Purposeful Summary by summergirl1999 “The Cruelest Show On Earth” -Deborah Nelson.

It seems counterintuitive that circus’ portray their shows to be the “Greatest Show on Earth”. Elephants are one of the great acts of the circus, they are very intelligent and very loving animals. Elephants have the ability to feel emotion just as much as human beings. Behind the scenes of “The Greatest Show on Earth” the Elephants are not treated with care, more so used as props for the show.

The elephant trainers at the circus sometimes even use bullhooks, whips, and even electric shocks to train these loving animals. Just like human beings, Elephants get sick. Especially, when they are tied up going place to place to perform. Traveling, being tied up, and not being treated properly are ways diseases can occur. When humans are very sick, they go to the doctors to be properly taken care of. Also, humans often relax after being very sick.

Deborah Nelson, the writer of the article “The Cruelest Show On Earth” speaks about the elephants who perform for the circus. Kenny the elephant was one of the performers for the circus. Kenny, got very sick, symptoms being going to the bathroom on the stage floor during one of the shows, and bleeding from areas of his body. Usually, doctors are supposed to help the animal and give it proper treatment. “The Ringling Brothers Circus” brought in someone to give Kenny medicine. Kenny still performed at the next show when he was sick. Kenny the elephant died.

This is no way any animal of any sort should be treated. Elephants have feelings just like us. They are exoctic animals, they needed to be treated properly with care. Although people are starting to become more aware of this problem and giving money to foundations, there needs to be more attention on this huge problem. Circus’ and their trainers are not worthy of being around these great animals. Animals deserve to be treated with care and respect.

“Do Toms Shoes Really Help?” – Kiera Butler

It seems counterintuitive that Toms shoes has a buy one, give one policy. Toms Shoes is a very popular shoe brand in America, selling thousands of shoes to people. They are popular for a couple reasons, one being that their shoes are very fashionable and the second reason being they’re popular policy buy one give one, giving to people in countries that do not have shoes.

There are also many other companies that relatively offer the same policy. Some companies grow more trees, and some companies donate toothbrushes there are probably many other companies that offer that policy. Toms Shoes offer this policy because of many reasons, one being children in other countries who do not have shoes  will not be allowed in school. Shoes can make a huge difference if they actually go to where they are needed. But at times that can lead to competition with other local stores.

Kiera Butler speaks about Toms policy and although it is a good deed, it is not as necessary as other things that could be donated. She also speaks on how people in some other countries do have shoes and by sending them to other countries is making marketplace competition.

Toms Shoes policy, is a very kind and thoughtful policy. But if the people of the countries that they are sending shoes are capable of getting them themselves, then Tom’s should not interfere with the local businesses. There are many other things besides shoes that people in other countries need.

“Men Defining Rape: A History” – Erika Eichelberger

It seems counterintuitive that woman have a very strong say on the topic of rape. A lot of men have their opinions about rape. A common question is when it is and is not okay? Thousands of years ago there were also laws about rape. The amount of trouble people got in, depended on the type of woman that has been raped. Husbands could not get in trouble for raping their wives because they were married. Even skin color made a difference, it did not count as rape if the person with had brown skin.

Erika Eichelberger speaks about the different laws of rape, and the misconceptions  some men had towards rape. There were many excuses for rape one being “you can’t thread a moving needle”. During the 18th and 19th century, questions of how much proof is necessary for “rape”.

Rape is such a serious and sensitive topic. Rape is a crime and a harm to woman. No excuses for it. Men should not be able to have much say when it comes to the rape laws, or the excuses about rape. There should not be any reasonable excuses of why it happened, or any getting away with it. Rape is a violent crime. Woman and men should stand strong together against rape.

Open Strong – nyctime7

The unforgivable acts of police brutality, should sometimes be forgiven. Outrage sparked from cop killings is misdirected, and in turn makes matters worse. It’s easy to point fingers and call police racist, but is it their fault? Under various circumstances, any human being is capable of committing acts of violence. Mainstream media’s constant portrayal of “good” and “bad” people, conditions people into developing a bias towards certain groups of people. Whether or not said bias is realized, it can very well influence a persons actions in every day life. Since police officers are still normal humans, it’s reasonable to assume that their inherent bias can one day come to fruition. Movements like “Black Lives Matter” only shed light on a piece of a larger problem, that law enforcement needs to be rebuilt.

E04: Open Strong

  1. What if a large number of scientific studies had found there was one activity that could improve our cognitive function, help our memory systems to work, help us to learn language, help us to moderate our emotional state, help us to solve complex problems, and help our brains to be healthier. (Collins) Now think what if it turned out that the one thing that could make such a huge impact was being taken out of the public school system due to funding. One would think something that is able to make such a huge impact on those who part take we would want to get that to the masses. This special thing is no drug but what it is music. Music education alone when looked at in the macro sense should be seen as something all schools should part take in. The hypothesis of this essay will be the adverse affects of cutting music programs and how detrimental it actually is to the student body.

2. The effects of music education in the public school system has made tremendous achievements. It has been proven thru many studies that music education helps in cognitive effects within its students. But yet at this day and age its coming down to funding that music education is being taken out of lower-income and urban areas In doing so it causes students to lose out on advantages that come with taking on music. A study done  by neuroscientist had discovered that in many cases the brains of musicians functioned far more effectively than those who weren’t. By taking away the music program its a field that the schools system fails to tap into and use to their advantage to better their students. My hypothesis will be the important role that music education plays in the school curriculum.

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Opening 1

Childhood obesity is a nationwide epidemic, that gets worse every year. While many people do not realize this is such a big problem it is slowly becoming more and more prevalent in America’s everyday life. One of the biggest effects of this is the consumption of sugary drinks. If American’s were to put age restrictions on sugary drinks childhood obesity would go down over time.

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One of largest epidemics nationwide is the overwhelming amount of children suffering from childhood obesity. While childhood obesity is because of the foods they eat are processed and high in saturated fats the biggest factor is the large consumption of sugary drinks such as sports drinks and juice, as their is little to no nutritional value. Childhood obesity would significantly decrease if sugar drinks were eliminated from a child’s everyday diet by putting an age restriction on it the same way there is an age restriction on tobacco and alcohol.

Open Strong-Collegekid9

Imagine your body being consumed by a drug.  You would do anything to get this drug and you don’t worry about the consequences that come with it.  Have you ever wondered what a clean life is like? One where you are fixing your habits.  Well Vancouver, is trying to help the heroin problem in the area by giving addicts clean heroin and a safe way to use them.  The doctors hope that this will help.

Open Strong-31Savage

America has a overpopulated prison system due to the mass incarcerations of people, mostly whom are people of color. America is known for being a free country, but we are responsible for almost 25 percent of the world’s prison population while only accounting for 5 percent of the world’s population. This 25 percent is because of law’s past to send people to prison and keep them there. These law’s where designed to send a vast amount of people to prison majority of them are people of color. Some prisons make profits form their overcrowded populations. These profits can influence bad decisions made by our government. This is a problem that need’s to change.  Many American’s over look this problem and it’s time to bring it to their attention.

Open Strong- brobeanfarms

Ever wonder what the biggest unsolved mystery is to this date? It is not the moon, or outer space, and it is certainly not the ocean. This biggest mystery is the human brain. How does our brain function, what allows it to retain memory, or even control us? Ever since the existence of the human race, the human brain has been heavily studied, but one question still remains. What exactly is Alzheimer’s Disease? It is a mysterious dteerrioating disease of the brain. To further explain what this disease is, we will look into what causes it, how it progresses, and what can be done to treat, prevent or even cure it.

What is the physical make up and compound of our brain? The way it functions is mysterious, and the way it progresses is astonishing. Through the study of the brain, there is still one aspect of it that has gone unanswered; what exactly is the deteriorating brain disease Alzheimer’s? Numerous studies have been conducted of such a disease, but everything about it remains skeptical. Through these studies, we will learn what part of the brain is affected, who is at a higher risk of developing this disease, and how does this disease progress over time.