9 thoughts on “Agenda WED FEB 28”

  1. We started off class by talking about majority and minority voting. You could have the population vote but is that fair? Some may say no but is breaking up the voters into districts so the minority wins fair? That seems even more unfair. There really isn’t a good way to register voting because people will be unhappy regardless of what happens. We then looked at the safer saws assignment again and what the assignment is is that we have to research articles about the safer saw and take out claims and analyze them.


  2. Prof. started off class by using an example to explain gerrymandering. He handed out pink and green cards, representing either food or beverages to be brought into class. He then posed the question of whether or not it was fair to simply let the majority rule. If it wasn’t fair, he asked what the solution should be. We then disputed the fairness of dividing the room into districts, and figured out how the minority would win in that situation. Voter turnouts of green, for example, in a district that is already predominantly green, will have no effect. No matter how many green show up in that district, pink can still win if it has the majority of districts. Next, Prof. explained how we should make our “Safer Saws” claims. We should choose one of the constituents involved in the issue, find a short, direct quote related to that constituent, and then analyze the claims made in that direct quote. We can find important articles in the sidebar underneath “E06: Safer Saws Links”. We can make a preview of our analysis before making our final analysis.


  3. In today’s class, we discussed Gerrymandering and how the districts were oddly made to favor a particular party or group of people. Professor showed how a group of 30 people could beat a group of 40 by the way the groups are made. We also dfurther discussed assignment four that is due on Monday about the safe saw. We looked over each group of people that can possibly have a role in this product. For this assignment we will pick 5 groups and analyze claims in articles for each of them.


  4. To begin class, we started talking about breakfast sandwiches and beverages. We each got a certain colored index card based on which food/drink we prefer. The breakfast sandwiches (pink) had 9 and the beverages (green) had 6. Professor started discussing gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is the alteration of boundaries to favor one side of a party or debate. Prof was trying to manipulate the “districts” or tables in our class so that somehow green can win even though there was only 6 compared to the 9 pink. On the board there were 30 green x’s and 20 red ones. Three people volunteered to draw 5 districts total to make sure that red won even though they were the minority. We then moved on the the safer saws lecture. As mentioned in my prior notes, Steve Gass invented a saw that stops when it comes in contact with human flesh. There are different groups of people who have different outlooks on this invention. This led into a conversation about the assignment and different types of claims. Then, we started discussing feedback!


  5. CLass started with a vote for what prof. should bring into class. This went into a small debate about Gerrymandering. We then talked more about the assignment from last class (due Monday) about Safer Saws. Rather than continuing on with the agenda, we went over another claim in the article “10 Amputations a Day.” Whether or not we still have the rebuttal argument due Wednesday is still unknown, but I sure hope we have more than 2 days to work on it. The calendar is a lie, there’s 13 months, the government is lizard people.

    Class was interesting and odd, but in a good way.


  6. To begin class today, we ran a poll on what item would be brought into class everyday. The votes turned out to be 2:3 in favor of sandwiches, however we figured how to split the room in a way the unfavored side was winning. By splitting the votes into districts and positioning the districts correctly, no matter if the votes where 100:20 if you position it correctly the lower votes can always win. After this experiment we looked into our next assignment regarding the safer saw and his journey and how and why he got turned down from the industries he tried to get into. For the last 15 minutes of class we looked at different links and looked into some of the claims there articles made for our safer saw assignment.


  7. – Even if the their are less votes for one thing such as breakfast sandwiches or beverages, you can still make the lesser votes for beverages to win. In order to do so you would just district areas and in the majority of these districts you would have more votes for beverages. In class we took this vote and the votes were 9 for sandwiches and 6 for beverages so you would think sandwiches would win. But we put the votes into districts in order to get the result that beverages will win.


  8. Today we learned about the distribution of votes and how whoever conducts the vote can technically make one party win if they divide the votes a certain one. This is called gerrymandering. I sided with breakfast sandwiches or donuts. We then took the rest of the time in class to review our next assignment on safer saws. We are to make 5 claims based on the links Professor Hodges provided us with. We also discovered that there is truly 13 months in a year, since there are 52 weeks and about 4 weeks a month.


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