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Causal Argument- DoubleA

Turf fields do have a direct impact on the increase in injuries we see in the NFL. 13 out of 32 stadiums sport an artificial turf material and even with less than half the number of fields of grass there … Continue reading

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Rebuttal Argument- DoubleA

Arguments Against Grass Fields in the NFL People tend to believe that artificial turf fields are better surfaces to play on because they look nice. Great, they look nice and you think you look good, you play good, right? Well … Continue reading

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Visual Rhetoric- Doublea

Example 4: 00-04 We pan to a shot of this guy named “Todd”. We see him eating something and he looks very delightful. It is the morning and he is off to work dressed in his work attire. It is … Continue reading

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Definition Argument – DoubleA

Artificial Turf and the Affect it has on the NFL One of the leading questions critics and players of the NFL have is what to do about the significant amount of knee injuries endured during an NFL season, and the … Continue reading

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Stone Money – Doublea

When I first heard about the stone money on the island of Yap I thought it was insane. Then I realized it was pretty fascinating that they could trust each other like that. Then the thought came to my head, … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- Doublea

15 Categorical- “.. or that it can it can exacerbate its symptoms of exhaustion, agitation, confusion, headaches.” It is a categorical claim because it lists the symptoms of having TBI. TBI is a traumatic brain injury. Casual- “Researchers posit that … Continue reading

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White Paper- Doublea

Hypothesis Eliminating artificial turf fields with real grass fields would decrease the total amount of knee injuries in an NFL season Sources Source 1: This article talks about the increase specifically in ACL injuries on Fieldturf surfaces. The article started … Continue reading

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