20 thoughts on “Agenda MON SEP 25”

  1. claims are opinion comparisons and arguments.
    “lets” is a strong encouragement.
    harvest is almost like a claim its self. It means putting the organs to good use, not just using or borrowing.
    Be alert for hidden claims
    Only men go to death row, he uses ”
    death row inmates repeatedly ask to donated their organs.
    their request are always denied. it is showed to believe that they go to court for it and the judge denies it. It is a judicial denial.
    The inmate could’ve allowed many people to live- inmate didn’t choose method of execution.
    Math says we should encourage organ donation. 1 < 12
    The removal of organs will be a method of execution.
    Removal of heart lungs and kidneys will kill every time.
    Practical arguments that are hard to resist.
    Examine sections for claims.


  2. – For the PTSD assignment, each student will be responsible for their own article, we will be identify things such as claims (due start of class Wed. 27th)
    – I am responsible for section 3.
    – What are claims? They are arguments and comparisons
    – Lets Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates
    – Harvesting to get something valuable which could save lives.
    – I believe that this claim is fair because we can reuse the inmates organs to save others lives.
    – death row inmates have repeatedly asked for their organs to be donated
    – the inmates go to court an stand in front of a judge, this is where they get denied
    – the requested for donating their organs gets denied because the execution usually ruins the organs and makes them useless.
    – by the time the inmates are pronounced dead, the heart and lungs would have functioned for the last time.
    – the video shows the killer in black with a bright red heart and a sick kid on the side while the author states that the kid is going to die because he did not get that heart.
    – Next. it shows kids kidneys, with two more people dying, and then they show his lungs which could also save two more people.
    – All in all, this inmate would have saved at least 12 people with his organs if the judge accepted his request to donate his organs.
    – use time stamped observation from class video as an example to the claims – homework
    – examine each section for claims.


  3. Trying to see if claims are legitimate and persuasive.
    Claims don’t need to contain all the evidence to prove them.
    The claim can be a successful claim if it resourceful and makes an argument.


  4. – Will be assigned a part in the article “Is PTSD Contagious”
    – Talk about the claims in the article
    – I will be the only one assigned to my section
    – I am responsible for section 17
    – Claims are comparison between two things
    – Claims are also arguments
    – The title Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates is a claim
    – Let’s is a claim because you are saying you should do it
    – Harvest is also a claim because its saying that you should use something in good use
    – Harvesting the organs of Death Row inmates could be a good thing; we can take the organs from the people that did bad in life and use them for someone that needs them
    – Death Row inmates have repeatedly asked to donate organs could be true or not
    – Their requests are always denied
    – Execution ruins organs before they can be harvested
    – By the time that they are pronounced dead from hanging or injection the heart and lungs have stopped pumping for the last time


  5. -Today in class we went over the agenda for the day which begins with watching a short video as a illustration to I find and analyze claims in Organ Harvest.
    -We’ll also be examining a small portion of the “Is PTSD contagious?” reading.
    -Exercise E03, you’ll examine each for Claims, identifying claims, challenges, and agreeing with it being well argued or not. (Section 11)
    -What are claims? Just decide which claim the article is. (Types of claims are categorical/argumentative/opinion/comparison claim)
    -Watched a video, and decided what claim each statement was.
    -Harvest means putting to good use something we have gathered, it’s not a claim.
    -video showed persuasive, visual, argument(only men go to death row) claim
    -they made a claim that the inmate could’ve helped all of these people stay alive by donation his organs but he wanted to be selfish
    -We closed class with close examining a few sentences of the article for the exercise.


  6. – Claims are opinion comparisons and arguments.
    – As a class we are learning about claims; the word harvest in “Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates” would be a claim because it’s an action.
    – Analyzing a video second by second, bit by bit looking for a claim.
    – Minimal requirement to make the claim true could be more than once.
    – Execution usually ruins organs in which the judges deny the requests from inmates because once executed the organs are ruined.
    – There is a claim “someone died waiting for the killer’s heart”.
    – But is that really true that 12 people wait for this one inmate’s body parts, it rarely true.
    – We will be reading whole article and we are given different sections to analyze.
    – Instead of analyzing a video and the background or face movements of actors, we will look at the wording of an article and make judgements.


  7. -Please ask for feedback for stone money
    -There are lots of ways to make claims
    -Each person is assigned a small part of the article
    -section 4
    -Claims are arguments
    -“Lets harvest the organs of death row inmates” is a claim. They are suggesting that we “should”
    -claims do not need to contain evidence
    -Harvest is a claim
    -Harvest means putting to good use
    -The harvest should be changed to poached, the inmate kept the organs healthy and we are just going to take them
    -We are being encouraged to think that inmates want to donate organs all the time
    -They are however denied due to organs being ruined upon execution
    -The claim makes the inmate look selfish


  8. -When scheduling a time to meet, make sure you have an agenda planned.
    -Watch a short video to practice how to identify claims.
    -There are different types of claims, such as opinion, comparative, categorical, etc.
    -Claim: We should harvest the organs of death row inmates. This statement is a proposal claim.
    -Claims do not need to contain all of the evidence to prove them.
    -The word “harvest” in itself is a claim, since it implies that we should use the organs.
    -The analogy of “harvest” is not a supportable analogy in the sense that we did not prepare the organs like we would have prepared crops.
    -There are biases in some claims.
    -An example of a bias is when the narrator said that “men” get executed, without referring to women.
    -There are visual claims as well, which are not spoken verbally. An example of this is in the video when the narrator said that inmates were refused when they asked to donate their organs and a picture of a judge appeared. Was is a judicial refusal or a practical refusal?
    -Claims are often timed flawed in wording.
    -Word choice is extremely important when making a claim.
    -Your job is to examine an argument for claims for the sake of their values.
    -For the assignment, you are responsible for a small section of the article. Your job is to examine the argument for claims.
    -You have one hour to prepare and read the material. You have one additional hour to write the assignment. You have two hours total.


  9. Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates is a claim itself. It is an arguement. Harvest is not a right word to take the organs of the inmates because we didn’t take care of them. “A man” suggests that only men go to death row.
    There is plenty of claims within this video we watched.


  10. What are claims? They are comparisons to other ‘claims’ or the counter claim.

    Let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates. Harvest is commonly used for agriculture, that require a lot of pre-work; such as planting seeds, cleaning, watering and having the tools.
    Death row inmates repeatedly ask to have their organs donated. With the injection the heart stops pumping, but it does not mean that its not working anymore. Donating organs help save others, for people on death row its a form of redemption.

    Countries such as Belgium, where people have to declare they are NOT organ donor. And organs are a lot more available for people.

    Now the video says, “the inmate could have allowed” to save a dozen people. Now the fault is on the inmate.

    In different culture, taking out the organs would be the method of execution. And with anesthesia most times it would be painless and an execution.


  11. Assigned to section 9 to examine that section of my article for claims. What are claims? Claims are comparisons and an argument. Lets is an proposal claim its an argument. The ordinary things that leads into harvesting is preparing and setting up. Harvesting is a verb ,action -not just talking about organs and putting it into use.Its a bias manner to say that only men get executed and go on death row which is very false. Many women have been executed and sent to death row. Death row inmates have repeatedly asked to donate their organs. There request is always denied. EXECUTION always ruins organs. So far all the organs have stayed with the original owners. Time stamped claims on video Heart and lungs will be pumped for the last time when hung or postponed. We have 2 hours to do the hw from now til Wednesday to analyze the claim


  12. Harvesting or to put to good use the organs of these death-row inmates are a good idea according to the people who made the video. The man said that there organs are wanted by many people who need it. When inmates requests this in court, the judge always denies it. The video gives a lot of suggestion as to what will and should happen to people affected or could be affected by the donation of inmates organs.


  13. Their claim is that harvesting organs of death row inmates should be done.
    Claims do not need to have their own proof, evidence will come or it wont.
    Inmates are being put to death, therefore harvesting their organs would be put to good use.
    Lets poach the organs of death row inmates would be a better claim, as we cannot harvest the organs, they are not ours.
    There is the unfortunate effect that organs can go sour before they can be transplanted
    There is a bias found within the statement towards men, as he implied that only men get executed.
    The claim that death row inmates have asked to have their organs donated in the past
    The next claim is that when they go to court, judges deny them.
    The judges reasoning is that execution ruins the organs, so they can’t be harvested.
    By the time you are pronounced dead, your heart and lungs have stopped pumping blood for the last time.
    This is interesting as your heart and lungs aren’t pumping regardless when you donate them.
    The blame has now been placed on the inmate.
    The organ donation process is as humane as possible.

    Warrior skills
    Hyperawareness: Soldiers, Nascar Drivers, Boxing/MMA Fighters,


  14. Class assignment- watch the video on harvesting inmates on death row’s organs, find the main arguments
    Read the article posted above, write a response on the content featured in the article.( Section 8)

    What are claims? A claim is an argument and a comparison. Claims do not have to support themselves, that’s later in the material. A claim is what the author wants to persuade you on.

    Video Notes- “Let’s Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates”: The claim is to harvest organs from death row inmates. Using the word “Let’s” makes it a recommendation, like we “should” be doing this, the authors made their mind about the argument.”Harvest” is also a claim because it refers to a positive action; “putting to good use”. When hanging or poisoning a man, the organs go “sour” before the organs can be transplanted. It’s a bias to say “a man” because women go to death row also, but people don’t realize it because of the notion that it’s just men. Death row inmates have repeatedly asked to donate their organs (could be two inmates or many) but the requests are always denied. The video illustrates this being in front of a judge and the judge making the call not to allow this. The reason is because execution ruins the organs. The heart and lungs can not withstand hanging or lethal injection; the claim was that they will pump for the last time (not ruined). Not a single inmate on death row has been able to donate their organs after execution. The claim is that the inmates organs could have saved many people’s lives. This claims doesn’t really make sense because there are many people in the world who are not organ donors. They suggest to put inmates under and then remove the organs, this would be painless while also saving the organs.

    PTSD Article:
    Need to look at the section assigned to you and examine them for claims.
    Have an hour to read the article, and then an hour to start writing about the claims being made in the article. Pay attention to language being used to persuade the reader and the argument. Bold a sentence and then pick it apart in a bullet point list with complete sentences. Due Wednesday Sept. 27th.


    1. Wonderful Notes, lifeissublime.
      I must have said something very much like this: ” A claim is an argument and a comparison.” I conclude that because I’ve seen the sentence in so many Notes today. I should clarify. All claims, even factual claims such as “the car gets 30 miles to the gallon,” can be called arguments because they depend on someone’s evaluation of objective data. Others, such as, “this is the best car money can buy,” are more obviously quality claims that require evidence and persuasion. But only a small percentage of claims are comparisons. Of the two examples above, one is, one isn’t.


  15. Sunday assignment is stone money rewrite. Feedback please catergory empty and if you haven’t gotten any feedback on stone money you must ask for you so that your rewrite can be the best it can be.

    Due Wednesday sep 28 E03. Hour to read ptsd contagious article and hour to do in depth analysis on arguement and claims. Assigned to paragraphs to look for claims credibility, persuasiveness and success. Todayistheday assigned section 19.

    Comparison claims: ex- gas cars aren’t as efficient as electric cars. Compares two things.
    Evaluation claim: ex-electruction is the most painful death.
    Categorical claim: ex- throwing something in a blue can isn’t even recycling. This thing does or doesn’t belong in a certain catergory.

    Taking close look at arguments and their claims. Notes on let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates.
    Opening: let’s harvest the organs of death row inmates.
    Let’s: strong encouragement to do something. Harvest: action, means more than taking but its outing something to use. Harvest doesn’t make sense, poach would be more accurate in this context. You can’t harvest someone else’s property. But then you can make the argument you can harvest them because they gave up their rights when they broke the law. This is a purposeful claim: argument to do something. Bold claim doesn’t persuade us yet. Doesn’t have evidence yet. It states a recommendation clearly.
    0:11- unfournate side effect of hanging or posionsing is a mans organs go sour before they can be transplanted.
    Bias that only men go to death row. Men get executed, not women, and it’s a shame their organs go to waste.
    0:18- death row inmates have repeatedly asked
    More than one inmate has asked to donate. Even if it is just two inmates this statement would be true. Encouraged to think it happens all the time.
    0:21- requested always denied 0:25 execution ruined organs is why request is denied
    0:33- by the time they’re pronounced dead, hearts and lungs will have pumped for the last time
    0;40 so far all organs of death row inmates have stayed with their original owner
    Original owner depersonalizes, simple transaction
    0:44- someone died waiting for that killers heart
    Idea of balance. Killer took someone’s life, organs could give life to people.
    0:46 two people died for his kidneys
    0:48 two suffocated for his lungs
    0:54 liver split in two ways could have saved two babies. Inmate could have saved over dozen lives if he allowed his organs to be donated.
    Procedure and protocol used to take the gore out of it.

    E03 section 19 is ptsd contagious?
    Quick look at article: warrior skills without going to war. Skills listed. Who can have these skills besides warriors? Athletes, animals, people in high risk neighborhoods. Why is Brannon vines like this?
    Only stick to an hour of analysis because it should be a simple assignment. Wants to see what we can accomplish in an hour. When doing this assignment read over student example to get idea of format. Quotes in bold, then below describe your observations.


  16. Due Wednesday E03 claim section assignments.
    -All claims are arguments and comparisons.
    “Lets Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates” Video
    – In the title the word “Lets” is a claim in itself which states recommendation clearly.
    – In the title the word “Harvest” is a verb and action of not just taking the organs but gathering the organs and putting them to good use. A good argument is that organs have value and may save lives.
    – A new title for the video should be “Pouch the organs of inmates on death row”
    – Another claim was that only males on the death row penalty.
    – Inmates go to court to request organ donation but they are always denied by the judge.
    – Execution and poison ruin the organs and go sour before they can be put to use.
    – Finally the video mentions a way that inmates will die and organs will be kept for good use.
    Time stamped claims of video


  17. Must complete a first part of the semester meeting!
    Will be no new subject matter or material for a while after this week, just will be completing rewrites.
    You cannot do much rewriting without feedback, so get feedback for stone money. Revision due by this sunday at midnight.
    Visual rhetoric is a portfolio piece, due in 2 weeks.
    Todays activities- Going to watch video on the harvesting of death row inmates, and organ harvesting.
    This will be a video argument with a script, these are just two of the ways to make a claim and argue it.
    Reading- Is PTSD contagious? Exercise will be done on Wednesday, 9/28
    Section #16 for the PTSD article
    What are claims?
    A claim is an argument, and a comparison.
    We will be taking a look at arguments to see what kind go claim is made.
    Harvesting the organs of death row inmates- The “lets” in the title makes this a proposal claim, and it is the argument.
    Claims do not need all of the necessary information to prove them to be a claim
    There is no necessity for claims to provide proof, it is just a claim.
    Harvest is a claim in itself. Harvest is meaning to put to good use, and not just to capture the organs to do nothing with them.
    Harvest isn’t a perfect analogy for this claim, poaching would be the perfect word because we have not put time in to create them, or keep them healthy.
    The blood splatter is visual argument
    The organs will go sour before transplant with hanging and poisoning.
    The term “man” says that one men go to death row, which is a prejudice.
    The claim is that only men go to death row, which is untrue
    Apparently, some death row inmates have asked to donate their organs.
    We are encouraged to assume that the inmates have asked more than one time to donate their organs, because the “inmate” is plural, suggesting that there is more than one inmate
    The reason for not using the organs is that execution generally ruins the organs.
    If there is no value to the organs after execution, it is understandable to not to claim them, but are the requests denied on a judicial basis?
    Heart and lungs will pump for the last time after getting a person down from the gallows, or being pronounced dead after the injection.
    By the time you have been pronounced dead, your organs have not been used anymore, just like the inmates who have been executed. A perfect time to harvest, but not in the case of the man on death row.
    “someone died waiting for that killers heart.” Anyone who is not an organ donor is in the same group as the killer, by not giving up their organs after death.
    In other countries such as Belgium, you declare that you are not an organ donor, whereas when in America you have to declare that you are one.
    China executes a lot of people on death row, and use their organs
    Does China convict people of capital crimes just to harvest organs?
    The claim is that 12 people that could have lived if they would have harvested his organs.
    They use the term “protocol” to make it seem like a procedure, and not just taking somebody’s guts.
    Capital punishment is approved in 38 states
    Drug makers are resisting to let their drugs be used to execute people
    “maybe we should consider turning scheduled death into renewed life”


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