the video?

:09-:13- The video now changes scenes as we see a coffee maker. The coffee maker looks like the coffee was just freshly steamed as we see steam coming out the top. We can assume that the coffee is done when we see a hand reach for the handle of the coffee maker. We can assume that someone is pouring coffee for themselves. Will it be the male from the beginning of the video? Yes, it is but this time the video pans out and we see what looks to be an office break room. In the frame we see 3 people and the male. The fourth person to the right is irrelevant in the video but we can assume he has coffee as well because he already has a coffee cup next to him. The video is more focused on the male and his two what we could call coworkers. The one coworker to the right is sipping her coffee already and smiling as the male pours coffee to the coworker on the left. The male to the left gives a huge thumbs up and smiles. we can now assume that both individuals enjoyed the coffee. This shows another good gesture committed by the male. What could happen next?

:14-:15- The video now shows the male in a super market. The line seems to be very long as there is multiple people behind him. He appears to be next in line but, there is just one older gentleman behind him in line with just looks like to be a singular pineapple. The male gestures to the older male that he may get in front of him in line. We can now just assume that he is a great guy and that he is just full of good deeds. The older man seems very thankful and appreciative as he looks to get in front of him in line. It just seems like another tactic by the director to show how nice the gentleman is and how good deeds can go a long way.

:16-:18- The video now goes to a view of the male in his car driving. He seems to be very glued to the road but then you see him look down at the passenger seat. What is next to him? Well it is nothing more than a cell phone. On the cell phone we see that he has one message and we see his hand grab the phone. We can now assume maybe that he is going to text that person back while he is driving which would be his first act of doing something bad. In fact, he does reach for the phone and we see him looking at the phone and smiling as if the message he received was funny. So now we see that he is more attached to his phone because he stopped to look at it while he was driving. The director may have thrown this in here to get the viewers distracted from the male that did all the good deeds and change our perspective on him.

:19-:21- Now that we know for a fact that the male is on his phone the video pans to an upper angle and shows the males car. The car comes to a slightly abrupt stop. We can make the assumption that maybe he is not driving cautiously and that is because he is on his cell phone. The other does this because maybe the video is during the wrong way. It is showing all the good things but now showing all his flaws. The video now shows the car as it comes to a stop. The car is stopped next to another car and we see the driver of the other car. The guy in the other car is watching as the well dressed man is rolling up to a stop at the light. We get a quick glance at the man on his phone still and then it shows the other car again and the guy in the car has a mad look on his face like “really man you are on your phone right now as you are driving”. The director now seems to throw a whole curveball into this video but now we can assume that the video is going towards a moral of get off your phone while drivig=ng due to how mad and disappointed the other driver looked.

:22-:24- The video now goes back to the face of the well dressed driver. He is looking at the other driver for a quick second with his phone blatantly in front of his face. When he realizes that the other driver has a disgusted face he immediately loses eye contact looks down and then looks the other way. This shows that maybe he is embarrassed but just one person is not enough to get him to get off his phone. With the phone still blatantly in front of his face as he looks the other way we see an older black woman sitting on a bench. It does not look like a bus stop but it definitely could be. The woman does not look poorly dressed so we can assume either she is just sitting on a regular bench or waiting for the bus. The point is though is that the lady is quick to realize that he is on his phone while driving and her face immeadielty drops and gets filled with disgust. her face looks even more disgusted than the other guys. The director is doing this now that we can see two people’s perspectives about the phone issue and that we now know that people get very disgusted when they see other people on the road with their cell phones out.

:25-:30- Now that we know the lady seems very disgusted at the well dressed man driving he immediately puts his phone down and has a completely embarrassed look on his face. he almost feels sad and upset that he had his phone out now. The ad now seems to be an ad about texting and driving for sure. For the next couple of seconds the video shows the two people just looking back at each other and she seems to get even more mad as he seem to get even more embarrassed. Now at the bottom of the screen it shows words from the ad council saying stop texting and driving. The words stay there for the remainder of the video as the driver just sinks deeper down in embarrassment in his seat. The director does this so now people know not to be on their cell phones while driving. As the driver get embarrassed it shows that you should be embarrassed to have your phone out while driving it is a hazard and people will get furious and ticked off when they see you on your phone while driving.


Visual Rewrite- DudeInTheBack

Second: 00:01

This video begins with a middle aged woman climbing up what I assume to be a mountain full of tobacco. It is brown, and detailed with lumps of tobacco all over. This could be a visual metaphor for overcoming tobacco use, since she is on her way to the top of the mountain of tobacco. Since this is an Ad for lung cancer screenings, and tobacco is usually associated with lung cancer, the metaphor could also mean that getting a lung cancer screening is the first step to overcoming tobacco use. The shot is very far out and It definitely was not shot on an actual mound of tobacco. It looks photo shopped,  and almost cartoonish.

At first glimpse, to start out a video with a woman climbing up a mountain makes me want to keep watching the video to see why she is doing it, or what she is doing. The Photoshop job looks very fake, and you can tell that it is not real. The shot kind of gives a cartoonish look, since she is oddly proportioned on the mountain. You would think she would be much smaller, since the shot of the mountains so far back. The mountain looks huge.


The video only shows the woman taking two steps on the mountain as she reaches to the top. What they failed to include was how she got on this mountain. Oddly placing her about 78% up the mountain. The viewer can assume that she climbed up the mountain base before the camera started rolling, rather than her randomly falling onto the top, or jumping up there. The woman gets on top with long strides, and looks like she is putting in some effort. This could add to the metaphoric meaning behind the video of overcoming tobacco as hard.

Luckily, since the camera view is far out, we can see some of the background which seems to be other piles, or mounds of presumably tobacco. This gives the viewer a sense of the environment she is in, and he depth of the shot. the sky is very foggy, which gives the atmosphere a dirty look. This is definitely what the director/editor of the video wanted to make it seem like. Having the fog represents smoke, portraying the image of what your lungs will have in it from smoking tobacco.


As the camera pans out, the shot moves farther, and farther away from the woman. This shot fully shows the depth of the setting, and how big the mound is. As I look closer into the mounds, It looks more like a pile of cigarettes, rather than tobacco. The editor of the video should have made the animation clearer on the mountain to make viewers not second guess their analysis. The woman is smiling, assuring the viewer that once you are at the top, the struggle, and hardship is over. The top of the mountain could represent the ling cancer screening, or overcoming tobacco use.

The message is unclear of why she is climbing the mountain. It obviously is a metaphor though, since this is a very metaphorical situation. I don’t believe their to be any actual mounds, let alone mountains of cigarettes anywhere in real life.

00:04 – 00:07

The video ends with a visual of the lung screener, along with the company’s website, associations, and sponsors. The main point of the ad is to promote their company, and this is made very clear by after showing the cool visual, they transition to a magazine picturesque visual.

The background is all white, making sure there is no background distraction from the important information. This use of a white background, and basic add quality gives this ending proof of the main reason for this commercial; to promote their company’s lung screening. What makes this feel more like an ad, and rather than a short film, is the popping up of the “Ad Council” logo in the bottom right corner appearing at the last second.


Visual Rewrite—PaulaJean5

Staring Contest, Discover The Forest


The first second of this video is an image of two deer. They are in the middle of a forest or some grassy area. The deer look like they are eating the grass. The scene is peaceful and very green. This picture is very natural.


The same picture of the deer, but the one on the right lifts its head up. I am assuming that somebody or something is looking at them. Maybe this person/animal/thing made a noise and this caused the deer to shift its attention so suddenly.


The image shifts from the two deer to a little girl and middle-aged man. The girl looks like she is in elementary or middle school while the man looks like he could be her father or uncle. They are behind a large log or fallen tree. By the look of their faces, they seem to be admiring what is in front of them. I assume that they are looking at the deer and are the reason the deer on the right to lift its head up towards something. They background is very dark and has multiple trees with not many leaves on them.


Again, the deer are shown. They look like they are standing closer together than in the previous scene of them, but this might be the angle of the camera. They are looking around still and the deer on the left lifts its head in the same direction that the other one did before. It looks like it is staring right into the camera.


Then we see the girl and man again. They are still behind the log/tree. You can really only see their faces and shoulders. The man is looking the left at something. The little girl is looking forward a little bit past where the camera would be.


The next image is the deer. The deer is moving his nose around and is looking straight at the camera. It looks a little bit intimidating to me. Everything is still except the deer’s nose.


Now we see the little girl again. She is smiling at the deer. Her eyes are very wide and her mouth is shut, but definitely smiling. The picture is focused only on her, the background is very blurry and gray.


The image is back to the deer. The picture is very close. The picture is only focused on the deer. It is still looking straight at the camera. Still pretty intimidating.


The picture is the girl, again. This seems like a face off between the deer and the girl. Maybe like it would be in a movie? She blinks and shakes her head a little bit. She starts to stand up and turn around quickly.


The two deer are in view now. The one on the right is facing the other deer. The other one is still looking straight ahead of it.


The deer on the left now turns his head toward the one on the right. The deer look like they are giving each other a look of confusion maybe. They have not run away from the little girl and the man. This leads me to think that they do not feel scared or threatened.


The girl now looks at her father/uncle/family member with joy. She looks at him, at the camera, and then back at him. The man is smiling and laughing. She looks like she just won something. Maybe a staring contest, due to the title.


Now we see the two deer. They look like they’re prancing/walking away.


The man and the girl are now walking in the opposite direction as if they were leaving too. The girl is skipping and laughing and holding the man’s hand who is looking down on her.





Visual Rewrite- UgandanKnuckles


The scene opens with two people (coworkers possibly?) smiling and having a conversation. Our point of view is through a window into a small business room. It’s decorated very modernly, and the only source of light that we can see is medium-size lamp on a table in the background. The coffee table in the foreground has two cups of water and a tea cup on it.

The person on the left is a black man with short, black hair and a gray suit on. He has a white button down shirt on with a purple and silver striped tie. His hands are on his legs, and his right wrist is sporting a blue and gold watch. The person on the left is a white woman with straight, brown hair a little longer than shoulder length, and a blue, knee-length dress on. She’s playing with her glasses nervously, and she has a smile on her face. They look like they are just finishing up a conversation or meeting.

Based on the name of the video and the way they are dressed, we can infer that he is a politician, she is someone being interviewed for a job, or just meeting with him to discuss a policy. She could possibly be a secretary, or I’m just a misogynistic jerk and she’s the politician. With no sound, it’s hard to say.


The screen is black except for the words in thin lettering in the corner (which are typed in all lowercase) that say “based on a real incident.”


The man has placed his hand onto the woman’s leg, and is stroking it. She’s just looking at her phone, but she looks up. At first, she gives an uneasy smile or grimace, but that turns to confusion as the camera pans up.


The words “#ThatsHarassment” are shown on screen, giving us further insight to what may have happened in the previous scene. The man presumably said something about her that isn’t safe for work, or appropriate given their business relationship.

0:25-0:37 (The end)

A help/support line is shown onscreen. The number to call is “800.656.HOPE” and below it is the website This commercial, I’d imagine, is more heavy on what is said than on what is shown given the abundance of dark screen time and the awkward camera angles.

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