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Casual argument-jdormann

Injuries in high impact sports have been found tube more detrimental than in years past. The players that are effected may not be aware of the complications until it is too late for them to recover. Lives are negatively effected … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- jdormann

0:00-0:01 There is a grey cartoon bull in a light blue colored room with potted flowers hanging on the wall. There are also flowers hung on a strand across the ceiling. The bull is looking down and looks like he … Continue reading

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Definition Argument-jdormann

Can Concussions and Spinal Injuries Be Eliminated from High-impact Sports? P1. There have been countless lives that have been altered forever, or even ended because of concussions or spinal injuries. When a person plays a high impact sport, their chances … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims, jdormann

11 “It’s to help kids like that that Brannan and her volunteers put together an informational packet on secondary trauma for parents to give to teachers, explaining their battle-worthy idiosyncrasies and sensory-processing sensitivities.” -Brannan feels that PTSD can cause serious … Continue reading

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Stone Money-jdormann

The thought of using stones as money is absurd to people today. Modern day society is uses paper money or credit to purchase items. Before there was paper money, most societies used coins like gold and silver, or they would … Continue reading

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White paper- jdormann

Proposal: Rugby and football can be dangerous, but what sport has more debilitating injuries? Rugby players are more prone to spinal injuries, but football players are more prone to head injuries. How do these injuries compare and what is more … Continue reading

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Summaries- jdormann

It seems counterintuitive that a company with the “buy one, give one” slogan would hurt local business. The Tom’s shoe company claims that for every shoe they sell, they give one pair to a person in a developing country in … Continue reading

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